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March 2023 - Volume 1

Am I open to all possibilities that life has to offer? Do I let these into my life? 

The Positive Mind is the third body described in Kundalini Yoga. As one of the three mental bodies, the Positive Mind represents the playful and optimistic faculty of the mind. When our positive mind is in balance, we are able to welcome possibilities, embrace challenges as opportunities, and consider the bright side of things. 

Any time we feel stuck or bogged down in our lives, there’s a good chance one of the ten bodies may need attention. Awareness is key: If we can identify and strengthen that body, we can bring ourselves back to balance. 

Read on to learn more about the third body, signs of mastery and imbalance, and tools to strengthen the Positive Mind. 

Resources to Support Working with the Positive Mind

The third body is the Positive Mind, also known as the expansive and projective mind. People with a balanced Positive Mind have infectious joy, and magnetic energy, and can elevate and inspire those around them. They are caring, nurturing, humble, optimistic, and wise. Learn more about the Positive Mind and find our Positive Mind Spotify Playlist on the blog!

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Smiling Buddha Kriya

You may have seen this hand mudra in paintings and statues. It is a gesture of happiness, blessing, and prosperity, and it opens the flow of the Heart Center. Master the technique and experience the state it brings, then share it by creating beauty and peace.

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Ganpati Kriya

This meditation is said to redeem all negativity of the past and present, smooth out your day-to-day problems, and create a positive tomorrow. It can change your luck and allow prosperity to flow. It allows you to let go of attachments to the mind and to the impact of past actions, so you can create and live a fulfilled life.

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Upcoming 3HO International Events

Journey One - The 21 Stages of Meditation - March 11-12, 2023

March eEquinox - March 18, 2023

Journey Two - The 21 Stages of Meditation - April 15-16, 2023

Journey Three - The 21 Stages of Meditation - May 20-21, 2023

Summer Solstice in New Mexico - June 15-21, 2023

White Tantric Yoga in New Mexico - June 22, 2023

Numerology for March 2023: A Fresh Breeze and a Testy Learning Curve

The month of March brings in a fresh breeze of inspiration, along with a new learning curve that tests our ability to adjust and adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. We’ll need to pull in the Gift number for 2023, which is a 5, in order to have the flexibility and endurance to stay on course. Dreams and ambitions abound this month, so let’s break it down and sort it out by the numbers.

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