Yin & Yang: A Dialogue for 2 Pianos by Fred Kaufman, commissioned by The Dranoff

Dear Friend -

The Chinese concept of Yin & Yang represents the balancing, harmonizing factors of the universe. They are opposite energies that are totally dependent on each other and found within each other. Where on is dominant, the other is minimally present. But present it is. Always.

 Daniele and Davide Trivella are laureates of the 1999 Dranoff competition. Deeply rooted in the music of the great classical composers , their artistic interests embrace a passion for the works of their own time. We humans intuitively understand that music can animate both physical and emotional experience. The Trivellas listen to the time and place they inhabit with quiet intention and find expression for it.
Their choice of Fred Kaufman’s piece is a wonderful example. Having just gone through months of being in the epicenter of Covid-19’s virulence, the darkness of the Yang was not able to extirpate the light of the yin. This duality is at the core of life.

I also added a second video, this time of a 2018 performance in their Bergamo Festival of Schubert’s Fantasie in F minor. A decidedly different music. Yin & Yang.
In their message, the brothers invite us to Bergamo, as they also look forward to return to Miami to play for us again. As the light grows in its spiral against the absence of light, our human connections will overcome. Always. 

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We are planning our next season, based on the insights you have given us in the survey. Everything continues to be fluid, but you can be confident that our way forward will be a Dranoff season that addresses with great intention our friends’ interests as well as concerns. Be part of it.


Gabriele Fiorentino
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Daniele & Davide send their hellos from Bergamo, Italy.

Duo Trivella website

Fantasie in F-minor D940  by Franz Schubert
The performance of Yin & Yang shared above is one movement featured in Piano Slam 10, our Arts Integration Initiative.
To listen to the full performance of   Yin & Yang in a performance of the winners of the 2003 competition, Tengstrand and Sun, please click here

To see the entire Piano Slam 10 show at the Arsht Center, please click here
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