I write this as the remnants of Purim still remain in the air. And by “remnants” I mean images of Morah Leah Magali and her craft creations so eloquently depicted in this year’s Purim video. Images which are now burned into my memory forever…

Purim 5782 was truly a wonderful experience. Starting with the fantastic dress-up days when both students and teachers donned their favorite jerseys and when students and teachers dressed up as, well, students and teachers. The excitement built throughout the week, culminating in the absolutely hype Purim Chagigah. For the first time in years we were able to have a whole-school chagigah, complete with megillah reading followed by awesome food, dancing and an award-winning Purim video. From bananas to pickles, Peaky Blinders to Squid Game, the costumes were, indeed, out of this world. 

The most beautiful part of the astounding Adar atmosphere and pure pandemonium of Purim (besides for the alliteration) was the unity of our students. Everyone truly had a wonderful time together. Purim is a time to experience togetherness, to create bonds of achdut which are everlasting. Haman HaRasha tried to convince Achashveirosh that our nation was “scattered and dispersed” (Esther 3:8), and our people have time and again proven that statement to be false. We are an Am echad and that will always be a fact. Purim 5782 at KYHS showed the strength of togetherness and the fun that brings. We thank Mrs. Hochner and Rabbi Wolk for all of their hard work in making Purim 5782 the greatest one yet!!

With so many great memories from so many different activities, it can be hard to keep everything organized. Luckily, the wonderful Highlites staff has given you everything in an awesome Pinterest format. Enjoy!

Good Shabbos/
Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Nachbar

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