September 7, 2018
 27th of Elul, 5778 

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    Parshat Nitzavim
Candle Lighting at 7:16 PM

From Sour To Sweet

Earlier today our Apiary Club distributed jars of honey fresh from our very own apiary.  We are grateful to Dr. Zorik and Ellen Spektor for dedicating the KYHS Apiary last year. Since then, our more than 20,000 bees have been busily working making honey for us to usher in a sweet new year. I am so proud of all of Apiary Club members who have learned about beekeeping and who have helped put together the jars of honey that we distributed today.

There are many different sweet foods. Why is the custom to use honey on Rosh Hashana? Why not sugar or even agave syrup? Honey is sweet but it is produced by bees which sting. Perhaps we use honey to convey the message that we ask Hashem to turn any difficulties and troubles that may have stung us this past year and transform them into something sweet. May we all merit a sweet new year. Thank you to the entire Highlites Staff for another great issue of our Highlites.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Jonathan Kroll
Head of School

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Good and Welfare
Rebecca Levin ('05) and Meir Mayer on the birth of their son, Yosef Tzvi
Sam Harris ('13) to Natalie Shaul from Boca Raton. Mazel Tov to Past President Jeffrey Harris and his wife Jodi.
Ariella Davis ('09)
to Lior Sameah  
Yoni Levenson ('09) to Le ora Apfelbaum
Adam Poliak ('11) to Gracie Milstein   
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Super-Fantastic Selichot 
Geshmak Kumzits Followed By Beautiful Selichot Fires Up Students For The Holidays    
Gra phic by Aaron Lazar ('21) and Mayrav Saketkhou ('20)
Article by Batsheva Shekhter ('20)
                Faculty, students, and members of the Hollywood community gathered at the Young Israel of Hollywood-Ft. Lauderdale on Saturday night for a kumzitz and selichot led by world-renown Jewish singer, Yoni Z. The night began with a pizza Melave Malka and was followed by a kumzitz full of song and inspiration. The kumzitz transitioned into dancing that included Brauser Maimonides Academy students and Young Israel Youth Department participants. The night culminated with moving selichot that emotionally touched each individual present and began the week of teshuva leading up to Rosh Hashanah. Junior Leora Cohn reflected on the event by saying, "Having an inspirational kumzitz before selichot really got me into an introspective Rosh Hashanah mood."

Girls Volleyball
Girls Destroy And Eliminate With Fiery Wrath In Amazing Volleyball Game    
Graphic by Justin Isaacs ('19), Judah Berman ('21), and Akiva Stadlan ('19)
Fabulous Flag Football
Incredible Boys Flag Football Team Rips Up Opponents In First Game
Gra phic by Sydney Freedman ('20) and Max Frohlich ('19)
Sara's Scoop: KYHS Runs on Dunkin'
Sara Runs Down The Facts, Downsides, And Benefits Of Coffee      
Graphic by Mayrav Saketkhou ('20)
Article by Sara Deichman ('19)
When my nose senses the strong aroma of freshly brewed coffee as I enter the Dunkin Donuts on Glades Road, I know I am not the only one who will be picking up a latte to bring into first period and sip as I dig into the calculus problem or engage in the philosophical discussion ahead of me. Though coffee is often portrayed as a beverage for adults rushing to their workplaces, I cannot help but notice the large number of high school students who walk into school every morning with a mug of their own. Further, when I picture KYHS devoid of coffee, I see tired teachers instructing classes and students much less willing to get out of bed and walk into class on time.
Strictly by the numbers, coffee consumption for freshmen is at a significantly lower level than that of seniors. As students mature, so do their classes and school involvement, leaving considerably tired juniors and seniors desperate for a dose of caffeine in return for hours of hard work, inside and outside of the classroom. Senior Yakirah Rosen expounds, "Coffee really brightens my day." But in the freshman class, less than half of our students even enjoy the taste of coffee and rarely find themselves desiring a cup. By senior year, over half of the class regularly drinks coffee and even enjoys it!
Scientific research shows that caffeine may pose a threat to a child's growth, explaining the lack of coffee consumption in our class of 2022, filled with growing freshmen. However, due to the fact that 75% of teens consume caffeine in some means (Magnus Health), the benefits stand. Coffee not only seems to lengthen one's life, but effectively brightens one's mood as well. Though a count of the amount of iced-coffees that enter KYHS may startle some, we can all agree that school would just not be the same without the shake of ice and sweet syrup first thing in the morning. In the end, we love Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, and our very own Coffee for a Cause, and owe them all a lot for keeping us alert and enthusiastic, just like our musical alarms or breakfast meals. So go ahead and enjoy your next cup of joe!
Ask Adina
Hear Sage Advice From An Experienced Senior

There are so many extracurriculars and opportunities offered at school. How do I choose which activities to get involved in?
-Busy Bee

Great question! It can be very overwhelming having so many choices to choose from . Join the activities that you enjoy and feel most passionately about. If you are involved in what you love, it will not only be easier to stay committed throughout the year, but you will be equally eager to put in the extra time for it. If you cannot find an activity that you feel strongly about, take initiative by speaking to Mrs. Hochner about starting a club! Getting involved in  extracurriculars really transforms school into a place where you have something new to look forward to every day!


To ask Adina your school question, email
Jed Talk
Rabbi Gibber Expounds The Importance Of Cheering Each Other On        
Graphic by Akiva Groman ('19)
Article by Lexi Cohen ('19)
On Friday, the senior class had the pleasure of receiving a JED talk from Rabbi Gibber of the Boca Jewish Center. Rabbi Gibber began by asking the seniors what אלול meant. He explained that the name for this Jewish month was actually an acronym that stands for "אני לדודי ודודי לי", translating to, "I am to my beloved as my beloved is to me." Rabbi Gibber described how crucial it is to love your fellow Jew, a concept which the whole month of אלול revolves around. Rabbi Gibber emphasized how important it is to cheer on your friends from the sidelines while encouraging one another's spiritual growth. Rabbi Gibber was a very animated and passionate speaker, and the senior class is so grateful to have had the opportunity to hear from him!
Collection Of Divrei Torah On The Chagim By KYHS Students
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