October 26, 2018
 17th of Cheshvan, 5779 

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    Parshat Vayeira
Candle Lighting at 6:25 PM

A Youthful Spirit
On his way to A keidat Yitzchak , as Avraham dutifully proceeds toward his grim destination, the Torah tells us that he brought with him his two youths, ויקח את שני נעריו עמו. Rashi cites the midrash which suggests that Avraham brought Eliezer and Yishmael with him, while the Ibn Ezra claims that this pasuk most likely refers to two assistants with whom Avraham would usually travel. The Baal Shem Tov, though, offers a beautiful Chasidic interpretation. The word שני does not necessarily mean "two" but may mean "years." In other words, the Torah is not telling us that Avraham took two youths with him but that Avraham "took" his own youthful years with him on this mission. The Baal Shem Tov teaches that Avraham tapped into that youthful enthusiasm and idealism that we all experienced when younger, in order to continue on with the akeidah .  

One of the reasons why I and so many of my colleagues love teaching high school students is because of this youthful idealism that the Baal Shem Tov refers to. Many of us grown ups are jaded and cannot imagine the world any different than we have experienced it. Kids, though, are in the position of dreaming about their own future and they are poised to imagine the world not just as it is but as it could be. This youthful spirit is invigorating. Thank you to the students of KYHS for your youthful enthusiasm and for inspiring us all. May we all merit the ability to tap into our שני נעריו, our youthful years.
Thank you to the Highlites staff!

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Jonathan Kroll
Head of School

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Freshman Parent Melave Malka

Good and Welfare
Zoe  Looks ('09) and Ohad Housman on the birth of their daughter, Liel Moriyah. 

Laura Maman ('16) on her engagement to Elnatan Aminov from Queens, New York.
Faculty Mazel Tovs 
Rabbi Avi and Mrs. Rebecca Hochman on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter.

Jonathan Charm on the passing of his beloved mother, Joanne Charm-Yakerson.
Avie Friederwitzer on the passing of his beloved father, Stanley Friederwitzer.
Illegal PSAT Memes Below  Two
For Those Who Wish To Risks Their Lives And Livelihoods For The Sake Of A Short Laugh, See Below
Graphic by Sydney Freemen ('20) and Mayrav Saketkhou ('20)  
How To Be Extremely Successful 
David Muller Speaks To Students About How To Succeed In Life
Graphic by Liora Mayer ('20) 
Article by Shmuel Gross ('19)
This past Friday, the seniors were given a wake-up call as they heard from former KYHS parent, David Muller, father of Rebecca ('13), Izy ('17), and Avi ('18), who shared advice on finding and fulfilling one's trajectory in life, a topic which is especially relevant for the seniors who are in the midst of their college applications. Mr. Muller explained his philosophy on success through a simple and fun analogy -- playing the odds in games. He offered several interactive scenarios where students had to decide how much they would pay to play a certain game with a fixed reward. He also presented a video which showed the behind-the-scenes of carnival games and conveyed that some of these games are actually rigged for players to lose. Mr. Muller expressed that one must always be persistent and work hard to achieve what they desire; they should not just settle for what is already there.
He then compared this strategy to completing one's path in life. He taught that to achieve greatness, one must always be persistent and never give up on one's goals. In relation to the college process, one should not just settle for a particular standardized achievement test score or for a university they plan to attend. We must always act in a strategic and calculated manner and work hard in order to aim higher and ultimately achieve what we desire. Mr. Muller certainly opened up the eyes of students to the importance of choosing the right path!
Remembering Yitzchak Rabin 
        Seniors Participate In Memorial For Yitzchak Rabin    
Graphic by Chana Schandelson ('22),  Devorah  Lome ('22), and Penina Kahane ('22)
Article by  Noa Markovitz  ('19) and Meira Gildin ('19)

Several twelfth grade Hebrew classes assembled to commemorate Israeli hero Yitzhak Rabin. Multiple presentations were made by students, focusing on everything from Rabin's early life to his assassination. One student lit a candle in his memory while another read a song. A somber mood filled the air as students listened to a speech found in Rabin's pocket at the time of his death. The twelfth graders finished the program by singing Hatikvah , leaving not only unified, but also more knowledgeable.

Teens Of Pink Ribbon
Students Bring Breast Cancer Awareness To KYHS
Graphic by Sivan Mussaffi ('20)
Article by Sara Deichman ('19)

This year, Chana Bock ('19) and Tehila Zaghi ('20) brought the Teens of Pink Ribbon Club to KYHS. On Thursday, the girls welcomed students into a meeting complete with a PowerPoint presentation and treats. Organization founder Fern Duberman explained why she chose to reach out to kids like us and educate the next generation. The inspiring woman lost both her father and her best friend to cancer and shared important facts regarding cancer with us. When asked about the reason she brought the club to school, Tehila Zaghi recalled, "Chana and I wanted to create a club with purpose and meaning." The duo has certainly embarked on their mission full steam ahead, with an impressive turnout at the meeting on Thursday and out-of-school events planned for the future. Stay tuned for more ways to spread knowledge and the pink ribbon!
Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Ohring  
    Learn All About The Coolest Teacher In The School
G raphic by Naomi Reichemberg ('22) and Benjamin Keehn ('22)
Article by Ariella Greenberg ('22)

Born and raised in Hollywood, Florida, Mr. David Ohring attended the Pine Crest School. Growing up, his favorite pastime was playing soccer and basketball, and he spent every summer at Brant Lake Camp, where sports were played all day. Mr. Ohring's favorite childhood TV shows were Seinfeld and The Simpsons . Eventually, Mr. Ohring became a counselor at Brant Lake Camp and coached baseball, basketball, and soccer. His dream job would be to coach a team professionally, or to be a sports broadcaster, however after attending Florida State University, Mr. Ohring realized that teaching is his true passion.
Mr. Ohring has been teaching at Katz Yeshiva High School for six years and previously had many diverse jobs, most significantly working as an SAT Test Prep teacher at Ray Dass Test Prep. Mr. Ohring's favorite subject to teach is Human Geography, as it covers current events, and the students get the opportunity to learn so much about real global issues. In his free time, Mr. Ohring enjoys playing basketball, reading books, watching TV shows such as Breaking Bad and Dexter , and playing FIFA and PUBG on XBOX One. His ideal meal would be steak and potatoes, and his all time favorite movie is "City of God". Mr. Ohring is a fan of all Miami sports teams, but is most passionate about the Miami Heat. His favorite part of teaching is sharing stories and seeing students reading, writing, and simply learning overall. Mr. Ohring also believes that teachers should do more than just teach; they should care about students' well being both inside the classroom and out. Mr. Ohring continues to inspire and educate all of his students.
Ask Adina
Hear Sage Advice From An Experienced Senior
Living in Hollywood, I find it extremely difficult to participate in extracurriculars and struggle to wake up so early in the morning!! Do you have any advice?
-Hard-Knock Hollywood Life

Hi!! As a fellow Hollywooder, I can totally sympathize, however, I know you can still have an amazing high school experience, even while living in Hollywood. To address your concern about maintaining participation in school activities, you must not let the drive stop you from taking advantage of every extracurricular opportunity you are interested in. Just make sure to ask upperclassmen for rides.  There are usually upperclassman driving home after extracurricular activities, who would be happy to drive you. They were once in your place too!
Now to talk about the part we dread every morning: waking up. If it really is impossible for you to wake up in the mornings, consider going to bed earlier. You will feel so much more refreshed and energized in the morning after a good night's sleep. Instead of studying until 1 or 2AM, study on the bus to school! Another way to combat exhaustion is start drinking coffee. I got hooked on coffee last year and it has already saved so many of my grades!!
Remember, commuting from Hollywood isn't so bad at all; at least you don't live in Miami!
To ask Adina your school question, email askadina@yeshivahs.org
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