Our city is facing unprecedented financial challenges due to decades of mismanagement that that many of my colleagues and I inherited. Tough decisions have to be made. If we are going to swallow this bitter pill, there has to be a give back to residents. Residents throughout the 46th Ward told me over and over again they wanted more police. During the budget hearings I pressured Supt. McCarthy to make a commitment to more police, including a timeline when this would happen. This week, I was told that the 19th Police District would get 25 police officers during the first quarter of next year and an additional 10 officers before the year's end. This did not include the additional 8 officers that will be added next month. I will be in constant communication with the 19th district commander and Supt. McCarthy to make sure they fulfill their commitment.

Additionally, since I was elected in 2011, I have been pushing for an independent budget office to address Chicago's massive fiscal issues. This office would provide aldermen with unbiased information to help us make the best decisions and stop another privatization fiasco like the parking meter deal. It took a few years, but I was happy to join my colleagues to establish the Council on Fiscal Analysis (COFA). Without the establishment of this council to provide me and my colleagues with unbiased information, I would have voted no on this year's especially tough budget proposal.

In COFA's 64-page report, it was made clear that if the City fails to make its required contributions to its pension systems, the State Comptroller would then be required to withhold payments to the City of Chicago to cover these payments. In essence, if there was no property tax increase after all the budget cuts we had already made, it would be impossible for us to meet our pension obligations and we would then be required to do massive layoffs of police, firefighters, and Streets & Sanitation workers in order to meet this required mandate. These cuts would not only be crippling for residents' quality of life but would freeze economic development in our City. 

Politically, a "no" vote on this budget would have been much easier for me to do, but I voted "yes" based on COFA's thorough analysis and because it was a skillful response to one of the greatest financial predicaments we've ever had to face as a city. In order to have a growing and thriving city, residents must feel safe and have quality city services. This budget puts us on the path to financial stability without reducing the quality of life for current and future residents. 

If I am true to my commitment in being a public servant, I have to be willing to make the tough decisions that will benefit the City, and our ward, in the long term... even if it is unpopular. The residents of the 46th Ward deserve that commitment.

Residents are encouraged to meet with Ald. Cappleman during open office hours to address their concerns and share their ideas for making the community a better place for everyone. Hours are every Monday from 5pm - 7pm

On Wednesday, CPS School Board made the decision to accept the $5.1M offer from Morningside USA to purchase Stewart School, located at 4525 N. Kenmore Avenue. With more community input, the site will be redeveloped to incorporate residential housing, retail and restaurant space, a community plaza and playground. At the time the school closed in 2013, there were 17 graduates and the cost to renovate the building to meet building code exceeded $12M. The proceeds from the sale will go toward CPS classrooms. 

Located at 4727 N. Malden, the Malden Arms Apartments will open a special wait list that will end Friday, Nov 6 at 3pm. This is for single adults only who meet some strict income requirements. For more information, call Mary Harth, Property Manager or her assistant Terry Taylor at 773-649-5441.

Sunnyside Mall Halloween Festival
When: Sat, Oct 31 from 4pm - 6pm
Where: Sunnyside Mall
Join them for free Halloween family fun! Dogs welcome too. There will be pumpkin decorating, costume parade, face painting, spooky games, music, and treats!
Sunnyside Trick or Treat
When: Sat, Oct 31 from 5pm - 7pm
Where: Sheridan Park
Sheridan Park residents who are giving out candy are encouraged to email SheridanParkHalloween@gmail.com to be placed on a map of residences giving out candy.
Buena Park Neighbors Trick or Treat
When: Sat, Oct 31 from 6pm - 8pm
Where: N. Kenmore Ave from Irving Park to Montrose
This very popular annual event keeps getting better and better with loads of fun at the Buena Circle Park.
When: Thursday, Nov 5 from 10am - 2pm
Where: Weiss Memorial Hospital at 4700 N. Marine Drive
Alderman James Cappleman and Weiss Hospital are dedicated to the health and wellness of the residents in the City of Chicago and invite you to come to the 46th Ward Health Fair. There will be vendors in the healthcare field and free flu shots from the City of Chicago Department of Public Health.

When: Thursday, Nov 5 at 6pm
Where: The Shift at 4101 N. Broadway
State Farm agents will be educating consumers about 2016 Marketplace Health Care plans, understanding health policy benefits, premium tax credits/penalties and facilitating enrollment in a plan. Click here to register. 
The 46th Ward Office teams up with the Police to involve the community to address chronic crime. Your participation is critical. Click here to find the schedule of the public meeting in your area. If you would like to go online to report a chronic issue, click here to learn how.

INSPIRATION CORPORATION (4554 N. Broadway, Suite 207)
This is a first-class social service program that provides a broad range of workforce development programming designed to provide individuals in need with effective pathways to employment. Chicago Magazine recently named it as one of the best charities in Chicago. Click here to learn more about all their wonderful programming.
4544 N. Broadway i nfo@james46.org 773.878.4646 w ww.james46.org
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