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July 2022 - Volume 2

Many of us began our yoga practice in the presence of a physical teacher, with the support of a group. But in today’s post-pandemic world of Zoom and streaming video, it is easier than ever to practice from home. What are the benefits of home practice? What does it look like to practice at home? 

Starting a home practice is a great way to free up time in your schedule and design a practice that’s tailored to you. No one’s arguing against the power of group energy, but there’s something to be said for the ability to practice what you decide you need when you decide you want it, for the amount of time that feels right. Practicing at our own pace and rhythm is therapeutic and empowering. 

In this week’s Yogic Living we explore Kundalini Yoga at home, which includes home practice but also highlights ways to integrate the music, recipes, and meditation into your home life. If you’re finding that you need more yoga support than there’s time for, try incorporating some of these practices into your schedule - even if they’re short! Take a look.

Creating a Home Practice Session

There’s nothing better than stepping into a yoga practice. Let’s walk through a typical Kundalini Yoga session, from start to finish. We invite you to use this as a template for setting up a home practice and have included some helpful links for the chants and kriyas.

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What to Practice at Home: Meditation for a Calm Heart

This soothing breath practice (pranayama) relieves anxiety and promotes calmness and mental clarity. Emotionally, this meditation adds clear perception to your relationships with yourself and others. If you are upset at work or in a personal relationship, sit in this meditation for 3 to 15 minutes before deciding how to act. Then act with your full heart.

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What to Listen to at Home: Finding Mantra Music

Music has been at the heart of Kundalini Yoga practice and community for decades. Today there are thousands of recordings featuring Kundalini Yoga mantras, songs, and instrumentals, from artists all around the world, in a huge variety of styles, and it only keeps growing. Use the resources below to find music you can play in your home, chant along with, or use for a specific kriya.

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What to Cook at Home: Grilled Mushroom Steaks with Polenta

This is a wonderful, incredibly satisfying dish. The balsamic dressing gives the grilled portobello mushroom its slightly sweet, deeply rich flavor. The key to making this dish easy to prepare is having all of your ingredients prepped first, so you can multi-task being at the stovetop stirring the polenta, and grilling the mushrooms. It’s delicious served with an arugula salad or some grilled veggies.

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Every day, someone gets on a yoga mat for the first or the thousandth time and uses 3HO resources — videos, posts, lives — to guide their practice. We are grateful for your support, as we expand our digital resources.

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