August 31, 2018
 20th of Elul, 5778 

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    Parshat Ki Tavo
Candle Lighting at 7:24 PM

Putting It Into Action

We are all looking forward to Saturday night when we have our Kumzits and concert preceding selichot at Young Israel of Hollywood. The centerpiece of the selichot service is the recitation of the 13 midot (ה' ה' קל רחום). The Gemara declared the centrality the 13 midot by saying כל זמן שישראל חוטאין, יעשו לפני כסדר הזה ואני מוחל להם, "Whenever the Jewish people sin they should do this service (the 13 midot) and God will forgive them." The Chafetz Chaim points out that it would have been more accurate to for the Gemara to declare that we should recite the 13 midot. Why does the Gemara say that we should do the 13 midot? He answers with a parable: A worker begins his job at a factory and is told by the foreman that he will be paid at the end of month based on his productivity. The foreman handed the worker an instruction manual and told him to read it. At the end of the month the worker asked for his salary and the foreman sat down to review his productivity. The foreman noted that productivity had declined and that he would not be paid. The worker protested and said, "I have done everything I was told to do. I arrived to work early and read the instruction manual cover to cover. I did that every day and I can now even recite it by heart." The foreman responded, " You're not supposed to recite the instruction manual! You're supposed to do what it says." So too, we are supposed to learn from God and imitate his ways. We declare that God is merciful and we should follow His model.   We are supposed to do the service, not just recite it.

Thank you to everyone at KYHS for a great start to the year. May we all continue to learn and to put our lessons into action.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Jonathan Kroll
Head of School

Good and Welfare cont.
Shira Borzak ('07) to Alex Eidman from Englewood, NJ.

Harry Ganz ('08) to Allie Shabman from Scarsdale, NY.

Sam Harris ('08) to Natalie Shaul from Boca Raton.

Michael Mizrahi ('10) to Amanda Bienenfeld from Cedarhurst, NY

Eli Mamann ('12) to Renya Cohen from Silver Spring, MD

Rashel Maikhor ('12) to Ezra Allswang from Chicago, IL

Hannah Baum ('13) to Joseph Levieddin from Potomac, Maryland

Gabey Baratz ('13) to Kayla Roisman from New Rochelle, NY. Mazel Tov to Past President Lisa and Phil Baratz.

Francine Szerer ('15) to Matthew Stadtmauer from Livingston, NJ.

Mikey Pearl ('16) to Rachelli Goldberg ('16). KYHS's 13th couple!

Eram Zaghi ('12) to Tamar Shiller

Jordana Pachter ('12) to David Schmelzer

Elyse Tripp ('14) to Michael Heino 

Jordana Lasko ('15) to Allan Fries

Moises Sterental ('15) to Laura Betesh ('15). KYHS's 11th Couple! 
Upcoming Events
Sat. Sept. 1
Annual Selichot Program

Mon. Sept. 3 
Labor Day-No School

Tues. Sept. 4
Meet the Teacher Night at 7:30 pm

Good and Welfare
Shulamit (Atkin '04) and Willy Roth on the birth of their daughter, Orlee Emunah

Danny ('04) and Hudi Krasna on the birth of their daughter, Eliana Rebecca

Sarah ('04 Kaminetsky) and Isaac Jonas on the birth of their daughter, Margot Grace

Jennifer (Marder '05) and David Kain on the birth of their daughter, Emma Jaclyn

Moshe ('06) and Rivka Genet on the birth of their son, Levi Gabriel.

Meira (Tirschwell '07) and Rabbi Gershon Albert on the birth of their twins Batya Eliana and Moshe Nachum.  Special Mazel Tov to grandparents Rabbi Perry & Miriam Tirschwell

Leora (Cohen '08) and Ariel Gross on the birth of their daughter, Lielle Emma

Jessie (Busch '09) and Natan Brownstein on the birth of their daughter, Shalva Miriam

Danielle (Wolkowicz '09) and Noah Pollack on the birth of their daughter, Aiden Luba

Isaac ('11) and Ayala Pearl on the birth of their son, Nosson Yoseph

Leora (Litwin '12) and Dave Moskovich on the birth of their son, Gavriel Feivel


Mr. Russel Swift on the passing of his beloved father, Kenneth Swift.

Mr. Michael Rose on the passing of his beloved father, Leonard H. Rose.

Mrs. Ellen (Hodkin) Koppel on the passing of her beloved mother, Janet Kramer.

Dr. Jay Adler on the passing of his beloved mother, Lillian Adler. 

Mrs. Debbie Firestone on the passing of her beloved mother, Joanne Epstein.

Mr. Farley Weiss on the passing of his beloved mother, Judge Irene Weiss.

Mrs. Marilyn Harai on the passing of his beloved mother, Mrs. Birya Ouahnoun Abisror. 
College 201
Stressed-filled Seniors Find Small Reassurance In Night Of College Information 
Gra phic by Max Frohlich ('21) and Mayrav Saketkhou ('20) 
Article by Adina Hirsch ('19)

As seniors piled into the Beit Midrash this past Wednesday night for the annual College 201, the combination of anxiety and excitement in the room was palpable. As Mrs. Roberts expertly explained the college application process, interspersing humor and personal anecdotes along with informative statistics throughout, all 81 seniors gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about deadlines, when and where to apply to college, and the importance of trusting the college process.  Senior Nina Mamrout, exclaimed, "College night was a great forum to ask our questions and get helpful answers regarding the entire college process!" Seniors and their parents left College 201 with much more confidence regarding the college process. Thank you to the entire college guidance team for putting together such an informative presentation and for all of their assistance and dedication throughout this year!
Teacher Quiz
Interesting Facts About Great Teachers 
Gra phic by Josh Bernten ('20) and Akiva Stadlan ('19)
Survival Guide 
Everything You Need To Know To Become A Katz-ian Master     
Graphic by Justin Isaacs ('19)
JED Talk
Rabbi Goldberg Lights A Flame Of Inspiration Inside Seniors      
Graphic by Akiva Groman ('19)
Article by Adina Hirsch ('19)
To kick off the KYHS senior JED Talks this year, the senior class had the honor last Friday of hearing from Rabbi Goldberg from Boca Raton Synagogue. Beginning with a personal story from high school, Rabbi Goldberg provided students with an insight into the future, warning us against negative social pressures and encouraging us to grow religiously as we transition into adulthood. His speech was: "Thought provoking, and a great way to start off senior year," as expressed by Adi Ben-Hanan. Thank you to Rabbi Goldberg for sharing his thoughts, life lessons, and experiences with us.
Ask Adina
Advice Column

How do I balance my workload, while still finding time for 
extracurriculars and friends?
-Busy Bee

Thanks for your great question! The transition into high school can be extremely difficult. Organization and scheduling are key. The first step is buying yourself a planner. Make sure to schedule all aspects of your day including your homework, tests, SAT/ACT practice time (always a good idea to get a head start!), time for friends, time for clubs, time for sports, and give yo urself time for some breaks. Keep up with all your assignments and plan ahead. If you know you will have to stay late for practice one day, make sure to have started your work and studying earlier in the week. It definitely won't be easy, but I believe in you!


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