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On Wednesday, May 9, Barrow County School System held their 8th annual Yes I Can Awards dinner at the Winder Community Center. Winners from each school and their families were treated to dinner, entertainment and an award. Students are chosen based on their accomplishments and their Yes I Can attitude. With a Disney theme this year, students enjoyed taking pictures with their favorite Disney characters. The 2017-2018 District winner was Terell from Russell Middle School. Keynote speaker, Charlie Miller, from the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (GVRA) spoke about people telling him all the things he would never be able to do in his life. A college graduate working for GVRA and living independently, he proved them wrong by always believing, "YES I CAN".  The Barrow County School System is proud of all 16 winners that represented their schools! See pictures.

Thank you to our Sponsors: Farm Bureau, Harry and Janet Butcher, Dr. and Mrs. Ken Greene and our "Gold" Sponsor, Rotary Club of Winder. 

Beyond the Plate

Carol Griffin, cafeteria manager at Sims Academy, was honored with the inaugural "Beyond the Plate" award for the State of Georgia. We are honored she is a member of Barrow County School Nutrition and is BARROW BOLD! This is the first time an award was presented to a Georgia School Nutrition Association (GSNA) member who goes beyond what is required in their everyday job.

"One of the best things I can say about our awardee is the way she touches children each day in her cafeteria. Carol noticed a child sitting in the corner by himself not eating, he told her he did not have money to eat, his dad left and he was alone. She worked to get him signed up on the free lunch program and began to mentor this young man. He told her he was going to quit school before she helped him. Carol showed him there are still good people in the world. He eats every day and plans to stay in school. Carol is a role model because of her willingness to create a stronger community and inspire others to take action."

Pictured above is (L) Laura Lynn, GSNA President, (R) Carol Griffin

Future Educators

Georgia Future Educators Signing Day was held on Tuesday, May 8. The event honored Barrow County students who are planning to pursue a degree in education after high school. This endeavor is supported by the State School Superintendent's Office, Division of Career and Technical Education (CTAE), Georgia Early Childhood Education Foundation (GECEF), and Georgia's colleges and universities. The recognition event was one of many programs hosted across the state to positively highlight the noble and necessary field of education, while positively impacting the teacher pipeline within the state of Georgia. 

Thank you to the Education teachers at each of our schools for organizing this event: Dr. Amanda Stults, Winder-Barrow High, Catherine Huskey, Apalachee High, and Aretha Rankine, Sims Academy.
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