Glimpses of Ramah, Kayitz 2019
Leadership Experiences with Lasting Impact: Maccabiah and Yom Sport
Ramah California alumnus and Tony Award-winner Ben Platt ( Dear Evan Hansen) , told us: "Winning Maccabiah with the Adom team is one of the greatest accomplishments of my whole life.... I am proud of it and I am not going to stop talking about it." ( Watch the interview and read " Tony Award-winner Ben Platt’s journey from Camp Ramah to Broadway.")
Archive Photo: Ben Platt's Maccabiah Victory at Ramah California
At many of our overnight camps, campers in the oldest edah plan Yom Sport or Maccabiah. They use their creativity and organizational skills, work as a team, and serve as role models for younger campers. Running Maccabiah or Yom Sport--or being chosen as a team captain--is something that campers throughout the Ramah Camping Movement look forward to from the time that they are in the youngest edot.

We hope that you will enjoy these glimpses of Yom Sport and Maccabiah from summer 2019.

Overnight Camps
Ramah Wisconsin
"... the opening ceremony began as each color performed their dances, cheers and revealed the beautiful banners campers had created based on the Yom Sport theme: "החלל החיצון" (outer space). After dinner, we gathered for a camp-wide game of "Empty Nesters" on the soccer field, where each team had to keep their quadrant empty of the dozens of balls flying around, without knowing when time would be called." - Gal Atia, Program Director Read more
Ramah Sports Academy
At our specialty sports camp, three sessions mean three campwide sports competitions:
To win Maccabiah, Adom D.C. and Kachol Marvel superheroes competed to locate the lost Middah Cup.
On Yom Yisrael, Maccabi and HaPoel teams participated in a day of Israel-themed competition.
Kachol and Adom competed to cheer, race, and dance their way to the 1st place podium on Yom Olympics. Read more
Ramah in the Rockies
"For Yom Sport each session, everyone in camp was decked out in Kachol, Adom, or Yarok, and the atmosphere on the chava (ranch) shifted to intense competition and fun...The day was filled with a lot of sweat and a lot of smiles. After the winning team was announced, things at camp again shifted to anticipation as a majority of chalutzim (pioneers/campers) prepared for their masa’ot (backcountry excursions)." Session 1 Photos and Session 2 Photos
Ramah Poconos
"It was SpongeBob-themed teams Tzahov/SpongeBob, Adom/Patrick, Lavan/Sandy, and Kachol/Squidward for Maccabiah 2019. This two-day long, camp-wide sports competition began with a Captain's Race, and was followed by a myriad of activities, including a labryinth, the always popular college bowl contest, swimming competitions, a Hebrew-only aruchat erev (dinner), and a shlichim race." Watch video
Ramah Galim (Northern California)
Ramah is grateful to The Jeff Astor F oundation, which has sponsored Yom Sport at Ramah Galim for the past several years. As at all Ramah camps, there's lots of teamwork, ruach (spirit), and good-natured competition at Yom Sport at Ramah Galim. But only at Ramah Galim does Yom Sport feature relay races on the beach! Watch video
Ramah New England
" Yom Sport was a huge hit with our first ever Zimkudiyah (song and dance festival) during Erev Yom Sport, tremendous ruach and fun competition. The Nivonim chanichim were excellent leaders who infused the day with energy and good times while making sure everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, were included. It was a banner day for leadership training at camp!" Watch video
Ramah Darom
"Our Gesher campers plan the entire Yom Sport as part of their leadership development program. The Gesherniks chose The Lion King as their theme for the day and divided the camp into four teams, each named for a character from the movie and the character's most defining attribute: Zazu - Loyalty; Nala - Responsibility; Rafiki -Wisdom; and Timon & Pumbaa - Friendship." Read more
Ramah Canada
"Our Alonimers stepped into leadership roles in a variety of ways, each one inspiring. I saw Alonimers put their whole selves (and hair-dos) into the spirit of Yom Sport; many lost their voices by lunchtime because of their energetic cheering for their teammates. I saw each and every one of them step into their roles, working tirelessly for the first two weeks of camp to plan a day that younger campers will remember for a lifetime." Read more
Ramah California
"We learned a lot about independence along with leadership skills and teamwork. When planning Maccabiah, we really understood the crucial balance of planning
ahead and thinking purely on our feet. Each color ( Adom, Tzahov, Yarok, and Kachol) had middot
(values) that they exemplified: bravery, kindness, ambition, and intellect." - Hannah P., Machon Camper Read more and watch video
Ramah Berkshires
"For the first time ever, Gesher chanichim planned Yom Sport for the entire camp. Throughout the kayitz, Gesher chanichim put in countless hours of work to make the day a success. Yom Sport was a culmination of this hard work, as Gesher led camp in a way that energized younger chanichim and put everyone in a good mood." Watch video
Ramah Israel Seminar
To kick off Etgar (challenge) week, Seminar participants "headed out to the Jerusalem forest for an afternoon of friendly competition, challenging themselves in various leadership games and outdoor challenges." Learn more about Seminar
Day Camps
Ramah Day Camp, Chicago area
"Cheers of Adom, Kachol, Lavan, Katom, Yarok and Tzahov were heard while campers not only cheered on their teammates but those from other teams as well. From line soccer to free throws to gaga, campers competed in Yom Sport with lots of ruach!" View photos
Ramah Day Camp in Nyack
"Campers were divided into four kvutzot (groups), each representing one of four female role models. We are proud of the teamwork and positive competitive spirit campers showed throughout Maccabiah!" Watch video
Ramah Day Camp,
Maccabiah 2019: Yarok Wizards vs. Kachol Dragons ! Watch video and view highlights on Facebook
Ramah Day Camp
of Greater Washington, DC
Gaga, soccer, and even competitive Duck, Duck, Goose made for lots of smiles at this year's Yom Sport! View photos