June 14th, 2019
11th of Sivan, 5779 

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Directing an Orchestra
Dear KYHS Family,
Writing the introduction to Highlites for the past six years has been a privilege. The content and style of the Highlites weekly newsletter is second to none. Under Claudia Cohen's guidance, students learn how to do everything that goes into producing a stylistically beautiful, eye-catchingly creative, and richly informative presentation of what makes life in KYHS so extraordinary. It has been an honor to add my comments to the beginning of each edition.  
As I sat down to write my last introduction to Highlites, I nostalgically looked back to the first Highlites introduction I wrote back on August 30, 2013 and I smiled at what I wrote.  In that D'var Torah, I discussed the 613th mitzvah, the obligation to write a Sefer Torah. I pointed out that the language that the Torah employs to describe this mitzvah is unusual. "כתבו לכם את השירה הזאת" - "Write this song for yourselves." The Torah is referred to not as a book but as a " shira "- a song.  I noted that Rav Yechiel Michel Epstein, in his introduction to the Choshen Mishpat section of his Aruch HaShulchan , suggested a beautiful explanation for the Torah being referred to as a song.   The beauty of a song is enhanced when different voices and instruments come together in one performance. The beauty of the Torah lies in the multiple voices of interpretation, the different instruments of machloket or dispute that contribute to our greater understanding of God's will. Torah is a shira ; it is a song.
Six years after writing that D'var Torah, I have a richer understanding of what really goes into making KYHS the incredible orchestra that it is. Parents and board members respectfully contribute their vision. Teachers guide students toward a path of growth and the students develop their own voices in so many different ways. This is one of my favorite things about KYHS. KYHS is a place where so many different kinds of kid can shine. The orchestra of this institution is stronger and more beautiful because of its multifarious voices: athletes, scholars, talmidei chachamim, actors, scientists, mathematicians, artists, poets, writers, nerds, cool kids and the list goes on and on. Our school is great because everyone is valued and every student is encouraged to find their own voice and add it to our song. Thank you to all members of this incredible orchestra.  Please enjoy this year's final Highlites. Thank you to Claudia Cohen for putting it together. Thank you all for six incredible years.
Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Jonathan Kroll
Head of School 

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Good & Welfare

Doba (Abrams '04) and Zev Rudberg on the birth of their son, Jacob Gabriel

Shira (Pritzker '04) and Maor Danino on the birth of their son, Yaakov Noach

Gabrielle (Markovitch '09) and Elie Gabay on the birth of their daughter, Rosie Serena


Tani Kay ('16) to Shanee Markovitz ('16). KYHS's 14th couple

Shani Wolfson ('17) to Aaron Lewis from Atlanta, Geogia


Shira Borzak ('07) to Alex Eidman

Jonathan Belolo ('08) to Chana Zamir

Rachel Mulller ('12) to Aryeh Goldstein

Gabriella Sobol ('13) to Brandon Silverstein

Faculty Mazel Tovs

Mr. David Ohring on the birth of his son, Zion.

Mrs. Allie Goldenberg on the birth of her son. A special Mazel Tov to proud grandparents, KYHS Principle Mrs. Ora Lee and Dr. Michael Kanner

Mrs. Sharona Kay on the engagement of her son Tani.
Sports Banquet

The 2019 Sports Banquet was a great way to end the school year!  From the comfortable "Backyard BBQ" to the awards portion of the program, there was a tremendous buzz this evening about KYHS Athletics! I was happy to bring a first class event to celebrate the student athletes, coaches, and support staff.  Everyone in attendance walked away with a gift from NIKE and I was thrilled to announce our partnership with them and out Athletic Department for years to come.  

Slab video by Rina Ciment ('21)
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Summer Reading and Assignment Lists

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Senior Dinner
      The class of 2019 joined together with their teachers to celebrate the culmination of their four years at KYHS. This year's senior dinner was held at the historic Field House in Del Ray and a good time was had by all while we shared memories over dinner and while signing this year's incredible yearbooks. Some highlights of the evening included the senior video created by the comedic minds of Shalom Brauser and Gavi Ciment, a hysterical game of KYHS themed Kahoot and a some memorable words delivered by Nina Mamrout.  Thank you so much to Adina Hirsch, Noa Markovitz, Elana Silkin and Nina Mamrout for all your hard work.  The evening would not have been such a success without you.

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Class of 2008-2009 Reunion

On June 6th, KYHS hosted the classes of 2008 and 2009 for their ten year class  reunion . As our K(W)YHS alumni arrived they were greeted by their beloved teachers and former classmates in the Weinbaum Rotunda. Everyone reconnected over sushi and enjoyed a special reunion photo booth. The program continued with a lovely Ditmas catered dinner as alumni watched their graduation videos. Seeing each other in their caps and gowns and watching Rabbi Perry Tirschwell give them their diplomas was a highlight of the evening.   
      During dinner, Eli Albert ('09) shared an inspiring d'var torah and everyone participated in a fun Kahoot Trivia Game about their high school years a decade ago.  Among the popular questions were "Why was school closed? - Because there was no water" and  "Who got a speeding ticket for skiing too fast on junior trip? - Moshe Hersher". It was a fierce competition, with Rabbi Schochet getting a little too competitive, but Or Bazini pulled through with the win. Mazel Tov Or!  
     It was a wonderful get together, with alumni and teachers catching up on what they've all been up to over the past 10 years, and reconnecting over their shared memories of their high school years. At the end of the evening, everyone felt reconnected with each other and with KYHS and they left wearing their new KYHS Alumni t-shirts! We are looking forward to hosting these classes again for their future reunions!
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Senior Trip

Graphic by Akiva Stadlan ('19)
Senior Trip Video by Gavreil Ciment ('19)

Magic happened in Guatemala with 64 seniors and 11 chaperones. It was truly a trip of a lifetime.  On day one of the trip we visited The historic Magen David synagogue in Guatemala City where we met with Rabbi Sholom Pelman of Chabad and the Israeli Ambassador to Guatemala, Mattanya Cohen.  Upon leaving our meeting with Ambassador Cohen we continued our diplomatic activity and had a private audience in the presidential palace with the Vice President of Guatemala,   Jafeth Cabrera . Our meeting with the vice president included a formal ceremony in which we presented him with a plaque and artwork honoring him and the Guatemalan people for their courage in moving the Guatemalan embassy to Jerusalem., And that was just day 1. After our political  activity, we made our way to the colonial city of Antigua and made the majestic Chabad Center of Antigua our base of operations. The mesirut nefesh and complete dedication of Rav Chaim Ben-David Silver and Rebbetzin Daria Silver inspired us and made us feel so comfortable. Rebbetzin Zilver also catered the entire trip with Morrocoan flair. Dinner was enhanced on our first night in Antigua by the musical stylings of a local marimba band. We stayed at the Hotel Panchoy which beautiful and on the rooftop you can see the Fuego volcano.
Day 2 was jam packed with a visit to a school in San José Calderas. We had so much fun playing soccer and jump rope and many games with the young children. Eventually we also got around to painting the walls in a number of classrooms and did our best to spruce up the place.  Being exposed to a completely different culture and meeting firsthand with the children of rural Guatemala was a broadening experience. After that we made a quick trip to a coffee farm and the Antigua market. After dinner we had a great time meeting with a pro-Israel group of scouts who taught us about their program and shared with us their songs and cheers.   

Day 3 was the hike up Acetanego. The hike was a transformative type of experience. Pushing us way beyond our limits, we trekked up the mountain and conquered it. We were challenged with rain, mud, and cold. When we got to our campsite we were thrilled to see the Fuego Volcano erupting. If you haven't seen an active volcano erupt at night- go do it! At about 2:30AM, adding to our adventure we felt the tremors of an earthquake that hit EL Salavador several hundred miles away!  We were glad to hike down (some by foot and some by horse) the mountain in the morning and make it back to our 3 star hotel which at that point seemed to us like a 5 star resort!
Day 4 began with our hike down Acatenango and continued with a visit to a temporary housing camp for families whose homes were destroyed by the Fuego volcano last year.  That meeting was surreal. We gave out gifts, toys and medicines and learned about the work that NGO's are doing to support the less fortunate in Guatemala. We capped off the day with a visit to a different market to get last minute gifts and souvenirs and then dinner followed by a wonderful kumzitz, that was way too short.
Thank you Dan Katz and Rabbi Kroll for having the vision to think out of the box and present the KYHS Seniors with the trip of a lifetime.
Here are some comments straight from the students:
I loved hanging out with the kids in San José Calderas and the scouts at the Chabad. It felt like we were making positive connections and impacts on the everyday lives of the Guatemalans, which was both enjoyable and fulfilled our purpose of thanking Guatemala for their relationship with Israel.
Visiting the school and envying the children who lived there because of their lack of knowledge of mind wasting Netflix and living next to gorgeous mountain ranges
The hike, I feel like I learned a lot of valuable life lessons over the hike and it is something I will never forget
I thought it was amazing seeing each other work together as a team
Just a thank you to all of the people that put hard work into making this trip possible. I really believe that it bonded our grade, which is something we really needed.

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Click Here for the Vice President of Guatemala, Jafeth Cabrera
New Grads in a New Venue!

Having just conquered Acetanego, a   stratovolcano  in Guatemala, ascending the stage to receive their diplomas at FAU was a cinch for the Class of 2019.  Looking resplendent in royal blue caps and gowns, our newest KYHS alumni stood on risers in front of proud parents, friends, teachers, and family members and sang the national anthems.  Inspirational speeches - frequently interrupted by cheers and applause - were given by School President Dan Katz, Rabbi Kroll, and Mrs. Kanner.  Rabbi Kroll encouraged our about-to-be-graduates to remember important life lessons encapsulated in three vignettes:  A Mountain, a Horse, and Disbelief - and to never hesitate to use Waze, a product of Israeli ingenuity, to find their way back home to KYHS.   
The audience then was treated to a KYHS graduation "first" when two students bound for the Honors Program at Yeshiva University, Shalom Brauser and Yitzy Lanner, made a siyum on Mesechet Megillah.  The two young men had spent the year learning the Mesechta together, and since they were about to finish, the KYHS administration asked them to make the siyum at graduation.  Their remarkable feat ended in joyful spontaneous dancing when all of their classmates leapt up on the stage to congratulate them.  The presentation of diplomas followed, coupled with an amazing slide show about each student, which was the highlight of the evening.  Students selected faculty members to say a few words about them while pictures from their high school years flashed across the mega-screen in FAU's Kaye Auditorium.  Each student also received a special siddur as a gift from the school.  The program concluded with a touching video of Rabbi Kroll saying farewell to the school and the presentation of a special diploma to him for his years of service as Head of School.  New graduates and their guests then enjoyed a sumptuous dessert reception and posed for countless photos as the Class of 2019 transformed from high school kids into young adults heading off to Israel and college to change the world.
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