Graphic by Ariella Mayer ('23)
In Parshat Emor, G-d commanded us to count forty-nine days between Passover and Shavuot because it was during this period that the Jews purified and elevated themselves in preparation for accepting the Torah on Har Sinai. It is during this same time that we are also encouraged to prepare ourselves and use this occasion to elevate ourselves in preparation for the Shavuot holiday.

We are meant to make use of every day of Counting the Omer to get ready for our acceptance and rededication to the Torah. We don’t just “count” each day; we make each day “count”. The goals accomplished over a day, and then a week, turn into a month of meaningful effort. The accomplishments of twelve months translate into a year. 
This week, a year of effort translated into a few days of exams as AP students conveyed their skills and knowledge in bubble and essay form. Perhaps a holiday celebration is in order for that accomplishment as well?
And four years translate into … alumni. Our outbound Seniors shared thoughts and feelings with the other grades at the Senior Kumzitz. As they reflected back and looked forward, they expressed their gratitude for their experiences, appreciation for teachers who have impacted them and the lessons learned that days, weeks, months and years pass quickly – so make them “count”. 
Our students also had the opportunity to hear from Congressman Ted Duetch and ask their pressing political questions. The Congressman expressed his support of Israel and stance against anti-Semitism. A tidbit of wisdom for those with political aspirations: successful leaders of all stripes share one trait in common. They care about the community.
Yom Hazikaron was commemorated with a moving and beautiful tribute to the sacrifices made by our brothers and sisters in Israel and Yom Haatzmaut was celebrated with a festive schoolwide Hallel, special shiurim, Panoply competition and an excursion to Urban Air and Sky Zone. Read on for more details!

Good Shabbos,
Rabbi Wasser

Commemorating Our Fallen Soldiers
Students Pay Tribute with Candles,
Videos, and Poems
Graphic by Olivia Kahane ('23)

On Yom Hazikaron, all the students gathered in the Beit Midrash to watch a memorable video about the fallen soldiers and to light candles in their honor. Many became emotional, feeling the pain of families who’ve lost children who bravely fought for Israel. Several students were called up to read poems and recite brachot for our lost warriors.

Throughout the day there was a picture display of KYHS graduates who served in the Israeli army, and candles were set up at the front of the building for all students to light. When first walking into the building, there was an arrangement of posters and photos in remembrance of that sorrowful time.

After asking one of the students about her first experience on Yom Hazikaron at KYHS, Leila Samuels (‘25) said, “It was extremely meaningful and emotional for me. I really feel safe and lucky to have all of these brave soldiers protecting me and the country of Israel.” The whole day was filled with sadness and compassion for those families who lost their children. The experience was inspirational and all the soldiers we lost will always have a special place in our hearts.

Thank you to all the Israeli soldiers for putting your lives on the line for us and Israel. We will remember those who died in service as courageous and noble. They will never be forgotten!

Article by Amira Khan ('25)
Jumping with Joy as We Celebrate Israel's 74th Birthday!
Students Enjoy Trivia, Food, and Trampoline Parks on Yom Ha'atzmaut
Graphic by Highlights Staff
Throughout the world, Jewish people celebrate the State of Israel on Yom Haatzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day, the day when we commemorate the establishment of Israel. In 1948, the Jewish people received the State of Israel, and in Israel on this day, the streets are closed off and Israelis gather to celebrate.

On Yom Haatzmaut at KYHS, students had a jam-packed day of fun! They attended a shiur where they learned about the State of Israel and all of its accomplishments. Students played an engaging trivia game about the State of Israel and even had the opportunity to join in on the Senior Kumzits. The Senior Kumzitz gave students a chance to hear great advice from seniors who have been through the entire KYHS high school experience. After that, there was a delicious lunch served to students, and the girls went off to Urban Air while the boys departed for Sky Zone to enjoy more fun activities!

Tali Leubitz (‘25) remarked, “I had an amazing time at Urban Air! I got to spend lots of time with my friends and we had an incredible time. The joy and excitement as we entered the building was so energizing. I had such a fun time and look forward to having more activities like this one!”

Article by Miriam Marcus ('25)
TED Talks
 Congressman Deutch Speaks on Combating Anti-Semitism in America
Graphic by Ariella Mayer ('23)

This Monday, juniors had the incredible opportunity to have a discussion with Congressman Ted Deutch, a Congressional representative for South Florida. Among many other remarkable accolades, Congressman Deutch serves as the chair of the House Ethics Committee and is a member of the Subcommittee of the Middle East, North Africa, and Global Counterterrorism. He is a very passionate advocate for Zionism and is an influential voice for the Jewish community within the legislative body. 

Congressman Deutch opened the floor to questions from the students, covering a wide range of topics including what his daily routine as a member of Congress looks like, some of his responsibilities, and how he achieved success in Congress. Students learned about Congressman Deutch’s legislative efforts to combat anti-semitism and received valuable advice on how to handle anti-semitism in their own lives.

Speaking to congressman Deutch was very beneficial for the group of politically conscious students. After speaking, Congressman Deutch was presented with a plaque in recognition of all that he has done for the Jewish community.

Article by Hannah Shapiro ('23)
Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3
KYHS Students Tackle AP Week
After a Year of Prep
Graphic by Orly Dimont ('23)

Starting this past week, and continuing this week, many KYHS students took their respective AP exams. From Human Geography to Calculus, the classrooms of KYHS were full of AP test takers. The buzz of AP Week was a culmination of weeks of studying for AP exams. Finishing APs created an opportunity for AP students to reflect on their efforts during the year.

Students exited the exams with a feeling of accomplishment. Calev Zak ('25), a freshman who took his first AP, commented, “It is rewarding to know that the effort put forth throughout the year in an AP class was worth it … [and] … it is relieving to have finished the exams.” For Zachy Dennis ('23), a junior with a heavier AP workload, he felt, “It was not easy,” but for him, too, he was happy to see his hard work throughout the year pay off. What he is definitely feeling after taking multiple APs is a huge sense of relief, as the stress of AP exams are behind him. Whether it is just one, or multiple, every AP student should feel proud of their academic achievements. 

Article by Elisha Horowitz ('25)
Special Senior
Sensational Senior Seminars and More!
Graphic by Highlites Staff

After Pesach, the seniors returned to school to take their finals and got the opportunity to participate in some special programming. Starting off with Yom Haatzmaut, each senior stood up in the middle of their schoolwide Kumzitz circle and shared a meaningful message to the lower classmen. Some spoke about how amazing KYHS was for them, while others spoke about the meaningful relationships they built with teachers and students. Eilat Berger (‘22) encouraged students to “really make sure you take in every second you have here.” It was an amazing way to start off senior programming!

In the first seminar, the seniors discussed Jewish genetics and the importance of testing to identify whether partners are carriers of the same disease. Benjamin Kahane (‘22) remarked, “I found it interesting how Tay-Sachs disease is so big in the Jewish community, and how it affects relationships with its gene being found in 1 out of every 25 Jews.” 

The second seminar was about agunot, Jewish women who cannot religiously divorce their husbands because their husbands refuse to give them gets. There was a special guest speaker who works at the organization Ora and explained the importance of signing a prenup. Leila Brown (‘22) said, “It was really interesting and important to learn these things because the senior class is preparing for our future and moving on to the next stages of our lives and need to be fully equipped.” 

The seniors will have lots more to come like a special Lag Ba’omer program, more incredible speakers, and a spectacular senior trip!

Article By Merav Berger ('25)
Highlites Staff