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February 2023 - Volume 2

If you missed our last issue of Yogic Living, we introduced the Negative Mind, which is one of three functional aspects of the mind according to the teachings of Kundalini Yoga. This protective mechanism of the brain is a major reason that we’ve survived on this planet for so long. 

As we walk the path of awareness, one question we must ask ourselves is whether we’re over-utilizing this survival mechanism, or not using it enough. When the negative mind is weak or imbalanced, we have a tendency to worry, overprotect, and say no – even to things that we long for. When the negative mind is healthy, we set clear boundaries, say no when we need to, and heed the red flags. 

Whether we’re overly optimistic and seeing life through rose-colored glasses, or too protective and closed off in fear, the goal is the same: to empower a well-balanced and integrated negative mind. Read on to learn how.

Guru Gaitri Mantra Meditation

This meditation works on subconscious blocks, especially around issues of fear. How will something hurt me or direct me away from what I am trying to do, and what is the action needed? Is it a personal threat, directed at you, an accident with errors you can correct, or a pure act of nature and coincidence?

When the Negative Mind is too strong, you may appear to be rigid, reactive, and over-dominant. When balanced, you deliver strong focused actions and you enjoy challenge. You act, but always with a cover and a backup plan.

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Kriya for Mood and Metabolism Balance

This kriya helps to bring you to neutrality and is said to prevent depression. It works on the nervous system, negative thinking, emotional moods, and metabolism. Begin by sitting in Easy Pose. Stretch the spine up and curve the spine in; the spine should be totally curved under the shoulder blades with the lower back pulled in and the chest thrust out. A tremendous pressure should be felt under the shoulder blades.

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Meditation to Change Your Destiny

Practice this meditation to master the Negative Mind. This meditation brings deep relaxation, strength, and mental clarity. Also called “soul talk,” it is said to bring the experience of the soul on the spot. To begin sit in Easy Pose with a tall spine and the hands in Gyan Mudra.

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All About the Three Mental Bodies

Yogis believe you have a thousand-petalled lotus that's partly etheric and partly philosophical at the top center of your head. For every petal, a complete thought is produced every second. So that's a thousand thoughts per second, which is serious computing power.

Some of these thoughts are conscious; most of them remain subconscious. All of these thoughts get channeled into different parts of the brain through neuro-pathways.

The way you process your thoughts depends on your disposition, your early childhood training, your culture, plus what you think and how you act on it. You lean towards being either protective (Negative Mind), projective (Positive Mind), or meditative (Neutral Mind), but you have a distinct bias towards protective or projective.

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