Graphic by Ariella Mayer ('23)
The story of the beginning of this year, the 5782 school year, has three distinct elements. The first features all the usual events that KYHS does really well: Student Orientations, New Parent Night, and Staff Professional Development Days.

Our new teachers have hit the ground running and our entire staff has turned these first days of school into a warm welcome, a fun restart (Arcade on day one!), spiritual preparaton (selichot in davening), and an academic challenge, all in line with the core values of the KYHS mission.

What is unusual is that we begin the year wearing masks. Covid was supposed to be in the rear-view mirror. School begins in the midst of a Delta spike that has us eating outside as much as possible, but it hasn’t dampened the spirits of the over 460 students who now call themselves part of the KYHS Storm family.

Rosh HaShana is less than a week away. The unusually early holiday season changes the contours of the beginning of the year and has us reflective and mindful of the awesomeness of the experiences we will have over these next two weeks. Lulav and Etrog orders were happening for many before the first lunches were made for this school year! Hopefully our Seven for Heaven videos help to motivate your readiness for the Yamim Noraim davening.

The first six days of school have been amazing. If the rest of the year plays out as these have, 2021-22/5782 will prove to be a glorious year in the storied history of KYHS.

"אַתָּ֣ה תָ֭קוּם תְּרַחֵ֣ם צִיּ֑וֹן כִּי־עֵ֥ת לְ֝חֶֽנְנָ֗הּ כִּי־בָ֥א מוֹעֵֽד׃" These words come from Tehillim 102 and also appear in the collection of pesukim we say in selichot prior to “Shema Koleinu”. “You will arise and show Zion mercy; the appointed time has come -- it is time to show her mercy.” I

n a world where people are swept to their deaths by torrential rains; where people are left homeless from ravaging fires; where 18-year-olds are hospitalized because a virus makes breathing difficult; and where Israel has to contend with a sworn enemy determined to develop nuclear weapons, there are many things to pray for in the upcoming weeks, mercy being near or at the top of the list. We ask Hashem for a year full of semachot, a year in which we struggle with and suffer from few, if any, tzarot

Enjoy a Ketiva V'Chatima Tova, a Shana Tova U’Metuka. May HKB”H grant us a year of peace within our communities and facing outwards as well, and a year of health for not only Klal Yisrael, but for the entire world. Have a Happy New Year.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Levitt
Hello, My Name
is Freshman
KYHS Welcomes Freshmen Class of
2025 Home!
Graphic by Rivka Reich ('24) and Eitan Kaminetzky ('25)
Freshman orientation was finally back in person this year and the difference was palpable. KYHS’s newest students entered hallways crowded with their mentors and fellow freshmen. It felt like one giant family reunion.

The freshmen donned name tags and spent time catching up with their mentors about their summers and their feelings about starting school. They then watched a video that got them excited about the amazing school into which they were about to enter. The video showed all of the highlights of the past year, reminding everyone of all that they have to look forward to this year.

The freshmen then followed their mentors into assigned classrooms, where they sat in a circle listening to various staff members speak. Athletic Director Coach Kris Ruffo came in to talk about the school's amazing athletic programs and Director of Student Support Rabbi Avi Wasser came to offer help with the transition from middle school to high school.

Besides hearing about the extracurricular opportunities and guidance programs that KYHS offers, the freshmen also received their schedules and a sheet with a quick “who’s who” guide of the school staff. This gave them time to talk to their mentors about their classes and their soon to be faculty members.

The freshmen then took their yearbook pictures and found their lockers, where they were able to put away their school supplies. Throughout this process, the freshmen were being guided by their mentors and were surrounded by their peers. The students were then given pizza and ice cream for lunch. They were able to sit at tables and talk with their old friends and meet new friends. Mentors made sure to introduce other students to their freshmen so that everyone would be able to meet new people. This helped everyone branch out as they begin a new school, whether they are coming in with friends or not.

The whole day gave the freshmen a glimpse of what their next four years of high school will be like, and they all seemed amazed! Freshman Yona Greenberg ('25) said, ”Freshman orientation was a great opportunity to get a tour of the school and to get more comfortable with what we need to know for the coming school year under the guidance of our awesome mentors.”

Overall the day was a success with happy freshmen excited about the school they have just begun to attend. A huge thank you to Freshman Coordinators Melissa Pereira and Rabbi Kimche for organizing the successful day and to all of the mentors for the execution.

Article by Kira Jacoby ('22)

Say Hooray for the Arcade on the First Day
Students Are Welcomed Back to the Building with a Special Arcade Thanks to the KOSL

Graphic by Olivia Kahane ('23)
Students returned to the building on Thursday, August 26, 2021, in an enthusiastic kickoff to the KYHS 2021 school year. On the first day, each grade had their own unique orientation where they watched a comedic, yet informative, video on school policy and played a game of KYHS trivia to test just how well they knew their school.

The first day is always nerve-wracking, but this year, the tension was offset with an impressive arcade housed in the gym. Students missed a period of classes to take part in this lively grade-wide activity. Everyone was able to display their competitive qualities by participating in claw-machine games, foosball matches, air hockey tournaments, and basketball shootouts. These activities were a great way to interact with new students and welcome them to the KYHS family. It was also an opportunity to meet new teachers and reconnect with previous ones.

Judah Pardau (‘23), a new addition to KYHS, described, “I felt the arcade was a great way to let loose and have fun. I really got to know a lot of my classmates and experience the booming ruach of the school.”

Meanwhile, returning students got to get right back into the exciting atmosphere that they so missed over the summer. Atara Sredni (‘23) remarked that, “It was awesome to come back to school and finally be able to have classes all throughout the building. Last year was my first year and there were pods, so I felt like I never got to really see the whole school until now.” Just in time for the high holidays, KYHS was able to kickstart the new academic year. 

Article by Zohara Lam ('23)
Senior Selichot
Seniors Come Together on the First Night of Selichot with Pizza and Singing 
Graphic by Chana Schandelson (‘22)
This past Saturday night, the first night of saying selichot for Ashkenazim, was an exciting night for the class of 2022. After two months of being apart we enjoyed our first senior program of the year. Senior selichot was an amazing opportunity for students to reconnect, be inspired, and prepare for the upcoming yamim noraim.

The event began in the cafeteria, where students enjoyed delicious pizza and ice cream while spending time with friends and teachers. It was wonderful to see students back together, enjoying each other's company.

Afterwards, the class transitioned to the Beit Midrash, where they heard words of inspiration from Rabbi Grajower, setting the tone for the night. He emphasized that although we may view ourselves as typical high school students, in reality, each day we are on a mission to create change. 

Before selichot began, the girls moved to the rotunda and the boys to the cafeteria for soulful kumzitses. The beautiful singing was a nice way for students and teachers to get into the right Elul mindset. 

As Denise Mann ('22) put it, “It was so nice to finally come together after a long summer with our teachers and friends! It was super inspiring to go into selichot with a clear, growth mindset! I’m so excited for more programs like it this year!”

Thank you to Rabbi Kimche for leading the seniors in a special selichot and to the KOSL for planning such a wonderful night. 

Article by Rebecca Henner ('22)
Happy National Toasted Marshmallow Day!
 Students Enjoy Roasting Marshmallows at Lunch
Graphic by Dan Himmelstein (‘24)
Planning for the Future
 Seniors Start the College Process with the Help of College Guidance
Graphic by Rebecca Adler (‘23)
The first semester of senior year is known to be one of the most difficult periods of a student's life. This is mainly because of the stressful and possibly frightening college application process. At Katz Yeshiva High School, however, this process is made far less stressful and frightening due to the extensive support from the college guidance department.

This past Tuesday night, seniors and parents joined the college guidance team at school for an informative, engaging examination of the college process. As daunting as the process, deadlines, and decisions may seem, KYHS’s team of experienced college guidance counselors makes it far less worrisome.

A Google Slides presentation was shown while students and parents followed along and took notes. Covering everything from to-do lists, to nuts and bolts, to payment plans, the team educated students and their parents in order to help them through this journey. KYHS even introduced a helpful workshop that gives seniors the opportunity to meet with counselors during lunch periods to work on applications together. Towards the end, there was a thorough question-and-answer session which helped to wrap up the event.

KYHS parent Susan Mussaffi described how beneficial Tuesday night’s program was, saying, “In all my years of going through this process with my four children, KYHS has been unbelievably helpful in helping us navigate it.” KYHS senior Molly Seghi ('22) also found senior college night useful and recalls that “It was very exciting because it is a step towards making my future dreams come true.”

As part of the program, Rabbi Hochman gave a brief presentation on the importance of taking a gap year in Israel. In this presentation, deadlines and names of popular yeshivas and seminaries were included. A special thanks to Mrs. Michele Harris, Mr. Lawrence Wolff, Mrs. Holly Seidenfeld, Mrs. Anca Kessler, and Rabbi Hochman for giving such insightful, important presentations! 

Article by Liad Mussafi ('22)
Covid Covid Please Go Away, Don’t Come Back Another Day 
Students Follow New Covid Protocols in Hope to Prevent the Spread
Graphic by Orly Dimont (‘23)
Over two years ago, the world embarked on an unprecedented journey, the navigation of the COVID-19 virus. Unfortunately, due to the rise of COVID-19 cases and variants alike, the school continues to enforce COVID regulations, in a modified way to fit the new school year.

Like last year, students are obligated to wear masks while indoors, with the exception of eating lunch and breakfast in the cafeteria, but are still encouraged to eat outside in order to minimize the possibility of close contacts. Although this might be inconvenient, it is a necessary step towards keeping the school community safe. Furthermore, pods have been eliminated and grades may now intermingle in the hallways and outdoor spaces, a welcomed change by all.

During each grade’s orientation on the first day of school, an informative and entertaining video was played explaining a multitude of school policies featuring Ayden “the Tank” Frank ('23). The video clearly explained the school’s policies regarding the Coronavirus and clarified any questions that students have.

Mrs. Debby Levitt, contact tracer, noted that “The Board, the Administration, the teachers, the staff, and the students are all eagerly awaiting and praying for the end of COVID! When that happens, the policies will surely reflect that change!”

Hopefully, the changes will come sooner than later and the school can continue as a normal year as soon as possible.

Article by Judah Frohlich ('23)
New Kids on the Block
 KYHS Welcomes New Teachers and Faculty
Graphic by Aaron Newman (‘24)
As the new school year begins, there are many new and exciting aspects of KYHS that we can enjoy. One such example is the new faculty members who will give our students and teachers new learning opportunities. We are so excited to have these new additions to our KYHS family. 

First, in the General Studies sector we welcome Dr. Christopher Black and Mrs. Rona Kantor as new English teachers. We are excited to have Mr. Elijah Hillman and Mr. Donald Talavera as new science teachers. Fun fact: Mr. Hillman knows how to do ballet and plays the bagpipes! Additionally, we are pleased to have Mr. Bryan Levin teaching history and a business elective. The math department is proud to include Mrs. Susan Gordon, Mrs. Yuliya Milbeck, and Mr. Benjamin Mizrahi in their ranks.

Next, in the Judaic sector we have Mrs. Melissa Perl, our new Assistant Principal, who will also be teaching Navi. So far she says, “it has been such a wonderful experience meeting the students and staff at KYHS. Everyone has been warm, welcoming, and embracing and I am so looking forward to getting to know everyone on a deeper level and to learning and growing together.” 

We are also excited to have Rabbi Jordan Jacobs teaching Gemara and Tanach and Mrs. Arielle Teles teaching Chumash and Girls Beit Midrash. Lastly, we are thrilled to welcome back the amazing Rabbi Josh Grajower! 

The guidance department is lucky to have the addition of Dr. Moshe Deutsch’s expertise as well.

Students will also gain from Mrs. Michele Harris’s knowledge of the college process in the college guidance department. So far, it’s been a great start to this year.

We are all so excited to continue learning, as well as have fun in our beautiful building!

Article by Marielle Ashkenazi ('23)
Shana Tova U’Metuka Have a Happy Sweet New Year
Gamar Chatima Tova from KYHS and the Highlites Staff! 
Graphic by Naomi Reichenberg ('22)
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