Yin & Yang: Achieving Balance
Today @ 11am
with Tamara Chafin 

Yin and Yang represent the dualism that exists in all of creation. Yin is passive, still, soft, and feminine. Yang is active, moving, firm, and masculine. To achieve bliss, we must balance these two contrasting energies. Too much of either Yin or Yang creates imbalance, which manifests as unrest, stress, and/or illness.
Vinyasa flow-type yoga classes are Yang in nature. Restorative classes are Yin. Typically, yogis have a preference between Yin and Yang style classes, and unknowingly neglect one half of their practice. "Yin & Yang: Achieving Balance" offers the benefit of Yin and Yang together to allow the practitioner to leave feeling balanced, harmonious, and blissful.

*Reminder we will be closed Monday September 5th for Labor Day