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May 2023 - Volume 1

Am I taking care of my physical body to the best of my ability? How I can treat my physical body with more care?

The Physical Body is the 5th of the ten bodies.

The Physical Body was crafted so you could enjoy a human life. It is the balance point between heaven and earth. The key to perfecting this body is balance—balance in body and mind, balance in diet and exercise, balance in play, work, and rest. The Physical Body could be said to be the sacred, living, human form that houses the soul, through which enlightenment and service to humanity are manifested. 

Resources to Support Working with the Physical Body

If your Physical Body is weak, you may feel that the body can’t support your needs. If your Physical Body is too strong, you may have an obsession with physical appearance and abilities. If your Physical Body is balanced and strong, all parts of your life are in balance, without extremes like self-indulgence or fanaticism. You meet others at their level and elevate them with your vitality, and by teaching balanced living.

Learn more about the Physical Body and find our Physical Body Spotify Playlist on the blog!

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Keeping the Body Beautiful

The body is a temple of human expression and grace. We are often told by the media and friends that it wears out, has many illnesses, and is extremely fragile. In fact, the body is sensitive and self-repairing.

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Sun Salution (Surya Namaskar)

Sun Salutation increases cardiac activity and circulation, stretches and bends the spine, massages the inner organs, aids the digestive system, exercises the lungs, and oxygenates the blood. When practiced with awareness, this improves one’s ability to maximize performance and enjoyment of all yoga postures.

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Managed Energy Meditation

With regular practice, this kriya will help bring the glandular system and the psyche into equilibrium, so that the glandular system is regulated by the full self, and not just our fragmented neuroses. When the total self works together in harmony, that is the experience of ecstasy.

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Numerology for May 2023

The month of May brings a time of powerful change to planet Earth, and we need to have our physical body and mental energies tuned up in order to catch the opportunities inherent in the higher frequencies. Surf’s up, so let’s look at ways to maximize the benefits of this fortuitous season of time.

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Upcoming 3HO International Events

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