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May 2022 - Volume 1

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Early this year, 3HO redesigned its website to highlight the collective spirit, diversity, and richness of our body of teachings and practice community. It was a massive undertaking, and the end result is something we’re proud of. We’ll take this week’s issue of yogic living to feature the new Practice Page on the website, in case you haven’t had time to explore this yet. 

Whether you’re new to Kundalini Yoga, deep in your practice, or a long-time teacher looking for inspiration, the new and improved search bar makes it easy to find what’s right for you. The drop-down menu makes it simple to search hundreds of kriyas, meditations, and mantras, or simply scroll for inspiration. From cultivating energy to working towards a more centered life, we invite you to find a practice that fits your needs. 

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Find a Practice That's Right For You

One of the most lovable things about Kundalini Yoga is that there is so much breadth and depth to the teachings. With thousands of kriyas, breath exercises, and meditations, it’s easy to keep our practice innovative and fresh. Still, this can be overwhelming! With so many kriyas and meditations out there, how do you go about finding a practice that’s right for you?

A quick visit to the Practice Page on our website will take you to the new search bar, with specific filters that help you find a daily practice that meets your needs. It allows you to search through the 3HO index of kriyas, meditations, and breath exercises by practice type, activity level, time commitment, and benefit.

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Practices for the Curious Kundalini Yoga Student

The 7 Wave Sat Nam Meditation

Kriya for Elevation

Basic Spinal Energy Series

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Gyan Mudra Kriya

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Practices for the Casual Kundalini Yoga Student

Kriya to Relax and Release Fear

Kirtan Kriya

Kriya for Disease Resistance

Chakkar Chalunee Kriya

Sat Kriya

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Practices for the Committed Kundalini Yoga Student

Sodarshan Chakra Kriya

Kriya for Balancing the Chakras & Corresponding Organs

Working the Total Self

The One Minute Breath

Kriya for the Lymph Glands

Kriya for Morning Sadhana

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Numerology for May - Feeling Free & Fluid Again

The month of May 2022 is a unique season of time that encourages us to move forward with a bold new attitude. The paradigm has shifted, and there is now a greater ability to make plans, set them in motion, and actualize them. This is highly welcome news after the volatile beginning to the new year, and yet, it is perfect timing after all!

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Maybe a new teacher in Thailand is looking for a particular kriya. Or a lifelong student in Chicago wants a recipe for the weekend. Or someone who’s struggling in Australia needing to hear about seva and the solstice celebration. 3HO is for everyone, everywhere looking for connections to resources, inspiration, and community events as they engage in the path of Kundalini Yoga in their life.

Every day, someone gets on a yoga mat for the first or the thousandth time and uses 3HO resources — videos, posts, lives — to guide their practice. We are grateful for your support, as we expand our digital resources.

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