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Emily has been getting her inner witch on---(insert witch cackle) brewing up all sorts of 
tasty treats and potions to warm your heart and soul this season. I am  delighted to bring you this new tasty recipe:
 Wild Mushroom Herbed Coconut Milk Soup
This recipe is high in protein--find out why below, Full of healthy fats to help your joints, brain and organs function at optimum health

But first: a little bit about the health benefits of mushrooms (don't worry the ones in this recipe will not make you hallucinate,  turn you into a black cat or put a curse on you =)
One of my favorite sources for information on health and wellness is Dr. Mercola. Here is what he has to say about the health benefits of medicinal mushrooms! 


The Many Health Benefits of Mushrooms

The FASEB Journal recently published nine studies on mushrooms that were also presented at Experimental Biology 2013, which detailed a wide variety of health benefits,1 including:

  • Weight management: One study23 found that substituting red meat with white button mushrooms can help enhance weight loss. Obese participants with a mean age of just over 48 years ate approximately one cup of mushrooms per day in place of meat. The control group ate a standard diet without mushrooms.
  • At the end of the 12-month trial, the intervention group had lost an average of 3.6 percent of their starting weight, or about seven pounds. They also showed improvements in body composition, such as reduced waist circumference, and ability to maintain their weight loss, compared to the control group.

  • Improved nutrition: One dietary analysis4 found that mushroom consumption was associated with better diet quality and improved nutrition.
  • Increasing vitamin D levels through your diet: Consuming dried white button mushroom extract was found to be as effective as taking supplemental vitamin D2 or D3 for increasing vitamin D levels (25-hydroxyvitamin D).5
  • Improved immune system function: Long chain polysaccharides, particularly alpha and beta glucan molecules, are primarily responsible for the mushrooms' beneficial effect on your immune system. In one study, adding one or two servings of dried shiitake mushrooms was found to have a beneficial, modulating effect on immune system function.6 Another study done on mice found that white button mushrooms enhanced the adaptive immunity response to salmonella.7
Parasitic Fungi Showing Promise for Immune Disorders and Cancer

Cordyceps, also called caterpillar fungus or Tochukasu, is a favorite of athletes because it increases ATP production, strength and endurance, and has anti-aging effects.

This parasitic mushroom is unique because, in the wild, it grows out of an insect host instead of a plant host. It has long been used within both traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine.


It has hypoglycemic and possible antidepressant effects, protects your liver and kidneys, increases blood flow, helps normalize your cholesterol levels, and has been used to treat Hepatitis B.


Cordyceps has antitumor properties as well. Scientists at The University of Nottingham have been studying cordycepin, one of the active medicinal compounds found in these fungi,9 and the one identified as a potential cancer drug. More recent studies suggest it also has potent anti-inflammatory characteristics that may be helpful for those suffering from:

  • Asthma
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Renal failure
  • Stroke damage
Wild Mushroom Herbed Coconut Milk Soup 

4 cups of coconut milk 
4 cups of various mushrooms (crimini, baby portobello, shitake, oyster, etc...) 
2 tsp. of smoked hungarian paprika (this is not regular paprika) 
1-2 T gluten free tamari, or nama shoyo  
1 tsp of cayenne pepper or to taste  
1 T of fresh chives 
1T fresh thyme
1 red onion chopped 
2 T coconut oil 
1.2 scoops of Sun Warrior vegan plant based protein (make sure this is the raw no flavor added kind- or 2-3 T chickpea flour for thickening 
Place 1T of coconut oil in sauce pan heat on medium heat. When melted add in diced onion and saute until translucent. Make sure not to carmelize the onions! Add mushrooms and tamari/nama shoyo and turn on medium low heat and saute for 10-15min until mushroom are soft. Meanwhile, heat the coconut milk on low in a pot. Add the plant based protein or chickpea flour,  and smoked paprika, and cayenne~ stir throughly. Put in 1/2 T of chives and thyme into the sauteed mushroom mixture the last minute of cooking. Add saute into pot of coconut milk. Add 1T of coconut oil Stir and heat until just boil! Add the remaining fresh thyme and fresh chives sprinkle with a dusting of smoked paprika and serve! 
You can serve this as a main meal with bread, rice, or pasta! 
Or as a side dish with different meats or veggies
For a light lunch serve with a organic spring mix with our parsley pesto! 
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With love,  a tantalizing mouthful of soup, and a toast to your health,