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Important News

Community Yoga and Gentle Yoga will NOT be held the first two weeks of February.

Tai Chi will not be held Monday, Feb 24th 

Likewise, we will not be offering massage for these two weeks.

 Andrea is on vacation to Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand. And Jeff is traveling to Costa Rica. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers for safe travels.

While they're away...
We will be celebrating LOVE all month at the studio.  Including our first ever wedding at Lili Yogini.  Imagine the positive energy that will bring to the space!

For the rest of us...
Each time you come in for class, write a love note (of any kind) and place it on the wall.  Maybe a love letter to yoga, to a friend, to yourself, or maybe a short poem.  At the end of the month, a letter will be chosen at random, to win a signature Lili Yogini Yoga t-shirt and tote bag!  The more classes you take, the more letters you write, the more chances you have to win!  
Community Yoga
Fridays at 5:30pm
All levels, donations based class, welcoming everyone in the community, including kids!  This class will not be held the first 2 weeks of Feb.  Returning the 21st.

Please continue your kind donations of warm clothing items, to be distributed to the under served in our community.
Serpent (cobra) pose
Naturally, I chose a heart opener, for the month of love.  Read more about the heart chakra through the link at the bottom.
  1. Begin lying prone (on the belly).
  2. Place your palms under your shoulders with your elbows tucking in close to the torso. Lengthen your legs with the tops of the feet pressing down into the mat.
  3. Activate your thigh muscles as you press your pubic bone downwards.  Squeeze the buttocks muscles. Imagine your tall bone tucking under as your abdomen lightly contracts and supports the spine.
  4. As you inhale, slowly press into your hands to lengthen your arms sending your chest lightly forward and up. 
  5. Continue to draw your tailbone under as your pubic bone moves towards your navel. Use the pelvic tilt to maintain openness in your lower spine as you arch. Only rise to the point where the pubic bone remains on the ground and no pressure is felt in your lower back.
  6. Pull your shoulder blades back and down without being hard in the back muscles. Tuck your elbows in close to the ribcage keeping your elbows slightly bent.  Encourage your back muscles to work and not just the arms. Lift your eyes and chin keeping a comfortable space through the back of your neck.
  7. Hold the pose for  about 30 seconds breathing with ease.
  8. Complete with one last inhale and then slowly exhale bringing your head and chest down and forward. Feel a final elongation of the spine at the end by pulling your torso forward with your hands.  Inhale and lift up to your hands and knees.
  9.  Exhale and rest back into Childs Pose.
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February 2014

As I am thinking about what to speak about write in February's newsletter, naturally my mind turns to love. But how to speak about love?  There are endless quotes, stories, songs, movies, books, journals, paintings, and letters. Through any medium at all, through out the ages, we talk about Love. But why?  Why is Love so vital to our life? It seems to be our very most basic need, essential for living.  If that's the case, what do we look like without love?  Or maybe, there is no such thing as the absence of Love.  Perhaps Love is always present.  Could it be that all we need to do is be open to Love for it to be exposed?  Is Love a song that was written on our heart the very moment of conception? Is that writer the one whos love we most desire to return?  How does a person return love to Love itself? 

What does this have to do with yoga you ask?  Everything!  Yoga, means union.  Union with the Divine.
The Divine is love. Yoga is love.

 A  determined yoga practice, by nature, increases love.

This month, enjoy your Valentine's Day, spoil your loved ones with chocolates and cards, be sure to include yourself!   I also challenge you to look a little bit deeper at love, what it means in your life, and how you return love to all that fills your life with beauty.

Namaste, my friends.
 The love inside of me,  honors and delights in union with the love inside of you.


The Soul of a Lily

I saw a lily gazing at the stars.
 I know where it got its' beauty,
 for my soul is in love too.
 Love kissed my lips
when I needed tenderness.
 She wiped my tears  as I cried.
 He walked with me when I was alone.
She provided road
 when I needed to run.
 He gave me a mountain
 and knew I would reach the top.
She warmed me as I grew cold.
 He beat on my door
 when I locked Him out.
 She called for me,
"where are you my beloved?"
 He was waiting when I came home,
and holds me until I sleep.
  I was born of Love, to Love, for Love.  Loves song is written on my heart.
Wise, wise lillies.
Lili Yogini

Get to know your fellow yogis! 

Each month we'll be featuring a student or instructor from the studio.
For February, you get to know two fellow yogis!  Judith Byers and Stacy Seeley are the first graduates of our substitute yoga teacher training.  We are so excited to announce their teaching.  You can find Judith on Wednesday Mornings at 8:30 and Friday Chair Yoga at 4:00.  Stacy teaches Belly Dance every Wednesday at 5:30 and our Candle lit classes while Andrea is on vacation.  Be sure to come to one of their classes!
Judith "Jude" Byers

I've been practicing and on for 20+ years

My goals for practicing are...
to achieve, maintain, and deepen mind-body connection
Yoga has helped so many ways, like breath control, strengthening my body, bettering posture, releasing physical & mental tension, and most importantly, union with my God.

What lead me to become a yoga teacher...
from my first yoga class I felt an urging to teach. It has been a goal to have others beside me on this journey of stretch & surrender to the reality of all that is. 

Favorite yoga pose...
downward facing dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana). But quickly becoming supported head stand (Salamba Sirsasana).

My Goal Pose...any balance pose, especially Rooster Pose (kukkutasana), I love chickens!!

Something students might not know about me...
Professionally I am a counselor, life coach, hypnotherapist.

My ideal day looks like...
meditation, yoga, helping someone, laughing with friends, and of course, coffee!!

When I was a kid... My grazing horse, Mischief, provided a shady spot under her belly where I would read on hot summer afternoons, it was delightful!

Hobbies include...modeling clay- hand building human form, especially busts.

Book I'm currently book, yoga book, and more yoga books & videos too!

One thing I could live without...nothing.  It's all perfect as it is.

One thing I could not live connection with the Infinite Source-God.

In addition...
I am truly blessed to have Lili, Andrea, & Garnet in my life. And this lovely yoga studio where I get to meet & practice yoga with so many delightful people. We all begin somewhere but it's never the same "somewhere" as another. Perseverance, willingness  and non judgement will support our unfolding, and we do that together! Namaste.

Namaste, Jude, we are so proud to have you as our newest teacher~ Lili
                        Stacy Seeley
You may already know Stacy from her Belly Dance classes, but she now is teaching yoga as well!

I've been practicing yoga...for 9 months

My goals for practicing are...
increasing my flexibility and balance
Yoga has helped me...gain friends, flexibility, and reduce stress in my life.

What lead me to become a yoga teacher...
I love teaching belly dance, and yoga is a growing passion.  I want to become a more balanced person and lead people to balance in their life.

Favorite yoga pose...
balancing chair (eka pada pranamasana)

My Goal Pose...wheel pose (urdhva dhanurasana)

Something students might not know about me...
I know everything there is to know about the movie Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

My ideal day looks like...
a warm day on the beach, finding critters and taking their photos, ending with a fire on the beach.

When I was a kid...My friend and I played a make believe game called Nightmare Land

Hobbies include...dancing, card making, photography, and nature hikes

Book I'm currently reading...Alice in Wonderland

One thing I could live without...self doubt!

One thing I would not want to live husband and my critters.

In addition...
I absolutely love critters and almost any other living creature.  There is hardly any animal I don't find cute :)

Namaste, Stacy, we are so happy you chose to add yoga to your teaching repertoire!
If you have gotten this far in our newsletter, I thank you! Our staff puts a lot of time and care into each months schedule, working to always offer you the best options that we can make available based on attendance and suggestions.  Your input is most appreciated and always considered... this is YOUR studio!  If you have any thoughts or something you would love to see happening, please let us know!

We had a wonderful Yoga Nidra workshop in January, thanks to our guest teacher, Linda Coulson _E-RYT 500.  Keep your eyes open for monthly Yoga Nidra sessions starting in March.  We also had a great turn out for our Hot Yoga detox class, thank you Pam for teaching it, even though it only got to 86 degrees.  As the weather warms, you can look forward to hot yoga becoming more regular on the schedule, until then, our heater just can't handle it!

This month, and every month after, be sure to carry love in your heart, love for all the blessings in your life, including that which appears difficult to love.  Everything works toward the good, for those who have love.

See you on the mat!

Lili Yogini Yoga Studio

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