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March 2022
Honor 'Earth Hour' & 'Earth Day' -
Remember Ellen Swallow Richards

She was the first woman to attend and graduate from MIT, where later, she became the first woman faculty member. Ms. Richards studied chemistry and founded the field of "oekology", later known as Ecology!

Happy Earth Day, Ellen!
ABC's of Smart Recycling:
C - Caring for Chemicals
Disposing of chemicals and other hazardous waste properly is one of the most important choices we can make with our garbage at home.

Knowing how to handle these items is only part of the solution to managing hazardous waste. Choosing safer alternatives is another big part of the solution.

Count Your Trees -
'Cause Your Trees Count!
Did you know that tree canopy in urban areas creates micro-climates that reduce the 'heat-island effect' and lower temperatures?

Read more about how trees are being used to combat climate changes in US cities. Then, consider doing a tree inventory in your yard or neighborhood. Tree surveys are a fun way to involve family members of all ages in learning about the trees around us. Here are two great examples: school age kids and adults.
1 in 5 Toilets Leak?! Observe World Water Day by Testing Your Toilet
The non-profit American Water Works Association estimates that 20% of toilets may be leaking precious water. In honor of the UN established World Water Day, this March 22, test to make sure your home's toilets don't leak.
Special thanks to DuPage Water Commission Chairman, James Zay, who stopped by the SCARCE office to drop off easy-to-use leak detection tablet kits. Visit our location soon to pick up your free kit, or look for us at upcoming eco-events. Stopping leaks saves money and saves water!
Celebrate National Crayon Day - March 31
Yes! It's really a thing. There's been a National Crayon Day for over 15 years.

SCARCE recycles old, broken crayons into great big, Super Crayons. Their larger size and shape are easier for younger children and those with dexterity issues to grip and use.

Visit the SCARCE-LY Used Books & Records Store to find Super Crayons, coloring books and other creative supplies.
Grow a Greener Event with SCARCE
Does your group want to know more about recycling, composting, or water conservation? Ever considered earning an eco-flag for your business, school or organization?

SCARCE Eco-Educators have a variety of presentations that serve local businesses, churches, scouts and other community organizations. Email jean@scarce.org to find out more!
DuPage County made the switch to Gravely Electric battery powered lawn mowers which produce less air pollution and less noise. Yay!
Recycling Events
Volunteer Opportunities for Students

High school students needed to help us gather items at upcoming community recycling events on Saturday mornings. Contact Rose at rose@scarce.org for details on how to get involved!
Ready, Set, Build! - Sustainable Design Challenge Dates
Wednesday, March 16 - Virtual Meet-Up
Friday March 25 - Registration Deadline
Tuesday, April 5 - Sustainable Design Challenge Event
The Sustainable Design Challenge for DuPage County high school students is right around the corner. Both remote and in-person events will be held. Register for the Virtual Meet-Up and get inspired!

Sound like fun? There's still time to submit a team application. Find out more.

Want to view the work of these creative minds? Stop by the DuPage County Administration Building on April 5, 2022. The event is open to the public.
The Sustainable Design Challenge is hosted by SCARCE and DuPage County Stormwater Management. Sponsors include AIA Northeast Illinois, Christopher B Burke, Hey and Associates, Inc. and Wight & Co.
Environmental Events - Mark Your Calendar!

OPEN during Spring Break!

Friday, April 2 (closing at noon)
Saturday, April 3
Thank You to Businesses

A special thank you to the businesses who donated services and supplies to SCARCE and our Rescue Projects this month!
  • Whole Foods, Wheaton
  • Domtar, Addison
  • Ryan Shreve, Revo Wired Webservices
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