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February 2022 - Volume 1

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"The open heart sees, feels, and absorbs the beauty of the world."

- Sonia Choquette -

Our hearts hold both our joy and our pain. With the support of the technology of Kundalini Yoga, we can tap into our personal power to heal the pains of the past, which sometimes embed themselves in our hearts and psyches. We each have within us the ability to open our hearts so we can give and receive love without fear, anger, or re­sentment, and experience compassion. In this state of compassion, we can release the pain of former relationships, energize and elevate current relationships, and begin to express our divine essence.

Meditation to Open the Heart Center


Practice this meditation if you feel your heart is closed and you want to open it to the flow of love.

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose with a light jalandhar bandh.

Eyes: The eyes are closed, focusing at the Brow Point.

Mantra: Sat Kartaar   

As you say Sat, the hands are pressed together in Prayer Pose at the center of the chest. As you say Kar, the hands are extended out from the shoulders halfway towards the final position. Fingers are pointing straight up.

As you say Taar, the arms are fully extended out to the sides and parallel to the floor with the fingers pointing up.


Open Your Heart with Akaal Celestial Communication with Adarsh Kaur

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Opening the heart and awakening to greater love is a journey most of us are on for a lifetime. It is not a one-time event to open the heart, but a continuing process and discovery.

Love is like a tree throughout the seasons, where sometimes it looks dormant and the focus turns deep into the roots of love and the essence of self; sometimes the leaves are falling to release what is not loving in our lives; and at other times we see that love is like the branches of a tree that continue to grow and blossom with new leaves and flowers, with new ways to experience the love we had never known before. 


The Powerful, Loving Rose Quartz

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February is the perfect month to deal with matters of the heart. Meditate deeply and find self-love and gratitude, and then spread it around to everyone you meet!

In February we recommend using Rose Quartz. Have a large piece in your healing room or meditation area. This would be the perfect time to use your Rose Quartz Healing Mala!

The ancient civilizations of Rome and Assyria were among the first to use this beautiful, powerful stone for healing and for jewelry. Once its healing properties became known, Rose Quartz quickly became popular with the Egyptians as well. The Egyptians also believed that the stone helped to prevent wrinkles and cure the effects of old age.


Numerology for February: Focus on the Positive


By Nam Hari

We have a busy month ahead of us, and there is a sense of urgency in the air as we maneuver to secure a safe and stable path towards higher ground. February allows us a time and space to get our ducks in a row and initiate an inspired plan that empowers us to feel motivated and in control.

The Base number for February is an 8 (Base is the month of 2 + year of 6 = 8), and number 8 represents energy, power, healing, and prosperity. Number 8 likes to explore options and opportunities while standing at the helm of its ship of dreams.


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