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March 29, 2019
22nd of Adar Bet, 5779 

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    Parshat Shmini
Candle Lighting at 7:18 PM

Birds of a Feather

In Parshat Shemini, the Torah lists each species of fowl that is not kosher. On the list is the חסידה, the stork. Rashi comments, based on the midrash, that it is called a חסידה since the stork does חסד with its fellow storks by sharing its food with other members of its flock. But if the stork is so nice and has such a generous character, shouldn't it be listed as one of the kosher birds? After all, the Ramban explains that the common denominator among the non-kosher species is that they are predominantly aggressive. The Chidushei HarRim offers a beautiful insight to solve this puzzle. The problem with the stork is that it only does chesed with its own flock but ignores others. The mark of true generosity is when one can extend beyond his immediate circle of friends and share with others outside of his flock. Purim was incredible at KYHS. I was so proud of so many different students from so many different flocks sharing in the simcha together at school, demonstrating genuine acts of joy, kindness, and chesed.

Thank you to the Highlites staff for a great Purim edition.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Jonathan Kroll
Head of School 

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Good & Welfare
Jonathan Belolo ('08) to Chana Zamir from Montreal, Canada

Eliana Linzer ('15) to Shimmy Savitsky from Woodmere, NY

Jacob Ovadia ('13) to Esther Simchi from Fairlawn, NJ.

Hedva Tirschwell ('13) to Josh Azar from West Orange, NJ.
Mazel Tov to KYHS founding principal Rabbi Perry and Miriam Tirschwell.

Mrs. Ellen Adler on the passing of her beloved father, Rabbi Aaron Feder.

Collect 'Em All
Sift Through the Purim Trading Cards of the Players Playing in Team KYHS 

Ask Adin
Adin Blumofe Answers The Best Of Ask Adina...

1. Hi Adin! I always have wanted to join the Tisch Club; there is so much ruach, and the cholent always looks and smells amazing! However,  I feel awkward and out of place as a girl going to the Tisch Club's table. Do you have any advice?
-Tisch Wannabe

I understand that your predicament as a seemingly black sheep in the flock could create a most unpleasant situation, I do find it prudent to answer your question with a personal anecdote. Earlier this year, I accidentally went into the Girls who Code Club. In a split second decision, instead of admitting my error and leaving the room, I doubled down. I strut directly into the middle of the classroom and seated myself before anyone else could process what they were observing. I proceeded to eat my lunch with an upright posture and gusto, to the point where I commanded the room. After a few seconds, the club resumed operations and my presence was established. I finished the my chicken salad in peace with the ringing of the bell, observing the club as if my presence was expected. So too here, I recommend that you take to this sauve determined approach in any of your endeavors. Establish yourself in the Tisch Club before the feared ostracization, though the club is extraordinarily welcoming to all students, could possibly occur. In short, if you look like you belong somewhere, people will implicitly assume that you do. And, if you think you belong somewhere, then you do belong there. If you master this ability to the extent that I have, you will be able to take nap in Rabbi Kroll's chair without anybody raising a brow.

2. How do I balance my workload, while still finding time for extracurriculars and friends?
-Busy Bee

Very simple: give up sleep. 
OR... There are some very real remedies to your conundrum. One thing that I have found to be quite useful is time reapportionment. Break down your week by half-hour blocks. At the end of the study, take a hard look at the data and find out where you could save some time. Most people find a few wasted hours if their data is accurate and honest. Arguably, this is the greatest challenge of high school. Most people can only do two of the three activities: sleep, extracurriculars, and friends. I won't admit that it is an eventuality, but without active intervention, you will have to make a choice...have your friends, do your homework, or take up tennis.

3. I missed a lot of school this past week. I'm super overwhelmed and have WAY too much work to make up! Any advice?
-Heavy Load

The best way to deal with a such a task is to truly prioritize your priorities. You must determine when everything is due by looking at the broad picture through a critical lens. Focus solely on the next 24 hours; thereby, you will not be inundated with work.
I can attest to the fact that this advice works. Recently, I returned from a vacation where I missed a week of school. I faced the same overwhelming workload that you are currently struggling to manage. When expressing my conundrum to the great Rabbi Mirzoeff, he conveyed to me an adage that has been immensely impactful in my perspective of life. He said, "One day at a time." At first, I too was disconcerted with this unsatisfying maxim. But to all my rebuttals describing the countless unfilled obligation that I owed to my teachers, he responded with only one sentence, repeating same trite remark over and over again. Frankly, his phrase was right. The ideology stuck with me and has allowed me to compartmentalize my work into manageable sections. The task that awaits is more a challenge of the mind than the body.


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