Thank you to Chaim & Leah Rosen, parents of Asher ('23), Simcha ('22), and Netanel ('21) for donating hand sanitizers.
Thank you to Yosef & Lillian Aharon, parents of Michael (’23) for donating masks.
New Initiative Gets Grades Psyched for New Year
This Year Grades Will Focus on Cultivating Their Specific Jewish Value

Graphic by Leanne Mann ('23) and Max Danis ('23)

Prior to the first day of school, every KYHS student attended an orientation. Orientation days began last Wednesday with transfer students, who were able to meet their teachers and explore the campus. Following them on Thursday and Friday, each grade attended their own orientations at school.

The orientation programs included an introduction from the head of school, Rabbi Levitt, who explained detailed safety protocols regarding Covid-19.

Students were also introduced to KOSL’s new Nafshenu program, an initiative designed to unite each grade and the school as a whole, as each grade represents a part of one body.To kick off this new program, students competed in a grade-wide game of apples to apples, and then the winning cards from each grade were judged against all the other grades.

All in all, this year’s orientation was a great way for students and teachers to safely reunite while adhering to social distancing guidelines. We are so excited to start off the new school year and be back in KYHS for another year of learning, Torah, and fun!

Article by Eilat Berger ('22)

Mitzvos Must Continue During COVID
Students Continue to Find Ways to Assist the Community Despite COVID Restrictions
Graphic by Abby Rosenthal ('23)
The new socially-distanced reality inspired many acts of chesed as well as outstanding new programs to help people of all ages. Two such programs were created by Max Frohlich (‘21) and Levi Stein (‘21).
Levi Stein created a program called “From March to Miriam Connecting Through COVID,” designed to connect teenagers and Holocaust survivors, many of whom are stuck at home and bored due to the ongoing pandemic. The students spent hours writing about themselves for their partners and getting to know each other over the phone. They later compiled and began dropping off gift baskets – which included challah, grape juice, puzzles, and word searches (sponsored by the Grove) at the survivors’ homes. Though there have only been two basket deliveries so far, there are many more to come.
“Perfect Pair” was created by Max Frohlich (‘21) to match up the elderly with teenagers in a mentoring program. Many elderly people have been unable to leave their homes due to COVID-19, so this program affords them the opportunity to interact with young people and share their wisdom and knowledge. There are currently 50 pairs of seniors and teenagers, each matched according to similar interests, passions, and hobbies. They meet at their own discretion and talk about anything, from how their week is going to which colleges the student is considering. Shira Bar-Chaim (‘20) described her experience with the program as follows: “I really enjoy speaking to someone much older and wiser than me and I have gained a new friend in Jerusalem.” Perfect Pair has been picked up to run on a national level by the OU.

Read about "Perfect Pair" in the Sun Sentinel : click here
Article by Judah Frohlich ('23)
The Start of Seniors Signing Off
Seniors Complete This Year's Annual Right of Passage with an Information Filled College Night
Graphic by Ariella Mayer ('23) and Rivka Reich ('24)

On Monday night, all senior students and their parents came together, on Zoom of course, to participate in senior college night. With only two months until many applications are due, including both early decision and early action, the college guidance team dove right into getting the seniors started.
With no time to waste, the college guidance team went over the process of applying and what seniors need to be on top of, like grades, standardized testing, essays, applications, and, most importantly, upcoming deadlines. This application cycle is different from previous years due to the pandemic, but college guidance did a great job navigating seniors through the process. Though many seniors came out of the meeting feeling stressed and scared of what’s to come, they are also excited to embark on their college application journey with strong support from the college guidance team.

Article by Sophia Purow ('21)
Say Hello to the New Kids on the Block
First Impressions for First Year KYHS Teachers
Graphic by Rebecca Adler ('23)
This year, KYHS happily welcomes many new faculty members to the KYHS family.

Rabbi Brodman has joined Rabbi Stohl in the masmidim program and teaches the freshmen year masmidim boys.

Hailing from California's YULA high school, we have Rabbi Shulkes, who teaches Gemara, Tefila, and Tanach, and Mr. Cohen, who teaches the photography elective.

Mr. Wolff and Ms. Kessler have joined the amazing college guidance team who work night and day to help our students achieve their academic dreams.

Both the science and Spanish departments have expanded as well, welcoming Mrs. Levitt and Ms. Kaufman, respectively.

Additionally, Dr. Leonhart has joined the history department, teaching Jewish history and European history to academically enthralled students.

Mr. Urizar teaches calculus to juniors and seniors, and Ms. Fridman is the newest addition to our Hebrew department.

Finally, Mr. Permanan has joined our IT department, helping teachers and students with their technical difficulties in these difficult times.

We are so happy we have expanded our KYHS family and look forward to an amazing school year!

Article by Mishael Sommers ('23)
Despite New Rules Students Remain Richly Radiant
Maintaining Safety Protocols is Not Easy, But They are up to the Challenge
Graphic by Naomi Reichenberg ('22) and Chana Schandelson ('22)

As school resumed after an extended break, everyone was curious about how the school was going to go about new COVID-related safety procedures. And let me tell you, our school did a great job.

The school was split into quadrants, each grade assigned to a hallway, through a new system the school likes to call “Podification.” Each grade stays in their hallway, creating new bonds they have never experienced before.

Everyone in the building must wear a face mask, and extra time has been added in between classes so students can run outside and eat a quick snack.

Hand sanitizer has been placed in every hallway and classroom, making it very easy and accessible to stay clean.

Additionally, all grades shift between in-school learning and Zoom, which gives students the opportunity to have face to face interactions with teachers and classmates AND learn in the comfort of their own home. We are excited to see what KYHS has planned next!

Article by Molly Seghi ('22)
Highlites Staff