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We hear it all the time: “It’s the inside that counts.” That’s certainly true. But, in all honesty, looks matter too. 

Imagine you had an important interview for an internship with a big firm, and you wore a bathing suit and flip-flops to the meeting. Uhhh… not a good idea. Why? Isn’t it the inside that counts?? Well, yes… but looks matter too! If you present yourself like a beach-boy or beach-girl, the firm simply won’t take you seriously.

And it’s not just about others. Dress is for you too. In many ways, clothing creates the atmosphere. Think about it: Picture yourself going to shul on Friday night… or to your graduation… or to your sister’s wedding… and everybody’s wearing shorts and T-shirts, pajamas, or jeans. Whoa… Shabbos, the graduation, the wedding… they would be ruined… they would lose their entire feel.

This is why the Torah says that when you bring a korban, it needs to look good — no blemishes. And a kohen too: he wears special, honorable clothing. He presents himself with grandeur, with sanctity, with true beauty. Looks matter! 
And you know what? When you dress in a way that is more dignified, you feel more dignified… you feel greater! You’re not necessarily more comfortable… but you feel something greater than that: you feel like you matter. You’re awesome. Present yourself that way!! Looks matter! 

Good Shabbos,
Rabbi Stohl
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