"It's a great mitzvah to always be Happy!" Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

"Think good and it will be good!" -Rebbe Menachem Mendel of Lubavitch
We have leased a space for the month of September:

The address is:
between Saturn & Alcott

6:15 PM--Mincha led by Yehuda Solomon
6:42 PM--Candle Lighting, Fast begins
6:45  PM--Kol Nidrei led by Yehuda Solomon
7:00  PM--Shkiah (Sunset)

8:00--AM--Shacharis led by Jeff Rohatiner (*starting from HaMelech)
9:45--AM--Condensed Auction for remaining Aliyot & Kibbudim
10:15 AM--Krias HaTorah read by Dr. Seymour Perl
10:45-AM--Yizkor (Please arrive by 10:30 in case we are running early)
11:00-AM -Mussaf led by Yehuda Solomon 

2:00--PM*--Afternoon Break *approximately 

4:00--PM--Mincha - Dr. Jon Hoenig
5:00--PM--Neila - Yehuda Solomon 
7:35--PM--Holiday/Fast ends

The Day of Atonement:
Yom Kippur is the holiest day of the year—the day on which we are closest to G‑d and to the quintessence of our own souls. It is the Day of Atonement—“For on this day He will forgive you, to purify you, that you be cleansed from all your sins before G‑d” (Leviticus 16:30).

Below are links to detailed information on the halachot and observances of Yom Kippur:

"The Jerusalem Courtyard" 1445 South Robertson Blvd.
(formerly Emunah Hebrew Academy)

Due to safety precautions and limited seating, only those who have pre-registered can attend the outdoor Yom Kippur services. To buy tickets visit: https://happyminyan.org/high-holidays-tix/
For financial assistance email: info@happyminyan.org
Seats are first come, first serve and are not reserved or assigned.

Covid Safety:
Services will be held outdoors only, masks optional.

We are excited to announce that we have added an additional childcare group for Yom Kippur! We will open a second classroom for children ages 6-11. The room will be facilitated by Tonji Hampton aka Coach T from Hillel Hebrew Academy! Jenna Rubin of Pressman Academy will run the younger group for 6 months-age 5. Both programs will be provided on Yom Kippur day from 10:00AM - Break (about 2pm). Indoors, masks required. For questions please email: info@happyminyan.org

We have hired an outside company to provide security for Yom Kippur.

The in person auction will be held at 9:45AM on Thursday, Nov 16 and will be condensed due to a desire to limit hours spent in the heat and to limit the possible spread of Covid-19. Please, take this moment to bid on the Aliyot. You can join syndicates or place a full bid.

Every dollar spent on the Yom Kippur aliyot and honors gives The Happy Minyan fuel in its mission. The connection and inspiration we all receive from the Minyan nourishes our souls. Now the Minyan needs you to nourish it in return with sustenance. Don't hold back.

May you and your family and all of Klal Yisrael be written and sealed in the Book of Life, for a happy, healthy and sweet New Year – G'mar chatima tova!

Please email your bid to: info@happyminyan.org.

You can send any contribution for add-ons here :

Kol Nidrei

• Pesicha $750
Standing in the holiest place in the shul to open the Aron Kodesh, a segulah for HaShem opening His gates to receive prayer and return blessings.


• Kohen Aliyah $3000 (Syndicate in progress)
A blessing for closeness with Hashem through the revealed good.

• Levi Aliyah $3000
The Leviim are the teachers and this aliyah brings the blessing to be able to express the depths of your soul and to share your inspiration with others.

• The Rosh Yeshiva's Aliyah (Third Aliyah) $3000
A blessing for a year of successful Torah Study

• Fourth Aliyah, For Closeness to HaShem $3000
A blessing for deep teshuva and peace.

• The Yom Kippur Aliyah (Fifth Aliyah) $3000
A blessing for forgiveness, closure and a new start.

• The Rebbe's Aliyah (Sixth Aliyah) $3000
A blessing for connection to the oneness of the day, for purity and teshuva. A blessing for your body to truly emanate your soul.

• Maftir Aliyah $3000 (Syndicate in progress)
A blessing for healthy boundaries.

• Hagbah $500
Raising yourself up to Hashem, a blessing for upward growth.

• Galila (can be under Bar-Mitzvah age) $500
A blessing for completing a projects.


• Maftir Yonah $10,000 (Syndicate in progress)
This is the most important Aliyah of the day, as well as the last. This honor is a special segulah for wealth. In communities the world over this merit is bought for thousands of dollars. There can be no better investment than this (We are accepting $1000 contributions toward a syndicate for this segulah. The one who bids the highest beyond $1000 will have the honor of the Aliyah).


• Pesicha - SOLD
The Gate Keeper. Opening the gates of heaven at the most auspicious time of year for the most abundant flow of blessing and connection. This honor is a segulah for a long life.
Reb Shlomo Carlebach ztz'l

The Cleansing of Yom Kippur

What do we do when we make mistakes? Each time you make a mistake you begin to hate somebody you love. You begin to hate somebody you love, because you don’t want to be angry at yourself. 

Adam made a mistake, so what does he say? Adam’s angry at Eve, Eve is angry at Adam, they are angry at G-d, and then they are angry at their children. But I'll tell you something else. The more mistakes you make, the more you don’t know anymore what you really want in life, because I need a big excuse why did I do so and so in the first place.

Do you know what happens to us on Yom Kippur? What is G-d cleaning us of? If G-d wants to just to forgive us, he can do it any Wednesday and G-d really does forgive us on Wednesday. Yom Kippur is not when G-d has the board of directors together and they sign a declaration. ‘Ahhh, brother, you’re being forgiven, show this letter to the teller, you’ll get all the money you’ll need now. We have cleared you’. 

You know what Yom Kippur is? That suddenly G-d cleans me so much that I realize, I didn’t want to do the aveirah in the first place.

I want you to know something. When we say “Al Chet,” and we mention all the mistakes we made, you know what we’re telling G-d? I did it, but I really didn’t want to. I really didn’t want to. You see, each time we say Al Chet, it's not asking G-d for forgiveness because G-d can forgive you on a wholesale level any day of the year, but Yom Kippur is something else. 

Imagine my whole life I am so happy saying bad things about other people. On Yom Kippur, with a little holiness shining into my heart, suddenly I really don’t want to anymore. I didn’t want to walk around from house to house telling bad things, destroying marriages, destroying friendships. I really don’t want to. And Yom Kippur gives me the strength to realize this. 

I want to tell you something awesome. When people get married, man and woman cannot enter a relationship unless it’s Yom Kippur before. Because the question is not do you like the same bank, do you like the same color towels in the bathroom. The question is, what do you really want. So Yom Kippur is mamesh when G-d gives me the strength to cleanse myself from everything I don’t really want.

You know friends, if we would have thousands of hours, and I wish I could tell you everything our holy rabbis teach us about the 10 days you make tshuva the 10 days of Repentance. And every day we recite Shir haMalos - Master of the World, I call you from the deepest depths...

Friends, please make it make it into a habit, the 10 days, walk around and just pray this 130th Psalm, it so deep, to call Hashem out of the depths, the depths of my heart, with the depths of despair, with the depths of hopelessness, or the depths of love, the depths of hope all those depths in the world So everybody knows: The 10 days I’m really trying my best to change ,to bring out the deepest depths of Me. All those 10 days, I look at the world with different eyes.

And you know friends this is so deep. How do you know if you in your own house or somebody else’s? Very simple: Imagine It’s late at night and I’m a dirty and filthy drunk and I knock on the door, He opens it and lets me in but asks: “Listen brother: why do you come so late? Why are you so dirty; please take a shower.” Do you know what the people in my house tell me? “Oh, we are so glad you came, we worried about you.” 

But when you come back to your own house, you just say ‘oh, we missed you so much’. So when make tshuva, we come back to our own house. Mamash every person who finds his way back to Hashem. And then comes Yom Kippur.

Yom Kippur - Neilah – Sukkot -The deepest connections

KAPPORET: The morning before Yom Kippur we find something some people take a chicken and slaughter it, and then give it to the poor to eat. But it’s a little bit hard sometimes to do today, to find a chicken and what most people do today is take some money, and say that this money go for charity, and Master of the World, bring me in into a good life. 

And the truth is, the day before Yom Kippur is already a little bit Yom Kippur. As much as we eat and drink, but ah just the air so holy, so awesomely beautiful. And we are going to the mikveh. Every man and every woman, once they immerse themselves in rain-water, water from heaven, water which is untouched by human hands I’m sure everybody is so holy and so pure. Because on Yom Kippur, you know what is shining into us? The deepest depths of our Neshama, which is untouched, unseen. Ah, it is so deep so deep. 

And Yom Kippur night we come to shul, we ask each other for forgiveness. And then, you know, my beautiful friends: last year we promised Hashem so much, but we kept so little. We lost even in our self-confidence; we don’t trust ourselves any more. So Yom Kippur night we take out the Torah, and we walk around, and we ask the Torah for forgiveness. Please, holy Torah, forgive me for not keeping you. Forgive me for not being immersed in every word and every letter.

And then the davening Yom Kippur night. It one of the highest of the whole year. So much joy, with so much singing and dancing. What a day, what a day. And I always tell my friends, in the most simple way: Imagine I owe the bank 10 million dollars; there is no way to pay back. Then I get a telegram from the bank: not only you don’t have to pay it back, we’ re giving you a new loan of 10 million dollars. 

Let me ask you friends: am I walking around krechtzing and say, ‘oy oy oy, last year I didn’t pay my bill.’ What do you want? They’re forgiving you, and giving and giving you a new loan. This is a time to rejoice. So all the Rebbes say that basically Yom Kippur is most probably the most joyous day of the year. And my own Neshama is so happy, full of joy, and bliss.

צו באקומען 
On Yom Kippur we don’t struggle fasting because the energy which is coming down from heaven is like manna from heaven. The fact is, you know friends, Yom Kippur, the later it gets, the less hungry you are. The last few minutes of Yom Kippur you’re not hungry at all. Have you ever asked anybody in shul, at the end of Yom Kippur, are you hungry? I’m not hungry, I could fast another week.

And I bless you friends, the last few minutes of Yom Kippur, Neilah is the time really, to pour into our hearts, to be so close to Hashem, to be so close to the people we love. And our holy rabbis teach us: You know what Hashem says to every one of us: “All day long we were together, with all of Israel, but now let’s go into a room the last few minutes, let’s just you and I go, let me lock the doors so we can really be together”

Hashem is alone with every one of us, we can ask of Hashem everything there is, and Hashem is telling us also, what he wants of us. It should be so deep in our hearts. I bless you with the best year, best Yom Kippur. Good Yomtov; good Yomtov.

You know my beautiful friends, by Neilah before Hashem is closing the gates, well he never closes the gates, but He takes us in to the highest place in the world, to the innermost chamber and every Jew is alone with Hashem, and Hashem says to us: I have an invitatiom for you: please come for one week to my Sukka. Humanely speaking it’s HaShem’s summer house, Hashem’s spa. Come there for one week, and I will cure your heart, cure your soul, give you strength. And if you really want to know, if Hashem forgave you on Yom Kippur, the question is: are you coming to the Sukka. Are you feeling at home in the Sukka, did you hear Hashem invitation. I bless you, please, please parents bring your children to the Sukka.