Monday, April 13, 2020
Yizkor, Movie Party, Afikomen Hunt &
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Yizkor & Daily Mishnah Learning
Monday - Friday at 7:30 AM & Sunday at 8:30 AM
Mishnah Learning Includes Yizkor on Tuesday, April 14
Yizkor will be recited tomorrow, April 14 - incorporated into our daily Mishnah learning. All are welcome to join for Yizkor, even if you haven't previously participated in Mishnah Learning. Yizkor can also be recited by individuals on their own on Thursday morning, when it would typically be said in shul. Click here for the text for Yizkor.

Everyone is invited to join Rabbi Wolkenfeld to learn Mishnayot. We will be learning the Mishnayot of Tractate Shabbat, found here. This learning is designed specifically for those who are missing Kaddish due to the cancellation of our Minyanim. The learning is dedicated to the memory of all the Yahrtzeits in our shul as well as all the people on our daily Kaddish list. Participants will be invited to share names of anyone they are mourning, remembering, or davening for through our joint learning.

Click here to join via Zoom or call 312-626-6799 and use Meeting ID 924 897 9279, Password: 540.
Prince of Egypt Watch Party
Today at Noon
Join us at noon today for Matzo Pizza Making and Prince of Egypt watch party!

Meeting ID: 924 897 9279
Password: 540
Go On an Afikomen Hunt with ASBI!
You're invited to participate in ASBI’s Afikomen Hunt!

For both kids and kids-at-heart, there are nine matza buddies hidden around Lakeview - see if you can find them all! If you hunt during chol hamoed make sure to take pictures and tag ASBI.
The Afikomen Hunt will continue through the rest of Pesach and makes a great Yom Tov activity, as well. Happy Hunting!

Want a cheat sheet? Download our guides: here's an address listing and map .
Ruach Zoom Dance Party
Friday, 5:30 PM
Erev Shabbat L'Chaim (*NEW TIME* Friday, 6:30 PM) &
Erev Kabbalat Shabbat (Friday, 6:45 PM)
Motzei Shabbat Havdala with Skokie Valley
Saturday, 8:35 PM
Everyone is invited to a virtual Erev Shabbat Dance Party at 5:30!

(Meeting ID: 924 897 9279, Password: 540)
Join Rabbanit Sarna and Rabbi Wolkenfeld for a L'Chaim at 6:30 PM, followed by Kabbalat Shabbat, at 6:45 PM. Shabbat comes in at 7:17 PM - there will be time to light candles and accept Shabbat after the Zoom service.

To join by phone dial 312-626-6799 (Meeting ID: 924 897 9279, Password: 540).
Join other ASBI Members and our friends at Skokie Valley Agudath Jacob for a joint Havdala!

(Meeting ID: 924 897 9279, Password: 540)
Daf Yomi with Rabbi Wolkenfeld
Weekday Mornings at 6:15 AM & Sundays at 7:15 AM
Join Rabbi Wolkenfeld for morning Daf Yomi learning!

(Meeting ID: 135 743 786, Password: 043514)
Pesach 5780
Visit for all of our Passover resources!
The Straw Hat
Pesach 5780: A Seder Bar Mitzvah
This week, Rabbanit Sarna and Rabbi Wolkenfeld discuss some of the Passover resources our shul is offering and share some advice for how to approach your seders this year given the enormously unusual circumstances.

New episodes are released every other Wednesday. Listen and subscribe to The Straw Hat at or find it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and more!
The Chesed Committee is sending food to medical providers in the community over Pesach as our way to support them as they support all of us. The Chesed Committee is also working to bring basic supplies to older adults in the community who are not able to shop.

If you'd like to contribute to these efforts, please visit and select "Chesed Fund". If you are able to help with delivery of Chesed meals and food, please email Sara Wolkenfeld at