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April 2023 - Volume 1

Do I make decisions with clarity and ease? Am I listening to my inner guidance and following intuition?

The Neutral Mind is the 4th of the ten bodies. It is also known as the Meditative Mind or the Intuitive Mind. It evaluates the input of your Negative and Positive Minds and allows you to access your soul intuitively. Important qualities of the Neutral Mind are service, compassion, steadiness, trust, loyalty, balance, and wisdom. The Neutral Mind exemplifies the ability to offer counsel and support to others. Instead of simply trying to bypass feelings, a strong Neutral Mind will allow you to integrate all sensations in your life - both positive and negative - in a more centered, open-hearted way. Supporting the Neutral Mind through your yoga practice can help you manage your energy and quietly respond to events in your life with greater calm, self-reflection, and intuition.

Resources for Developing the Neutral Mind

The Neutral Mind lives for the touch of vastness. It lets all other thoughts be without disturbance to your constant inner light. The Neutral Mind opens the gate to that deep remembrance of the self and soul. Learn more about the Neutral Mind and find our Neutral Mind Spotify Playlist on the blog below!

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The Liberated Heart Meditation

This meditation develops the Neutral Mind. When your Neutral Mind is working for you, you observe everything around you without reacting in anger or enmity. In the absence of these reactions, your heart can open and you can live as your authentic self.

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I Found My Family at Summer Solstice

"My first Summer Solstice was potent! Having taken one class at Yoga Yoga in Austin Texas, I became certain that this “Kundalini Yoga” was what I had been searching for to enhance my spiritual path. In New Mexico, where Summer Solstice is held in June, I became enamored with it all. The rituals of sadhana, seva, and Gurdwara united me in the flow of fellowship and love of prayer. I had found my family." ~ Siri Kirin Kaur

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Numerology for April 2023: Focus Yourself

The month of April 2023 is a time to tune-up and reconfigure the structure and flow of our lives. Life can be messy, and it’s time to clean it up! It is important now to realistically assess how much you are capable of in a day or week, and then weed out any unnecessary burdens or obligations. Effectiveness and focusing your energy where it counts is a high priority at this time. 

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Upcoming 3HO International Events

Join us for Summer Solstice: A New Solstice for Us!

Join us for 21 Stages (2nd and 3rd Journey online) and then attend the 1st Journey in community at our 1st in-person Summer Solstice in 4 years!

Summer Solstice in New Mexico - June 15-21, 2023

White Tantric Yoga in New Mexico - June 22, 2023

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Every day, someone gets on a yoga mat for the first or the thousandth time and uses 3HO resources — videos, posts, lives — to guide their practice. We are grateful for your support, as we expand our digital resources.

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