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 October 2013  



Nearly 235,000 cases of breast cancer will emerge this year; 1% of those will be men.

Cancer used to mean an automatic death sentence but strides have been made in research for a cure. Meanwhile, yoga and tai chi are good complementary therapies that improve the overall quality of life of survivors of any cancer.

Read how tai chi may reduce bone loss in survivors and about a DVD made especially for breast cancer survivors.  

Kendelle Pelot is now offering It Works! Body Wraps. Give her a call at 462-3900 to set up an appointment and find out how this can work for you.

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The 2013 Yoga Teacher Training class is coming to an end next month. Vicky Delany is one of the 10 students who signed up earlier this year. Vicky teaches at 5:30 pm Thursdays and says the classes have made her a better teacher.

"I didn't expect yoga teacher training to be so comprehensive. I thought I'd learn some poses but we're also learning anatomy, terminology and philosophy."

We offer a wide variety of classes and times. Check out our calendar to find something that fits into your schedule or a service to give you a pick-me-up.




Theresa Franklin, NCTMB, LMT, RYT, CMT
Olivia Kelly, NCTMB, LMT



Feature Article

 featurearticle Tai Chi May Slow Bone Loss in Cancer Survivors

Treatment for cancer can wreak havoc on a survivor's body. Chemotherapy has side effects such as nausea and "chemo brain." Hormonal therapies commonly used to treat breast and prostrate cancer may accelerate bone loss, leading to osteoporosis and an increase in risk for fractures.


Results of a study published in the June 2010 issue of Clinical Breast Cancer suggests that weight-bearing exercise of Tai Chi exerts positive effects on bone loss, through increased bone formation and decreased bone loss.


Researchers at the Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Rochester Medical Center compared the influence of tai chi with standard support therapy on bone loss biomarkers among 16 breast cancer survivors. The women were randomly assigned to either completing 12 weeks of tai chi practice or support therapy. The support therapy sessions placed special emphasis on behavioral coping strategies, cohort support, and group unity. Both groups met three times a week with 60 minute-sessions.


At the end of the study the survivors in the Tai Chi group experienced a greater increase in levels of bone formation, compared with survivors in the support therapy group. Survivors in the Tai Chi group also experienced a significant decrease in bone loss, whereas women in the support therapy group did not.

What makes yoga so beneficial to us when we are in good health are that much more important for those battling cancer or recovering
from it. 

  • clears out the toxins that build up during cancer treatments
  • enhances the body's lymphatic system
  • breathing calms the mind, easing the fear, anxiety and depression that accompanies cancer
  • helps patients get in touch with the spiritual dimensions of their lives
  • breaks up scar tissue from surgeries
  • strengthens the immune system
  • helps patients regain their strength and flexibility through gentle movements
Priscilla Kinney's daughter, Kate, was inspired by her mother's 22 year battle against breast cancer to create the Yoga For Breast Cancer DVD.

Poses were chosen to bring healing energy, break up scar tissue, increase flexibility and calm the nervous system. Each has several variations to accommodate beginners as well as seasoned yogis.

In addition,10% of all videos produced are donated to cancer care centers and hospitals to share with patients.

Restorative poses helpful for cancer patients and survivors include Child's Pose and
Cat/Cow sequence. You can follow the links to our archived newsletters to practice these two poses.  



Asana Zone

asanazoneNadi Shodhana 
Alternate Nostril Breathing
Alternate nostril breathing will initiate the parasympathetic nervous system and reduce the worry and fear that comes with cancer.

How to do it:

1. Sit comfortably and close your right nostril with your right thumb.

2. To a count of four, gently inhale through the left nostril.

3. Release your thumb and close the left nostril with your ring finger.

4. To a count of eight, exhale through the right.

5. Reverse the pattern, inhaling through the right nostril for a count of four and exhaling through the left for a count of eight.

That's one round. Repeat for three rounds.


is a healthy lifestyle center that offers a range of holistic experiences to unite your mind, body and spirit. Bring harmony to your life through the practice of heart-centered yoga and meditation. Explore our Namast� gift shop with books, CDs, candles, teas, skin care and gifts.
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The two recently were awarded 1st Gup red belt. Students in Jerry Whitten's Tang Soo Do class, they are one step closer to achieving their Black Belt. 


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You see immediate results and maximum results after 72 hours. The more active your lifestyle, the better the treatment lasts.

A 45-minute treatment for $30 is a great deal!

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