Online Schedule Monday June 20th - Sunday June 26th
All online classes are by donation, this allows everyone access to practice, regardless of financial situation. We appreciate all donations, they can be made on the Mobility-Yoga website, the link is at the bottom of the page, or here : MObility-Yoga
Wednesday June 22nd
10am - 11am Gentle Back Care Yoga - Mo Join Zoom Meeting/Class
Thursday June 23rd
10am -11am Yoga for 50+ Mo Join Zoom Meeting/Class
A class to help create flexibility and balance, build strength and improve bone density, with a focus on increasing energy and vitality for the 50+ yogi
Friday June 24th
9am - 10am Mixed Level Bone Density - Mo Join Zoom Meeting/Class
Saturday June 25th
10am - 11:15am Gentle Back Care Yoga - Mo Join Zoom Meeting/Class
Sunday June 26th
10am - 11am Slow Flow Yoga - Mo Join Zoom Meeting/Class

The Summer Solstice, in the PNW
is at 2:13am on Tuesday, June 21st.
Solstice is from Latin, and means the "sun stand still", the moment when we pause and experience the longest day of light. So, when you may wake up Tuesday morning, greet the first day of summer with a salute to the sun, with breath, movement and gratitude.
❤️ You can find the link to all of Mo's recorded classes here:
donations to the recorded classes are greatly appreciated
and can be made on our website

In-person classes at Olympia Yoga Sanctuary
Located at 1522 4th Ave E Olympia WA 98506

*Wednesday 12pm - 1pm Gentle Back Care Yoga - Mo
*Friday 12pm- 1pm Yoga for the 50+ - Mo

Click here for more about The Olympia Yoga Sanctuary
Proof of vaccination and masks are required to practice in person,
once you are at your mat the masks may be removed.

This is an image of svasana in the Sanctuary. Currently, we are asking that masks be worn into the building, while you put away your personal items and set up your yoga mat. Once you are settled, you have the option of removing your mask. Please contact me if you would like to attend an in-person class, or have questions.
Please contact me directly for more information and how to attend : Ask Mo