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June 2022 - Volume 2

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The goal of practice is always to keep our beginner’s mind.” 

• Shunryu Suzuki •

In many ways, Kundalini Yoga is an art and science of unlearning. Your practice allows you to peel back the layers until you reach the core self, your essential Sat Nam. And whether you're brand new to Kundalini Yoga or decades deep in practice, there is value in embracing the beginner’s mind. 

Perhaps you're actually new to the practice and would like to understand the fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga, or how to go about starting a 40-day sadhana or home practice. Maybe you're a long-time practitioner set in your routine, looking to weave together a new tapestry of practice that serves you uniquely, right here and right now.  

The new Building Blocks page on our website highlights the six core components of Kundalini Yoga: pranayam, asana, mudra, drishti, bandha, and mantra. Great for newcomers and long-time practitioners, you’ll also find guidance for that at-home practice, instructions for 40-day sadhana, and suggested kriyas and meditations.

What are you waiting for? Take a peek!

Learn More About the Building Blocks of Kundalini Yoga
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Creating a Home Practice Session

There’s nothing better than stepping into a yoga practice. Let’s walk through a typical Kundalini Yoga session, from start to finish. We invite you to use this as a template for setting up a home practice and have included some helpful links for the chants and kriyas.

1. Set the Space

You don’t need anything special to practice Kundalini Yoga—just you as you are, your body as it is, and your breath. Any physical space with enough room to stretch out will do! Sometimes it’s nice, however, to add a little comfort and intention to your practice.

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Your First 40-Day Sadhana

Once you’ve gotten started with Kundalini Yoga, you may be wondering what’s next? How do you go from sporadic dabbling to sustainable practice?

The role that yoga plays in your life is unique to you, and you are always encouraged to follow the path that feels most appropriate for you. But if you are feeling inspired to try going deeper with your practice, you may be ready to try out what a more consistent yogic lifestyle feels like through sadhana.

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Practice Tips for Newcomers from the 3HO Staff

We asked our team what their advice would be to someone new to the kriyas, mantras, and meditations of Kundalini Yoga. Hope you find something helpful!

  • Remember to bring your focus back to the brow point when your mind starts to wander.
  • Keep chanting Sat on the inhale and Nam on the exhale as much as you can remember to do it – during exercises and in-between.
  • Watch how you feel in-between the exercises and after meditations when you sit in stillness.

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Suggested Beginner Practices

Meditation on Yourself as a Yogi

Basic Spinal Energy Series

Long Deep Breathing

Your Capacity for Infinity Meditation

Meditation on Everyone as a Flow of Life

Meditation to Open the Heart

Healing Hands

A Great Way to Immerse Yourself in the Practice

Join us through July 30th for our 40-day meditation for peace led by Hansu Jot. Together, we will meditate on the vibration of the Sat Narayan mantra. The Sat Narayan meditation is one that cultivates relaxation and promotes inner and outer peace, provides clarity of the mind, and awakens your identity and instills confidence. We will be here with you online, sharing the practice live on 3HO International's Facebook and Instagram on July 10 and July 30 at 9:00 am MDT.

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Your Contribution Matters

We have partnered with 3HO Europe and Sikh Dharma International to raise money for direct, on-the-ground aid to Ukrainian refugees. 11% of all donations made at the link below, during our 40-day meditation. for peace, will go toward these continued relief efforts.

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