Graphic by Ariella Mayer ('23)
This past Monday morning students of Katz Yeshiva High School strolled through the hallways with stomachs full of delicious and delectable Pesach food. The weather this past Chol Hamoed was perfect for a beach trip, to spend the day with sunshine and sand. The vacationers came back with rosy cheeks and a tan on their faces. Some students went to the frigid northern states, the Holy Land, Popular Pesach Programs, or stayed at home with family and friends. After color war and a long stretch of school, the students needed a spiritual recharge with family, friends, and Hashem. 

Pesach is not all about walking through the steps. It is a chance to take it slow to reconnect and rekindle one's connection with Hashem for a full eight days. It is similar to the event with Miriam and her tambourine. We are in a zone where our belief in Hashem is so deep and all we want to do is praise God for all the miracles in our lives. Some students will be elated to come back to school rejoicing and celebrating after a long Pesach; others could be overjoyed with their improved relationship with HaKadosh Baruch Hu. The true essence of Pesach is to take your relationship with God seriously and to stay connected up until Shavuot, when we can take our relationship with Hashem to the next level. 

Obviously coming back to school can be quite stressful after such a long and relaxing Passover break, but there are many techniques to get back on track. A useful tip is to focus on the present and what is right in front of you at the moment. One can take time to concentrate on their davening, have lunch with friends, or work on homework without any distractions. Take a couple of seconds to refocus, breathe, and bring yourself back into reality.

Shabbat Shalom,
Gabriella Asher ('25)
Seniors' Final Steps
Toward Graduation
Saying Goodbye as Seniors Finish
Classes, Take Finals, and Graduate!
Graphic by Abby Rosenthal ('23)

The rotunda has been very empty lately as the seniors have been preparing for the next stage of their senior year. Official classes for seniors ended just before Pesach and now they’re in the middle of final exams. There’s a definite change in the school dynamic since they now have a different schedule than the rest of the grades, who are getting a little taste of what it will be like next year without them.

While it may be easier to find a parking spot this week, it’s been harder for some of us to find rides home from school. For those of us with siblings in the senior class, we will miss having someone to drive us around whenever we want, or whenever our parents make them drive us.

I spoke to a freshman and senior to hear what they thought about this week, and what they think about the future:

“Although I just came to KYHS, I have met so many new people. Even though I am just a freshman, I have made friends with the older kids, even seniors. I wish the seniors luck on their future obstacles and hope they do well next year. I will miss them very much.” - Merav Berger (‘25)

“It feels weird to go into summer without looking forward to school next year. KYHS has become a second home to me and I have made lifelong friends and memories here. I’ll miss the teachers and students so much.” - Molly Seghi (‘22) 

We will miss you, class of 2022!

Article by Emma Seghi ('25)
Student Standoff
Students Debate Which is Better: Staying Home or Going Away for Pesach Break
Graphic by Orly Dimont ('23)
On our first week back from Pesach vacation, we see the reappearance of KYHS students entering school with a lot of new experiences from their long break. Students traveled far and wide to be in the company of family or to attend various Pesach programs, while others enjoyed staying home and bringing family and fun to them. Students shared their observations about the differences between going away and staying home. The differences seem to begin right at the outset, in preparation for the holiday.

Zeke Baitner (‘23) said, “In order to prepare for Pesach I packed a suitcase and hopped on a 13-hour flight to Israel.” This is way different from Yael Melnitsky (‘25) who said, “I had to clean my entire house, get my sister from the airport, and prepare meals for the company we had over the Chag.” 

Regardless of whether you stay home or travel, Pesach can be super enjoyable. Kira Jacoby (‘21) said, “I loved staying home and being with my family. The weather was perfect every day and I enjoyed relaxing by my pool and reading!” Jonah Schenker (‘23) went to Orlando over the break and was just as enthusiastic when saying, “I love going away; it gives me the opportunity to be in a new environment and hang out with family and friends I don’t get to see year-round.” 

Although there are many different ways people choose to spend their Pesach vacations, I think we can all agree that Pesach is an exciting and well-earned break that enabled all the students to return to school refreshed and ready to finish up the school year strong.

Article by Merav Berger ('25)
Juniors Look Ahead and Consider
All Their Options!
Graphic by Highlites Staff

This week KHYS juniors had the opportunity to hear from Yeshiva University representatives. Students heard about the different programs and paths that YU has to offer and were able to get a glimpse of what a college class would be like. 

Students heard from a Mashgiach Ruchani, who spoke about living in the present rather than the past or future. This shiur emulated a typical YU Judaics class, allowing students to get a feel for its classroom environment. There was a seminar about business where juniors participated in a mock debate about whether a book lover or a business expert is better equipped to run a bookstore. Students were able to vote on who they thought would create the more successful business. The group could not come to a consensus, however, as many participants brought up valid points for each side. Ultimately, it gave students a great outlook of what pursuing a business education would be like at YU. Lastly, during lunch there was an opportunity for students to hear about the medical track that YU has to offer. Students were able to ask all their questions, making it a very informative seminar. 

Students were also offered tips about the college admissions process and what to keep in mind as they go through it. The main message was that at the end of the day, everything will work out and students should not be anxious about going into the college application process.
Yarden Davis (‘23) said, “YU seems to have a very inclusive environment with a place for everyone.”
Benjamin Cohen (‘23) commented, “The YU program opened up my idea of what learning and Torah can be in college.” 

We thank our staff for organizing this amazing program, as well as the YU representatives who came in and taught us more about the university. 

Article by Marielle Askenazi ('23)
Never Forget
Commemorating Yom Hashoah
Through Inspiring Memoirs from
Students and Survivors
Graphic by Rebecca Adler ('23)

KYHS commemorated Yom Hashoah with a special school-wide program. As students and staff entered the Beit Midrash on Thursday morning, they each lit a candle in honor of those who lost their lives during the Holocaust. The presence of so many candles surrounding the stage was a poignant reminder of just how great of an impact this atrocity had on the Jewish community, and it helped us to properly commemorate the Holocaust.

To kick off the programming, three students shared stories about the Holocaust survivors in their own families. We then had the tremendous honor to hear a first-hand account of the Holocaust from a survivor, Basia Gottesdiener. At just three years old, Basia posed as the granddaughter of a Christian family in order to survive. 

A display of photos and other memorabilia from the Holocaust was set up in the lobby to further continue education. Students had the opportunity to read about victims’ and survivors’ stories, and then partook in a Blackout Poetry activity.

Yom Hashoah is an important day on which we commemorate those who lost their lives during the Holocaust as well as those who survived. This Yom Hashoah, try to learn someone’s story. We must continue to tell these stories so that the world never forgets about the Holocaust. Basia and other survivors like her are a huge inspiration for us all and we can learn from them to appreciate our lives and our Judaism.

Article by Hannah Shapiro ('23)

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Goodbye Highliters
 Boasting About the Best of Highlites as They Leave Behind Their Legacies
Graphic by Rivka Reich ('24)

Penina Kahane: Thank you, Penina, for all of your contribution to Highlites! Your dedication to making each edition unique was at times persistent, yet paid off when we completed the Highlites edition each week. Your ability to keep the staff organized will forever be unmatched. You taught us everything we need to know and more. Highlites Thursdays will not be the same without you! Good luck in everything you do.

Chana Schandelson: Thank you, Chana, for the countless hours of hard work you put into producing consistently outstanding editions of Highlites! It was a tremendous zechut to learn from you and watch you create and lead us with passion and patience. Although the Highlites family will miss you like crazy, we know without a doubt that you will thrive in your many years to come.

Ariella Greenberg: Thank you, Ariella, for all your hard work in Highlites this year! You were always helpful, patient, and kind, and really helped make writing an enjoyable experience this year. You worked hard to make the articles come to life for students to enjoy at the end of each week. We are going to miss you!

Naomi Reichenberg: Thank you so much, Naomi, for everything you do for Highlites! Your creative ideas truly bring the events of each week to life. Moreover, Naomi’s Nosh was the highlight of each edition. Your creativity made every edition unique and exciting to look at. We will miss you next year and wish you the best of luck in Israel and beyond.

Thank you to all the seniors on Writing and Creative Staff for working so hard to make Highlites truly incredible!

Highlites Staff