Online and In-Person classes/ Retreats/ Workshops/ Private Parties

Hello friends! It's been awhile since I have written, and updated with what's happening here at the studio. The summer workshops have been very well attended, and life is, well, full. Life will be forever giving us many opportunities for growth, and development. Yoga practice gives us a framework and toolbox to manage the stressors of life. It's an invaluable practice and philosophy that has imprinted on my whole being, so that all of life becomes yoga (connection). What we do on the mat, strengthens us in many of the ways that life demands. Whether you look at yoga as a mindset, physical practice, meditation, or something else, Yoga meets us where we are. The word yoga in sanskrit has many meanings, and has been evolving since the beginning of it's introduction. I hope your yoga is serving you well. And if you need some yoga in your life...I'd love to deliver the goods to you!

I was born to serve. I beleive service is at the heart of yoga. The word implies connection, and when we help one another, we feel good, building deeper grooves in our brains for comapssionate action.

Join me in-person or online, for classes that check many boxes for well being. Yoga classes that emphasize awareness, physical postures, somatic movement, breathing, meditation, and mindfulness. Strength and weight lifting classes that build strong bones and joints. Cardio and metabolic conditioning. I teach the philosophy of yoga for all classes, but a weight lifting class is just that. Its not yoga with weights. It's weight lifting done in a circuit, where you build strong muscles, and bones, with an asana inspired dynamic warm up, and a yogic inspired stretch sesh after. It's a great combo, and the community is growing. People realize how good it feels to strength train a few days a week, and complement with a yoga practice a few days a week.

It's made a big difference in my life. I used to beleive that yoga was a complete practice. Until I learned that if you want to combat osteoporosis, then you need to be lifting [heavy] weights. If you want your joints to feel better, then you need to be varying your movements, and strengthening through your full range of motion with resistance. If you want your balance to be better, then try some strength training, and dynamic balance training. If you want to create more space, become more aware, develop compassion for yourself and others, and flexibility in your body, mind, and heart, yoga delivers. Inversions of yoga have never felt better, now that I am strengthening with weights. It's a win-win.

I have a new class offering on Thursday's (starting 9/7), an autumn workshop in September, and a new retreat on the menu for next year...out west! Read below for all the details. I hope to see you around the studio, at a retreat, or online!

Online/hybrid classes start August 14. See below for in-person start dates.


The Panama Retreat is Sold Out. We are taking interest/applications for August/September 2024 for an out west retreat. Antelope Canyon, Zion, Bryce Canyon, and possibly Grand Canyon. We are only taking 12 people. Let me know if you are interested. Target date is 8/30- 9/8/ 2024.

I am also planning a May Retreat in western NC 2024.

Save the date! Spain is scheduled March 30-April 6 2025. Please click link below to add your name to the list to get all the details!

Yes, I'm interested!

Fall Workshop

Sunday, September 10


Special workshop 25$ Registration open

Join me for a special workshop that recognizes the changing of seasons, summer to fall. Here, we will learn to ground ourselves, accept change, and surrender as we weave the beautiful yoga practices together with whatever it is we are dealing with in life. Discussion/ pranayama/ asana, and restorative/yoga Nidra.

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Online/In-person classes hybrid

I teach 5 online/hybrid classes a week that offer a wide variety of movement, to improve strength,mobility, and a resilient mind-set. I call this building our

mental immunity.

We have a great online community. I teach 2 weight lifting classes, a metabolic conditioning class, and 2 yoga classes.

You can attend any online class here at the studio, and you will get plenty of mindfulness and movement in. Check my website for schedule. Online/hybrid classes start August 14, There is no shortage of yoga teaching here. I include yoga philosophy, mindfulness, breathing, poetry, and asana.

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Book Your private party with us. We specialize in curating events for you, or your organization. We can cater, offer yoga wall classes, goat yoga, bonfire and s'mores or candle making! Bring your group here to celebrate.

IN-PERSON Only and upcoming workshops for the fall

Our in-person community thrives and laughs, learns and listens together, in a supportive, warm, and fun environment.

The Monday class starts August 28, and the Tuesday and Thursday classes start September 5, and 7. Registration now open!

The Monday class has the popular food to go, and Matt will put out his menu coming in the next few weeks.

The Thursday class at 5pm has a new focus. This will be my therapeutic class, and will emphasize a healthy, strong, and supple spine.

Monday 5pm-Level 1-2 Yoga wall

Tuesday- 5:45pm Level 2

Thursday-5pm Strong and supple Spine class.

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Fall Goat Yoga class coming soon! Stay tuned for details.