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Yin and Yang Defined
If you are looking for balance in this extremely energetic time of year, our experts have Feng Shui solutions to help you achieve harmony and balance that you can carry over in both your personal and professional lives. You can do it. We are here to help. 

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The Yin/Yang symbol is well-recognized by most of us, but it wasn’t until I studied feng shui that I really understood what that funky black & white symbol meant: polar opposites living in harmony. The dark areas are Yin, the light areas are Yang.

Yin and Yang: How do they Relate to Your Property

Yin and yang is an eastern idea that has to do with complementary opposites. It’s all about balance. Yin and yang are present in everything in the universe and their dynamic balance creates harmony and well-being.
Feng Shui Glossary Word of the Month: Yin/Yang
A concept from the I Ching denoting the opposite polarities that came into being when the universe came into manifestation; the Taoist idea that unites all opposites as complimentary inseparable forces.    

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Feng Shui Tip - Feng Shui Power Principle of Yin/Yang

Does your space need more yin? If you want to create a space that is more relaxed and focused, add:
curves and flowing shapes
dark colors
upholstered furniture
shades on the windows
rugs on the floors
rooms with lots of furniture

Does you space need more yang? If you want to create a space full of energy and excitement, add:
straight lines and angular shapes
light and bright colors
furniture made from wood, glass, or stone
track lighting and bright lights
wood blinds
floors made from wood, marble, tile
rooms with few pieces of furniture

In Feng Shui, having a balance of both yin and yang in your home and office will create the positive energy you need to attract wealth, harmony, and love into your life.


Yin yang is a symbol of the balance of all things in the universe. It represents the interconnectedness with all things. Lightness-Darkness, Dry-Damp, Warm-Cold, Day-Night, Soft-Hard. It also indicates by its nature, we all have a little bit of each in us.  Click here to see this pin.

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Feng Shui School Spotlight - Feng Shui Storyboard with Katherine Metz

Founder of The Art of Placement, Katherine is uniquely poised to present a deeply profound experience in her latest project, the Feng Shui Storyboard.  It is designed to deepen your working understanding of Black Sect Feng Shui at all levels of experience. Even practitioners who have worked for many years, and students who have completed other programs, will find secrets within secrets and nuances to existing knowledge that will greatly expand their understanding of the work of a master. Katherine’s work has been to listen well and pass on this expertise to you.

Final Thoughts - Feng Shui & Design: Balancing Yin and Yang Energy

Click to play this fascinating video of Laura Morris appearing on the Steven and Chris show discussing Yin and Yang.

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