October 19, 2018
 10th of Cheshvan, 5779 

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    Parshat Lech Lecha
Candle Lighting at 6:31 PM

Geshmak To Be A Yid
God instructs Avram to leave his land and move to Israel. Uprooting himself from his comfortable environment, Avram is challenged by God to fulfill the command of לך לך -- go for yourself. The simple way to instruct Avram to move would have been simply to say לך, go. Why, instead, does God use the phrase לך לך, go for yourself ? Rashi cites a midrash which explains that this command given to Avram is להנאתך ולטובתך, for Avram's own personal benefit.

In this short comment regarding the first command given to the first Jew, Rashi teaches us a valuable lesson about the role of all commands. When we fulfill God's will we should do so with appreciation for the extraordinary gift that He has given us. Mitzvot should not be seen as a burden but as a source of joy and excitement. We should never sigh and say that, "it's shver tzu zein a yid," it's difficult to be a Jew. How many Jews have been misled by that attitude and ultimately lost a connection with their Judaism? May we all follow Avram's example as he followed God's command להנאתך ולטובתך and realize how noble and enjoyable it is to be a Jew.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Jonathan Kroll
Head of School

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Oct. 24
- Early Dismissal
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Oct. 25
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Oct. 26
Pink day
Good and Welfare
Arielle Struhl ('09) and Shlomo Daniels on the birth of their son, Henry Morris.

Zachary Cohen ('06) to Kimberly Jaco
Mazel Tov to KYHS Director of Technology Claudia and Doug Cohen.
Alec Feintuch ('13) to Katie Levy ('13). KYHS's 12th couple!
Fantastic FroYo
KYHS Students Love the New FroYo Machine, Donated By the Harow Family
Graphic by Akiva Stadlan ('19)
Tailgating For Touchdowns
Students Flock To Tailgate Before Football Team Dominates And Advances To Playoffs
Graphic by Sydney Freemen ('20) Sivan Mussaffi ('20) and Davorah Lome ('22)
Article by Jacqueline Zimmerman ('19)
For the past week, a strong sense of excitement has surrounded the boys' flag football team's stellar season. This past Tuesday, the boys had an amazing win against Donna Klein. To enhance the energy of the game, Student Council ran a tailgate where they sold food and even provided entertainment. The turnout of students and faculty members was incredible, and the game ended with a score of 19-7, with incredible touchdowns by Akiva Kroll ('21) and Yitzy Lanner ('19), and a pick-six by Dovid Zak ('19). This victory secured the team a place in the playoffs; let's hope to see the same results with even more energy on Monday as we cheer on our boys!

Off To A Running Start
Cross Country Team Running To Victory
Graphic by Penina Kahane ('22) and Naomi Reichenberg ('22) 
Article by Al Dimont ('20)

The Cross Country team kicked off its season two Wednesdays ago with its meet. Despite the heat, the team did fairly well, with the girls' team finishing in second place! Two of the boys topped the charts, one with a first place finish, and the other in third. The Hillel Invitational at Oleta State Park hosted a total of three other teams: Hillel of North Miami Beach, Posnack, and Hebrew Academy. The heat at what felt like 102 degrees and the rocky ground seemed as though it would discourage the runners, but it only made them push harder. Ariel Miron ('20) recalled, "Throughout the run I kept feeling as if I couldn't do it anymore. But every time I had a doubt, I pushed myself until the race was over." The team's overall favorite part of the race had to be running in the "jungle" shaded area. Even though there were hills and rocks in the area, the shade was a sweet relief.
The team continued to push its limits with a meet in Bal Harbour on Tuesday. The team not only placed very well, but also got to take in the view of Miami Beach along the way. Shai Deichman ('22), first place finisher of both meets thus far, exclaims, "the season is off to a really great start!"
Freshmen Funday
        Freshmen Bond During Sunny Watersports Outing   
Graphic by Avi Linzer ('19) and Noa Markovitz ('19)
Article by Molly Seghi ('22)

High school is off to a great start for the freshmen! On Friday, after two periods in school, the freshmen enjoyed a day full of water sports, fun, and new friends. The girls went to LTS Wakeboard, Wakesurf, and Waterski and had the best time tubing. "It was a ton of fun and a great experience to hang out with people that I had never talked to before this trip," reflects Eilat Berger ('22).
On the boys' outing, they spent their day kayaking, paddle boarding, and playing spikeball in Dania Beach. Jacob Freedman ('22) said, "The freshman trip was tremendously fun. I became friends with so many new people, and I really enjoyed it." This trip was an amazing opportunity to get to know and bond with people one might not be in classes with or see often. We are looking forward to many more experiences and memories to share!
Coffee For A Cause
    Delicious Delicacies And Caffeinated Coffee Come Back To KYHS Daily
G raphic by Justin Isaacs ('19)
Article by Abigail Greenberg ('20)

This week, the KYHS Chesed Committee announced the grand re-opening of Coffee for a Cause! Coffee for a Cause was originally founded as a community service opportunity, and as way to raise money for tzedakah. It also gives students  the chance to start their day right with a yummy breakfast to give them energy to succeed in their upcoming classes. Lucky for us, the Chesed Committee will be selling breakfast and coffee every day for the rest of the year. For the next few weeks, all proceeds will go to Standing Together , an organization that gives winter supplies to Israeli soldiers. This joint fundraiser with the Storm for Israel club is in memory of Ari Fuld, whose shloshim was observed earlier this week. What an amazing opportunity the Chesed Committee provides us with; we get to enjoy treats  while helping incredible charities. Get ready to enjoy some Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts, Cinnaholic, and Boca Kosher Bagels in the cafeteria during breakfast along with the program's famous Iced Caramel Latte! See you there!
Issues In Israel
Rabbi Brander Visits KYHS To Discuss Contemporary Issues In Israel
Graphic by Chana Schandelson ('22) and Aerin Tripp ('22)
Article by Lexi Cohen ('19)
On Monday, Rabbi Dr. Brander, Rosh Yeshiva of Ohr Torah Stone Institutions, came to speak to the senior class at KYHS. He explained that he is in charge of 27 different institutions and is involved with multiple chesed organizations, such as helping agunot (divorced women who have not obtained a get ) and studying Torah with soldiers.
Rabbi Brander then went on to describe why a whopping 85% of Jewish people outside of Israel do not feel that Israel is their homeland. He suggested that there were a few factors, such as Jews in the Diaspora feeling alienated by the politics in Israel . Additionally, Reform and Conservative Jews tend to feel excluded when it comes to the Holy Land. Rabbi Brander firmly believes that we, as the Jewish nation, should make a concerted effort to include less religious Jews. Rabbi Brander concluded his speech by stating, "I believe we should find a place for reform and conservative movements to pray, I don't want the 85% to not feel connected to Israel. I believe in unity and a safe space for everyone."
We thank Rabbi Brander not only for speaking to us, but for engaging us in an extremely relevant conversation.
Remembering Ari Fuld
         Students Mark Shloshim Of Jewish Hero, Ari Fuld     
Graphic by Mayrav Saketkhou ('20)
Article by Ariella Gross ('21)
On Tuesday, the entire student body and faculty gathered in the Beit Midrash to commemorate the shloshim of Ari Fuld z"l, a well known pro-Israel advocate who was sadly murdered in Gush Etzion, Israel. We had the honor of hearing from Ari Beim, a close friend of Fuld's, who spoke about Ari's life and heroism. He described Ari as an educator, not only in regard to Israel, but also in daily life. He was determined to educate people about Israel, and he also placed a great emphasis on learning Judaic studies. Fuld promoted a love of Israel and stressed the importance of knowing facts about why Israel is crucial for Judaism as a whole. Ari Fuld's kindness and desire to help others is evident through his work for a non-profit organization called Standing Together, which supports IDF soldiers and helps provide them with basic necessities. The program concluded with Simcha Leiner's song that was dedicated to Fuld's memory.

Finding Techeilet
  Dr. Sherman Teaches Process of Creating Techeilet  
Graphic by Aaron Lazar ('21)
Article by Shalom Brauser ('19)

D r. Sherman, leader of the Renaissance of Tcheilet, visited KYHS to demonstrate the genius and innovation behind his discoveries. He shared the archeological and halachik history of Tcheilet, and wowed students with exhibits from ancient Roman documents and coins. Then he actually went through the process of making Tcheilet in front of students. All in all, it was a truly fascinating presentation of the mixture of science and Torah.
Ask Adina
Hear Sage Advice From An Experienced Senior
The November 1st deadline is approaching quickly!! How do I know if I'm in the right class level for me? Should I move up, move down, or stay where I am?





Don't worry! You still have plenty of time to decide whether you want to remain in your class or switch out.  If you are feeling unchallenged and bored in a class, consider the possibility of moving up and challenging yourself. If you are struggling to understand material and performing poorly on tests, perhaps consider moving down into a lower level class. If you are being challenged and are gaining knowledge of the material, then you are in the perfect class!

Before making any decisions, make sure to consult with your teacher, and if you are still having doubts, talk to Rabbi Lanner. I am sure you will find your perfect fit!


To ask Adina your school question, email askadina@yeshivahs.org
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