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Our Neighborhood
Hampton to Park the basin,  then Park to Santa Rita a linear park.
The mayor, the city manager, Tucson transportation, the regional transportation authority, Planning and Development Services, Karin Uhlich, Paul Durham, Tucson Clean and Beautiful and representatives from five neighborhoods filled the conference room to capacity at City Hall Wednesday.  After everyone weighed in, the consensus was to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Jefferson Park neighbors on the northern border will not have check cashing stores or mini-dorms.  They will have a linear park with pathways for walking and biking and native plantings.  This could be a model for Grant Road remnants going forward.  Yes, our neighborhood benefits, but so does all of Tucson. We especially thank the support of SAMOS, Mountain/Grant, Campbell/Grant and Catalina Vista our coalition partners, and Karin Uhlich who convened the meeting to get everyone on board and confirm the committments. 

Hand-in-hand with Tucson Clean and Beautiful we will designate a concept, get engineering drawings and cost estimates.  The city has pledged help also.  Jefferson Park has pledged volunteers.  Come Tuesday to see UA concepts and hear about what you can do. 
View the UA landscape proposals for Grant Road
Nov 28, 6pm, Ward III
JP neighbors and UA class site visit
The UA Landscape class  will present their concepts at the Ward III office on Tuesday, November 28 at 6pm.  If you are interested in what they have recommended and what is possible for the remnants, attend this meeting.

Their ideas will be presented to the city as a possible solution to the mitigation issues for Jefferson Park homes.  Additionally, the coalition with the city has submitted a grant to the AZ Forestry division to help fund a linear green space along Grant Road that well might extend east beyond Santa Rita.
(J. Daniels, Coalition co-chair)
Upcoming JPNA Meetings
DECEMBER JPNA Board meeting  
changed to Dec 6, 6pm, Ward III

Jefferson Park Neighborhood Assn 
January 24, 6pm, Ward III
*Elections of JPNA officers*

Friends of Jefferson Park, Inc
Jan 22, 6pm, Ward III
Elections of Non-profit board officers
Consider helping out your neighborhood!
Who will help?
The nominating committee for the Jefferson Park Neighborhood Assn seeks nominees to the board and help with numerous committees.
Contact  or call 740-0757

The nominating committee for the non-profit Friends of Jefferson Park, Inc. seeks nominees for the board. Please contact Joan Daniels or 520-300-1980 if you would like to serve on the non-profit board.

Little Free Library 
A 2017 neighborhood project. Take a walk to Lester and Vine northeast corner, look for the purple wall and pick up a book and/or leave a book.

If you have a corner and want a little free library let your association know and Jefferson Park can have more than one location!
Live on Linden, Waverly, or Seneca?
These streets were named after trees found in Anna Lester's native Germany
Linden Tree in Autumn
Waverly is another name for the quaking aspen.
The little-leaf linden (Tilia cordata) is common in Germany where Anna Lester was born.  The Linden tree has medicinal qualities. The dried flowers are mildly sweet and sticky, and the fruit is somewhat sweet and mucilaginous.The flowers, leaves, wood, and charcoal (obtained from the wood) are used for medicinal purposes. 

Nearly 400 European Linden Trees were planted in Back Cove, Portland Maine in the 1920's by the Cultural Landscape Foundation.  Baxter Blvd is lined with Linden trees as a tribute to Maine soldiers who fought in  World War I.
Waverly is a another name for the quaking aspen.  There are two species: Populus tremuloides, native to North American and Pouplus tremula, native to Europe and Asia.  Because Populus tremula is common in Anna Lester's homeland of Germany, the street is probably named after it.  It grows 49 to 65 feet high and its leaves turn yellow in the autumn.

Lester's granddaughter, Barbara C. Bacon said "If it is a tree name - she named it." 

Perhaps Anna Lester was the earliest founder of the JPNA Green Committee?

(excerpts from"Street Smarts", David Leighton)

Seneca tree is a variety of Siebold viburnum.
The Seneca tree is small and often placed in medians or buffer strips around parking lots.  It is multi-trunked with dark green leaves.  It is native to Japan and usually grows up to 20 feet tall .  In late spring, it is covered with clusters of small white blossoms. 

It was brought to the west by the famous Philipp Franz Balthasar von Siebold, botanist and explorer from Germany. Siebold who led an interesting life, he lived in present day Jakarta and collected many plants from Japan and Java. He was allowed to live in Japan during the era of "Sakoku" a time when no foreigners were allowed to enter the country and no Japanese were allowed to leave. He was banished after 8 years when the Japanese government accused him of being a Russian spy.
(excerpts from  "Street Smarts" and US Forestry service Fact sheet ST663)
Still looking for an Area 5 Representative!
Jefferson Park is divided into 6 sections.  One person from each area is a voting member of the JPNA Board. These folks are the voice for their area.  Keep them informed!
Welcome packets also available from Suzanne at 740-0575 or
Area #1 - Mary Worthen, 

Area #2 - Jon Heine
Area #5 - open

Area #6 -  Lisa Jones
Greening and Cleaning
Want to green and shade your yard?
TEP customers can purchase up to three trees a year for only $5 each. There are many varieties to chose from.

Joan Hall: 990--8054 or e-mail for more information about how the Jefferson Park Green Committee can help you plant your trees.

Bike Share coming to Jefferson Park
We are now the certified adopters of Edison Parklet!
Joanne Osuna and Joan Daniels with the certificate from Tucson Clean and Beautiful
The Edison Parklet at Campbell and Grant is ours!  Check out the sign at the park designating Jefferson Park as the official adopters of Edison Parklet. A certificate was presented to JPNA at the October monthly meeting by Tucson Clean and Beautiful. 

Help clean your park!  Come help out at the Edison/Campbell parklet, the more hands the better!  We have bags from Tucson Clean and Beautiful. Meet on the third Saturday of the month at 8:00 am. 

Next clean-up is December 16th.

Nearby Activities
City Programs for Home Upgrades
Low interest/deferred loans to rehab older homes in Tucson.  Please check out their website link at for further information  and to apply. 

Click on these links to find pdf of applications:


Neighbors may salvage historic buildings before they are demolished-dates changed
On November 29th and 30th the properties at 1802 E. Lester and 1812-1816 E. Lester will be open from 8:00AM to 4:00PM . If there are items inside the house such as doors, cabinets and hardware, or casement window parts you could use in your house, you may request these items on a first-come/first-served no-cost basis.
A supply of adhesive stickers will be in each property. You may tag items you wish to obtain. Banner Health and their contractors will remove the items and you will be notified when you can pick up the items you requested.
(Banner announcement)
Important Contact Info

Report Transportation Concerns
Is there a pothole you'd like to see fixed? Is a street sign missing? Is a tree limb hanging too close over a roadway or sidewalk?
You can report these issues to the  Tucson Department ofTransportation  (TDOT), (520) 791-3154, or email the exact location to
What is a code violation?
And whom do I call?
Download an information sheet approved by the City Code Enforcement Division
Tucson Neighborhood Support Network
A site listing all the neighborhoods in Tucson, and important things affecting them.
Neighborhood Support Network
Banner Construction 
and Info Line
Construction Updates on the University Campus  Banner University Medical Center Tucson Campus  website  for the hospital expansion project. 
Emergency 24/7 phone number for the Banner project construction team: (520) 268-9575
UA Neighborhood Hotline 
Student Related issues can be reported to this number. 
Should not be used for 911 calls which should be directed to the TPD
24/7 available

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