June 15,
 2nd of Tammuz, 5778 

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    Parshat Korach
Candle Lighting at 7:56 PM
The School Year is Over....
Now What Happens? 
There are 22,098 pesukim in Tanach. How do you choose a particular pasuk to be placed as an emblem of an institution? We chose the words טעמו וראו from the pasuk in Tehillim that says טעמו וראו כי טוב ה- Taste and see that God is good. In other words, students should experience their Judaism and love it, not just in a cognitive sort of way but in an emotional, sensory sort of way.  
Interestingly the pasuk that graced the wall in the famed Yeshivat Chachmei Lublin was also a pasuk from Tehillim. However their choice of pasuk is a bit more perplexing- לכו בנים שמעו לי יראת ה' אלמדכם. Go out children and listen to me as I teach you the fear of God. Why not choose a more conventional pasuk that speaks about the importance of Torah learning? Rabbi Meir Shapiro, the Rosh Yeshiva explained his choice of a pasuk: Learning in the yeshiva is on a certain level easy or expected. The real challenge is when students leave the yeshiva. לכו בנים- when you leave the yeshiva, that is the real test of your education.
Now that the school year has ended, our students have so much to be proud of. They've learned and grown in so many ways. Now the challenge is to make sure that that learning and growth is sustained over the summer and that the learning has really affected all of us.
Thank you to everyone for a wonderful year and best wishes for an incredible summer. Thank you to Claudia Cohen for her leadership of Highlites and for this edition highlighting the end of year.

Wishing Everyone a Shabbat Shalom  
and an amazing summer!  
Rabbi Jonathan Kroll
Head of School

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June 29th to July 22nd   
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August 19th  
New Parent Orientation 
August 20-21st
Full Faculty Meeting

August 22nd
Freshman Orientation

August 23rd
First day of classes 
Good and Welfare
Nina Landa ('13) to Moshe Miller from Teaneck, NJ
Naftali Simon ('09) to Nechama Beitler from Cedarhurst, NY.
Aryeh Genet ('08) to Raquel Wildes
Aliza Wallerstein ('09) to Yaacov Sakowtiz
Maya Saketkhou ('13) to J.J. Kimche
Guy Ben-Hanan ('15) to Izzy Miller
Jordan Stauber ('15) to Jordyn Katz

Naomi (Kasztl '08) and Elie ('08) Baratz on the birth their daughter, Ricki Elsa, and to grandparents KYHS President Lisa and Phil Baratz, and Gail and Rabbi Warren Kasztl.

Mr. Michael Munter on the passing of his beloved father, Dr. Chaim Munter.

Mr. Levi Grunhaus on the passing of his beloved father, Mr. Jacob Grunhaus. 
Mr. Shimmie Kaminetsky, Executive Director of KYHS and Mrs. Beth Kaminetsky on the passing of Shimmie's beloved father, Rabbi Dovid Kaminetsky.
Dr. Bruce Arshawsky on the passing of his beloved  mother, Mrs. Rachel Arshawsky.
Mr. Stanley Haar on the passing of his beloved mother, Mrs. Selma Haar.    

Article by Ayelet Gross ('18)
Graduation was a truly heartfelt experience for all. Our classmate, Max Abramovitz led us in Hatikva and the Star Spangled Banner. We also had the pleasure to hear from Lisa Baratz, Mrs. Kanner, Rabbi Kroll, and Daniel Portnoy, our student representative, who spoke memorably about our time here at KYHS.  
Each student had a portion of montage focused on them, accompanied by the voice over of a different teacher who gave them a parting message. Walking off the stage, caps on our heads and diplomas in our hands, was the best sendoff we could hope for.  
Click Here for Mrs. Lisa Baratz's Speech
Click Here for Mrs. Ora Lee Kanner's Speech 
Click Here for Rabbi Jonathan Kroll's Speech 
Click Here for Daniel Portnoy Speech 
Click Here for Part One-Intro-Max Abramovitz to Gabi Englander
Click Here for Part Two-Emma Frank to Jordan Landes 
Click Here for Part Three-Jonah Lasko to Adi Rubin 
Click Here for Part Four-Doni Sausen to David Zagury
Click Here for Part Five-Montage  
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Senior Trip 
Gra phic by Highlites Staff
Article by Highlites Staff
We met at Fort Lauderdale airport at 4:10 AM and all of us made the 6:00AM flight to New York. We went to the U.N. and received a personal tour of the from Hannah Katz and her colleagues. It was fascinating. After the tour we hopped on the bus and went to Camp Kaylie. Here we enjoyed a meaningful Shabbat filled with Kumzitz's, deep discussions and board games. Sunday morning the buses came early and we went to the city to march in the Israeli Day Parade.  
After we wandered around New York City and Times Square we went to a performance of the Blue Man Group. The next day after davening, we headed to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty and then had lunch and headed to Teaneck for a Shiva call for our Executive Director Shimmie Kaminetsky's father. We sat on the lawn and listened to meaningful stories about Shimmies dad then we got back on the buses and headed to the airport for our flight home. This was a wonderful trip and a perfect closure to our 4 years at KYHS. Thanks to our parents and the awesome staff especially Shira Englander who took care of every detail.  
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for Senior Trip Video
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This was wonderful
Senior Formal
Graphic by Highlites Staff

for Senior Formal Slide Show

College Experts

Close to 250 students and parents attended the inaugural KYHS Evening with College Admissions Experts featuring top level admissions officers from colleges our students are eager to attend.  The eminent guest speakers hail from religious and secular, public and private, in-state and out-of-state, large and small, and urban and suburban institutions.  They are the movers and shakers in the world of college admissions, the leaders who set admissions policy, advocate for access to and success in college, and make a difference in the lives of young people every day.  Each is a much sought-after presenter at local, national, and international conferences, and we were truly honored to have them at KYHS.

The panelists from Barnard, Brandeis, Maryland, NYU, UCF, and YU shared insights into the college exploration and application process including a sneak peek behind the scenes in an admissions office, advice for choosing high school courses and extracurricular activities, tips for writing compelling college essays, and much more.   They provided invaluable information along with amusing anecdotes that left the audience laughing and more aware of and comfortable with the college process.   Following the program, parents said, "The program was excellent.    All the speakers were incredibly insightful and their comments contributed tremendously to our understanding of the process."  " Thank you for organizing an OUTSTANDING presentation.   I was blown away by the valuable information." "The speakers were engaging and entertaining, which helped disarm this potentially intimidating process."
"As a first time mom going through this college process, I learned important information  and gained a totally new perspective on the college application experience."
Thanks to everyone who attended and especially to our renowned speakers.    
Congratulations to our graduates in the Class of 2018  
who have been admitted to these colleges:
Adelphi University
Bar Ilan University
Baruch   College
Binghamton University
Boston University
Brandeis University
Brooklyn   College
Case Western Reserve University
Columbia University
Drexel University
Florida Atlantic University
Florida International University
Florida State University
Hofstra University
Hunter   College
IDC Herzliya
Indiana University
Ithaca College
LIM College
Lynn University
Manhattanville College
Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Moore College of Art and Design
New York University
Otis College of Art and Design
Palm Beach State University
Princeton University
Purdue University
Queens   College
Rutgers University
SUNY Stony Brook
Syracuse University
Technion: Israel Institute of Technology
The New School
Touro/Lander College for Women
University of Central Florida
University of Florida
University of Hartford
University of Maryland
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
University of Miami
University of Michigan
University of Pennsylvania
University of South Florida
University of Vermont
Valencia College
Washington University in St. Louis
Yeshiva University

On the last Thursday of school, Students came together to celebrate the end of the year.  Deputy Consul General, Guy Gilady, from the Israeli Consulate came to congratulate the students who won this year'sRube Goldberg Competition. Then
Mrs. Stein spoke about Better 2 Lead - the culmination of two years of intergenerational programming. Rabbi Kroll highlighted new student run initiatives such a Coffee for a Cause, The Bikur Cholim visits to the Menorah House and the Broadcasting Club.  
This was also an opportunity to say goodbye to Shira Englander and Rachel Yudewitz. We wish them the best and will miss them.  
Click Here for Slab Video
Click Here for Rachel Yudewitz Video Farewell
Click Here for Rachel Yudewitz Speech 
Click Here for Shira Englander Video Farewell
Click Here  for Shira Englander Speech & Rabbi Kroll  
thanking extra student efforts 
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Sports Banquet
Better to Lead

The Yeshiva Highlites Staff