Graphic by Ariella Mayer ('23)

This week’s parsha starts out by telling us that Yaakov leaves Be’er Sheva and goes to Charan. Rashi raises a well-known question: why does the Torah have to tell us that Yaakov is leaving Be’er Sheva? We already know that he is situated in Be’er Sheva, so his point of departure is obvious! Why not just tell us that Yaakov sets off for Charan, where his story will continue to unfold? 

Rashi’s answer is perhaps as well-known as his question. When a tzaddik leaves a place, his departure makes an impact, leaves a void. Yaakov’s departure from Be’er Sheva was significant, not just because it was the beginning of his journey to Charan, but because the city of Be’er Sheva would not be the same without Yaakov.

But in reality, it’s not the absence of a tzaddik that makes an impact, but the memory of his or her presence! Yaakov’s departure from Be’er Sheva was a big deal, not because he left the place but because of the impact he made while he still lived there! Yaakov made an indelible impact on Be’er Sheva with every act of chesed and every moment of his life lived with Godly values and walking in Hashem’s ways.

As teachers, we certainly can relate to this when it comes to our students. Graduation is, of course, the beginning of a wonderful journey in which our graduates’ own stories will continue to unfold. It also leaves a void in our hallways as we consider the particular impact of each graduating class -- their leadership, enthusiasm, and spirit. We miss our seniors when they graduate and, although school goes on in their absence, it’s never quite the same.

But it’s not graduation itself that leaves its mark, but the impact each student makes while they are still in school! The incredible learning, hours of community service, and engagement in clubs and activities, the exemplary middot, personal and religious growth, and ruach during school programs -- these are among the many ways KYHS students leave their mark on our school. And all of this happens starting NOW! 

NOW is the time to join a club or try out for a team. NOW is the time to work towards greater kavana during tefillah, stay for Night Seder, and sign up to write a d’var Torah for Ashreinu. NOW is the time to be more inclusive, be a role model, and become a leader.

NOW is the time to begin making your mark on our school so that you can look back with pride on your accomplishments and the legacy you’ll leave behind.

Have a Wonderful Shabbos,
Mrs. Horowitz
Battle Of The Genders
Student Council Made Rosh Chodesh Kislev So Much Fun with Fantastic Quiz Games

Graphic by Abby Rosenthal ('23)
In honor of Rosh Chodesh Kislev, our incredible student council deviated from the usual chagiga and opted to celebrate the new month with a trivia game instead. Each grade had a turn to partake in this special activity in which they competed to answer questions about pop culture and played fun games.

Students went up on stage in groups to compete by gender. This included listening to snippets of songs and trying to guess what they were, as well as naming famous celebrities and rabbis based solely on photographs of them. Students also played a game in which a topic was chosen and students had to list as many items as possible within that topic under a time constraint.

Students loved the opportunity for some friendly competition against their classmates, and the festivities really raised spirits schoolwide, creating a lot of nachas. The beit midrash echoed with laughter and excitement throughout the games.
Junior class president Jamie Berger (‘23) noted that, “the game was a success and my grade seemed to really enjoy the program that Eitan, Moises, and I ran.”

It definitely brought “some extra excitement for the day”, and was an amazing, ruach-filled way to kick off the month of Kislev. We are all so grateful to the student council and staff for putting this special event together. The bar has been set extremely high for next Rosh Chodesh, and the student body of KYHS can’t wait to see what the student council has in store next!

Article by Hannah Shapiro ('23)
The Power in Passivity
Rabbi Alex Israel Gives a Shiur to KYHS Students about Yitzchak Avinu and Being a Link in the Chain
Graphic by Dan Himelstein ('24)
This past Friday, KYHS students were fortunate to hear from Rabbi Alex Israel. Rabbi Israel, originally from England and now living and teaching in Israel, shared some inspirational insights on the parsha. Focusing on the Avot and their personas, Rabbi Israel dissected each character and gave a synopsis of each of their individual strengths. Avraham, the ultimate leader of the Jewish people, symbolizes chesed. Yaakov expresses his individuality and familial ideals through truth. Yitzchak, however, poses a problem. He is the symbol for strength, gevura, but where does he show that strength?

He seems to be passive. Things happen TO him: Avraham almost sacrificed him during Akeidat Yitzchak, Rivka orchestrated the blessings of Yaakov and Eisav, and even the picking of his wife was done by a shaliach! Where does Yitzchak’s strength shine through? Rabbi Israel shared a fascinating and relatable thought. While Avraham’s job was to be the ultimate leader, a revolutionary, Yitzchak needed to have the strength to dig in and dig down the roots of the Jewish people by continuing Avraham’s mission.

Yitzchak was extremely successful, and was able to farm and build up the Negev of Eretz Yisrael. He was even almost asked to leave the land of Eretz Yisrael. Despite this, he did not back down. He remained strong and did not lose the land that his father fought so hard for. Yitzchak was not passive. He cemented the foundation for Jews to remain in Israel for generations. 

“Rabbi Israel’s speech was extremely insightful and allowed me to view Yitzchak in a new way—not just a passive figure, but one who carried on Avraham’s legacy in order to ultimately create a Jewish nation” (Rebecca Henner ‘22).

Rabbi Israel was able to completely reinterpret the role of Yitzchak in the Torah and relate that to our own lives. Rabbi Israel allowed us to understand that strength does not always come from innovation. At times, strength comes from the hard work that keeps a legacy or an idea alive. 

Article by Emma Schenker ('22)
Happiest Hachnasas Orchim
 KYHS Welcomes Prospective Eight Grade Students at the Open House
Graphic by Eitan Kaminetzky ('25)
On Sunday, KYHS held its Open House for prospective students and their families. The prospective families were greeted by the smiling faces of current freshmen. After entering the building, the families received name badges and were ushered into the beit midrash, where students and their families listened to speeches from our administrators and the school president. Afterwards, another one of our legendary school videos was played.

The girls and boys were then split up for the remainder of the day. First the girls went to see the gym and hear about the sports programs while the boys experienced model classes with their parents. During this time the girls also got to experience the amazing STEM and science labs, where they played with virtual reality simulation games and learned about the different tools used in science. Yosef Marcus (‘22) was an ambassador for the STEM program during the day and remarked that, “the Open House was a great experience where I got to see KYHS prospects as well as show them the amazing applications of STEM. I allowed them to drive my team’s robot for this year.”

Refreshments were then served and the girls and boys switched schedules. Another exciting part of the day was the student council-run panel. During this part of the program, Mrs. Hochner explained the way that clubs function in school. Students were given the opportunity to ask the members of student council any questions that they have about high school. As an incentive to get more people to ask more questions, the school gave out headbands and kippahs with the KYHS logo on them to the kids who asked questions. All prospective students who attended were given a KYHS lunch bag. The Open House left everyone excited for their future years at KYHS! 

Article by Kira Jacoby ('22)
Most Excited for Math
 KYHS Students Participate in the AMC Math Competition
Graphic by Orly Dimont ('23) and Rebecca Adler ('23)
25 complex math questions, 75 minutes. This past Thursday, many KYHS students competed in the American Mathematics Competition. The competition was an amazing opportunity for students to test their skills by working on sophisticated math problems. All of the participants came to the lunchroom with charged iPads and got ready to begin. After instructions from Mrs. Epstein, we pressed “start” and began putting our minds to work.

The questions covered a range of different mathematical concepts and each focused on a different problem-solving skill. Thankfully, as students worked there was some entertainment out the window from Terry who was barbecuing. After pressing submit, even if only answering two or three questions, students felt a sense of accomplishment. As Kira Jacoby (‘22) remarked, “it was extraordinarily challenging but I felt very accomplished after finishing.” Good luck to everyone who participated! 

Article by Rebecca Henner ('22)
Home of the Free,
Because of the Brave
 Students Hear from Former Marine Sergeant Ken Soloway to Commemorate Veterans Day
Graphic by Shoshana Weinstock ('22) and Rivka Reich ('24)
This past Thursday, KYHS students gathered to honor our country’s brave service members for Veterans Day. Each class period was reduced by five minutes so that the entire student body could participate in the Veterans Day program, which began with an emotional video that stressed the importance of the day and depicted footage of soldiers taking the oath to protect the country, as well as footage of them returning home to their families. Students were then fortunate enough to hear from Mr. Ken Soloway, a former Marine sergeant and engineer, who spoke about his experiences in the Marine Corps during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He told fascinating stories about what it was like to be Jewish in such an environment, describing how he participated in Rosh Hashanah services and even managed to fast on Yom Kippur. Mr. Soloway stressed how his Jewish Identity kept him strong in challenging times.
He told a story of how he once disobeyed a drill sergeant for the sake of his Jewish Identity. While his actions were seemingly risky at the time, his unwillingness to compromise his values ultimately earned him great respect from fellow servicemen and higher-ranking officers. As the program drew to a close, students had the opportunity to ask Mr. Soloway questions. Before returning to our regularly scheduled classes, everyone joined together to sing the “Star-Spangled Banner” in honor of our brave heroes. KYHS is grateful for our military veterans!

Article by Zohara Lam ('23)
Tremendous Preseason Tournament!
Girls Basketball Team Participates in Preseason Tournament at Hebrew Academy
Graphic by Olivia Kahane ('23) and Aaron Newman ('24)
The Girls Varsity Basketball Team just had their preseason tournament! Their first game on Monday was against Posnack, who unfortunately beat the KYHS Storm. However, for a team with many new freshmen that have never played together with the older girls, the team played a solid game. One of the team captains Emma Schenker (‘22) remarked, “as a very new team, I think we took some time during the game to figure out how we play together, but once we were able to do that, we played cohesively and much stronger than before.”

The girls made a bit of a comeback towards the end of the game because they figured out how to work together and got into a better rhythm. This is extremely impressive considering they only had one practice before their first game! They still lost, but then learned from their first game and applied what they had learned in their next game against Hillel NMB on Wednesday. All the girls worked as a cohesive unit and played an amazing game against Hillel NMB. They placed third in the preseason tournament, receiving their first trophy of the year. Emma further remarked that, “the team will definitely be working on our offense, but I have high hopes that we can have an amazing season together”, and she was right!

Soon after the win against Hillel NMB, the team’s growth was evident. The team and all of their fans are excited for what will be an incredible girls basketball season! GO STORM!!

Article by Amira Kahn ('25)
Highlites Staff