December 23, 2017 - Issue 17-52


Good afternoon. And Merry Christmas! I hope you are surrounded by people important to you for this holiday season, whatever holiday you celebrate, or don't.

People who've been reading this letter for some time will recognize the theme of this week's message.

As I so often do (looking back over the past year and a half, I counted 7 related articles - here and here are two examples), I'll talk about the value of good dedicated employees and how employees get to be that way. I'll take on this topic from the point of view of our community in northwest Argentina, La Estancia de Cafayate (LEC).

December 11 was a day set aside as Employee Recognition Day in Argentina. Activities at La Estancia de Cafayate included an employees' golf tournament in the morning, in which 15 employees participated, along with two property owners, David and Jeff. The winners of the tournament were announced and rewarded at the dinner later.

Kurt, a fellow LEC property owner and friend from Belgium and Mauritius, and I learned of the dinner that evening at Doña Argentina, a casual restaurant and folklore club in Cafayate. We were welcomed to attend on fairly short notice. I'm so glad we did.

For me it was an eye-opening view of Argentine and LEC culture.

For a description of this amazing experience, please read on below...and enjoy! 

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Over 90% Attendance!

To establish the background for my comments, I'll run through some important facts about this event and the conditions at LEC:
  • Fifty-three (of a total 58) employees attended. I don't remember ever before knowing of an event of this sort which was attended by 90+% of the staff of an organization!
  • 32 employees were recognized for 5-10 years of service.
  • 5 employees were recognized for 10+ years of service It's important to note here that LEC is less than 11 years old).
  • Well over 60% of LEC's employees have worked here 5 years or more. In today's world that's pretty rare. 
  • Prizes representing a total value of about AR$25000 (a little over US$1400) were raffled off.

Subjective Impressions - the Important Stuff!

After a very nice dinner of stuffed chicken with lots of beer, wine and soft drinks, one of the golf course workers came to the front of the group, borrowed a guitar from the musician, sang a few songs, and then poked fun at various members of the staff, all in a very good-natured way. He was what the Argentinians call a "payador" (a character who would communicate with music around a campfire in the past, when most of the gauchos were illiterate). This was all received with great enthusiasm by all, and virtually everyone participated.

During the after-dinner festivities several people performed folkloric dancing, a lovely and sensual art form in Argentina.

Many of the attendees were dressed in evening clothes. Women had their hair done especially for the event. I found several people difficult to recognize, as they looked so different from the way we see them in work attire.

The spirit and enthusiasm exhibited throughout the evening were palpable. I see this as a tribute to the culture of cooperation and enthusiasm promoted by the LEC management, the employee peer group, and the owners with whom the employees interact.

At Felicitas' (the Resort Manager) request, I had written a few comments to be read at the dinner. One of the nice surprises of being there in person was that I got to read them myself in my halting Spanish! They were well-received, and followed by words of recognition and gratitude by Resort Manager Felicitas.

The length-of-service statistics and the great camaraderie displayed during the entire evening, especially during Julio's "payador" performance, are testament to the positive culture at LEC. People "hang around" a place that long only when it's a pleasure to work there. It's important that the intangible rewards are there, in addition to the paycheck.

As I've suggested before (again, the links to previous issues here and here), for any organization employees are the most important asset. It's good to see that, here at LEC, the employees' value is well recognized and celebrated. This is a huge factor in their overall satisfaction in working here...and in my, and my friends', enjoyment of life in La Estancia.

Besides learning a lot about Argentine and LEC culture, It was just simply great fun to be among this lively, enthusiastic group.

Bravo, LEC Employees and Management!

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Be well, my friends. Merry Christmas!
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