January 11th, 2019
 5th of Shevet, 5779 

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    Parshat Bo
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Phone Phast Success

Throughout our calendar we have several fast days. While each fast commemorates a particular event, what is the commonality that all fasts share? The Chatam Sofer explains that all fast days are modeled after the only fast day mentioned in the Torah, Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur's purpose is not to simply refrain from eating, but to be introspective, to pause from our daily routine, and do teshuva. So too, the primary purpose of the other rabbinic fast days is to engage in teshuva. This past Tuesday we had a fast of our own, a "phone phast." We asked each student to voluntarily give up their phone for the day (there were incentives) so that they could be present and attentive. I am glad to report that it was a smashing success. Every student in school participated! Many students gave us great feedback, including the following message I received from a freshman: " I really did feel that at breaks and at lunch my friends and I bonded more and were more connected with each other."  This type of reflective pause from our daily routine is so valuable in the busy world we live in. I am so grateful to and proud of our incredible students for their enthusiasm and cooperation. Thank you and Shabbat Shalom.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Jonathan Kroll
Head of School

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Good & Welfare
Yaron ('04)
and Erica Jacobovits on the birth of their son, Avraham Abba.

Arianna (Halbstein '05) and Koby Sabghir on the birth of their daughter, Talia Miriam.

Kayla (Kowal '06) and Gavriel Kraiss on the birth of their son, Neriyah Yair.

Miriam (Clements '07) and Elly Kalson on the birth of their son, Samuel Ryan.

Elad Rotenstein ('15) to Michele Sabti from Hollywood, FL.

Michael Mizrahi ('10) to Amanda Bienenfeld.
Turning Away From Tech    
JED Talk And Phone Phast Teach Students About The Importance Of Taking A Tech Break
Graphic by Justin Isaacs ('19) 
Article by Sara Deichman ('19) and Al Dimont ('20)
The renowned Dr. Aliza Septimus payed a visit to KYHS seniors on January 4th to talk about technology and the undesired addiction that often comes along with its use. Dr. Septimus, psychologist and KYHS parent, explained the brain's reaction to social media, screens, and notifications. She then delved into addictive behaviors relating to a reliance on social media. Dr. Septimus clearly explained that although phones and other screens are crucial, helpful, and important parts of life, cautious usage should be paramount. Today, it is understandable to grasp a phone at all times, but Dr. Septimus gave advice on how to semi-eliminate the need offor social media and instead recognize it as the privilege that it is. The JED talk came right just in time to get us ready for precede the KYHS Phone Phast (see article below), and the knowledge Dr. Septimus shared has already proven useful by helping students understand what goes through their heads each time they share, snap, and hit send...

Over the Shabbaton, Rabbi Kroll and the administration came up with the idea of a "Phone Phast." All students would give up their phones for the entire day, opting to talk to people instead of texting them or zoning into cell-phone games. This was necessary, he claimed, explaining that devices provide a huge distraction, and people fail to stop for a moment to think. In fact, people would rather be distracted then have the time to ponder for a minute.
At breakfast on Tuesday morning, students lined up to label their phones and place them into plastic storage bins for the day. Instead of jumping from biology class to phone use, students left biology class internalizing the information they had learned. Outside of classes, the Phone Phast also proved beneficial, as students reported feeling less pressured and more focused during the day since they no longer had the urge to play Ball Blast or Game Pigeon's 8 Ball .
Because the entire* school gave in their phones for the day, the administration awarded students with an early dismissal on Wednesday, January 16th. In addition, Dunkin' Donuts gift cards were raffled off on the school's Instagram page. Students were proud to have bettered themselves both psychologically and in terms of focus. One senior was quoted saying, "I cannot wait for the next Phone Phast!"  

***Yes, the entire school gave in their phones. If you think you saw a phone, it was really just a spray-painted brick. If you think you used a phone, it was really just a figment of your imagination (or a spray-painted brick). There is no fact-checking needed here.   
Teriffic T.A.'s
Fabulous Students Spend Time Assisting Teachers
Graphic by Liora Mayer ('20), Sivan Mussaffi ('20), and Sydney Freedman ('20)
Article by Adina Hirsch ('19)

Thanks to the incredible vision of Mrs. Kay and Mrs. Hegna, this year, a new Teacher's Assistant position has been offered to all seniors. Willing seniors can choose to spend one of their weekly free periods helping a specific teacher or class based on their interests. Each teacher assistant's role entails something different. Some seniors are actively involved in the classroom, tutoring and providing extra support for students, while other seniors assist teachers with filling papers, prepping, and gathering supplies. Teacher's Assistant Shirel Garzon reflects, "Being a TA and helping teachers with their classes is incredibly rewarding and is a fun way to spend more time with a subject that I love." Overall, this new Teacher's Assistant position has been highly successful and has benefited students, teachers, and seniors!
Cinnaholic and Simcha
Students Celebrate Rosh Chodesh With Cinnaholic Treats
Graphic by Naomi Reichenberg ('22), Penina Kahane ('22), Devorah Lome ('22), and Aerin Tripp ('22)
Amazing Athletes, Stupendous Superstars
Roving Journalist Lexi Cohen Sits Down With Soccer Star Noam Peleg To Discuss Life As A Boss
Graphic by Avi Linzer ('19)  and Noa Markovitz ('19)
Article by Lexi Cohen ('19)

Q: Hi, Noam! How long have you been on the soccer team? 
A: Since my freshman year.

Q: What is your position on the soccer team? 
A: I was a striker for three years, but this year I play right back, on defense.  
Q: How far along are you in the season?
A: Almost done. Playoffs!
Q: What has your experience been like as a member of the team?
A: It's the best thing in the world to be on the soccer team. After a long and stressful day of school, I can relieve my stress. The team is like a family. All of the players are my brothers.
Q: Who are the captains of the team?
  A: Yitzy Lanner, Zev Goldberg, and me.

Q: How is it having three captains?  
A: Sharing responsibilities as captains is the best. They are two friends and two other brains to help me make decisions. We give each other great ideas.

Q: What advice do you have for younger players? 
A: Focus on your grades before worrying about soccer.
Ask Adina
Hear Sage Advice From An Experienced Senior
Hey, Adina! I really try hard to put effort into school, but I get discouraged after I get a bad grade. How can I constantly remain motivated in school despite not getting my desired grades?

Hi! That's a great question. If you simply try hard for the A+, as soon as you score lower,  you will lose all motivation in that class. The key is to understand that all the hard work and dedication you put into school work is for YOU! You shouldn't pay attention in class, do your homework, and study for a test just for the grade. Instead, focus on gaining new information, expanding your intellectual capabilities, and attaining valuable skills that will last far beyond high school.

When you are sitting in your corner office, hard at work after your latest promotion, you will never remember the grade that made you cry, but you will remember the work ethic you gained though persisting through the tough class.

Here are a few tips on training yourself to remain motivated. Reward yourself for time spent productively studying, or doing your work. For example, 1 hour of studying = 15 minutes of your favorite show! Celebrate your progression of knowledge, not your weekly Renweb report.

Remember: It's not about the grade, it's about what you learn along the way!

Hope this helps!
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