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April 2022 - Volume 1

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In Kundalini Yoga, each human being is seen as having three mental bodies - the negative mind, the positive mind, and the neutral mind. While the negative mind often develops worst-case scenarios and the positive mind looks for everything that could go right, the neutral mind acts to balance the information coming into the body. Supporting the neutral mind through your yoga practice can help you manage your energy and quietly respond to events in your life with greater calm, self-reflection, and intuition. Instead of simply trying to bypass feelings, a strong neutral mind will allow you to integrate all sensations in your life - both positive and negative - in a more centered, open-hearted way. See if you can incorporate some of the practices below into your life over the next two weeks. How do they make you feel? Simply notice if there is an internal shift that moves you further away from duality. 

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Meditation for the Neutral Mind

The Neutral Mind lives for the touch of vastness. It lets all other thoughts be without disturbance to your constant inner light. The Neutral Mind opens the gate to that deep remembrance of the self and soul.

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Three Minute Kriya to Develop a Meditative Mind

A meditative mind gives one the intuitive ability to realize the consequences of a sequence of actions and therefore gives one a guideline for dealing with cause and effect and minimizing karma. This kriya only takes three minutes of your day and you can utilize any mantra that you wish.

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Meditation for Guidance: Strengthen the Inner Voice

This practice harnesses the power of japa, or mantra repetition, to confirm and reaffirm your Self through your own sound current, your own voice. This meditation develops the capacity to stop the vicious cycle of frustration, self-doubt, and anger. The head is bent as if offering oneself to the great unknown, or higher Self. Besides strengthening your mental direction, it is also said to alleviate blood disease, strengthen the fifth chakra, and build trust in intuition.

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Numerology for April 2022: Clear the Heart Center

The month of April is one of the most pivotal months of 2022, as it is a rare season of time which grants us the opportunity to release generational karmic blocks and patterns that may have previously seemed immoveable. This window of opportunity comes through the appearance of double 4’s, that being the month of 4 and Gift number of 4 (Gift is the last two digits of the year, 22 = 4).

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Serving on the 3HO Board of Directors

3HO International is looking to grow our Board of Directors to include more diverse voices and talents to support our mission. 3HO’s mission is to inspire everyone everywhere to realize their full potential through the uplifting experience of Kundalini Yoga. The mission of the 3HO Board is to provide stewardship of 3HO’s organizational and financial well-being through mentorship and guidance, to acquire support through personal connections, and to act as ambassadors to promote the vision and mission of 3HO International.

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Your Contribution Matters

Maybe a new teacher in Thailand is looking for a particular kriya. Or a lifelong student in Chicago wants a recipe for the weekend. Or someone who’s struggling in Australia needing to hear about seva and the solstice celebration. 3HO is for everyone, everywhere looking for connections to resources, inspiration, and community events as they engage in the path of Kundalini Yoga in their life.

Every day, someone gets on a yoga mat for the first or the thousandth time and uses 3HO resources — videos, posts, lives — to guide their practice. We are grateful for your support, as we expand our digital resources.

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