October 22, 2020

We have almost six weeks under our belts in the 2020-21 season and I wanted to send along a few reminders as well as clarify some important topics. We’re all trying to learn how this is going to work and if we do it together, as a community, hopefully we can dig out in one piece!

I want to thank you for your feedback and comments. We’ve made a lot of changes to the footprint of the club. The intention is to maintain safety and keep the club functional at the same time. We realize these can be inconvenient at times, annoying at others and just all-around strange, especially compared to last year. Be patient, our heart is in the right place. Shout out to my staff who have pivoted on a dime and really came into the season with their focus razor sharp and ready for anything. Thank you!

The big fish are what I call the items that keep us up at night. Two of them are: keeping the facility clean/safe and the issue of ventilation. We’ve poured enormous resources into cleanliness. EVERY evening upon closure, we clean, sanitize and “fog” the facility. Our in-house hero is Mr. Duke, he hasn’t missed a beat and does an amazing job treating the club and its occupants like family-Duke 2020, as we say! Being an indoor club, ventilation is on everyone’s minds. As I’ve mentioned we reprogrammed our HVAC system to the max of 30% fresh air input and each month we replace our MERV 13 (hospital grade) filters. Additionally, we run our top ceiling fans daily, utilize our exhaust fans, when applicable, and will open the Ct. 1 garage door for added flow when conditions allow. Recently we installed a Photohydroionization UV light system for the HVAC (click here for details). Finally, we’re keeping doorways open (and yes, balls can fly off the court as a result of this.) As we enter the colder months, we’ll work with our HVAC experts and fine tune the protocols.

We’ve asked everyone to scan their tag on each visit and by doing so is in agreement that you will help us by complying with basic COVID protocols. 

PLEASE be reminded: Do not visit the club if you are experiencing any COVID symptoms: cough, fever, body aches, shortness of breath, loss of taste/smell, etc. 

As we enter flu season this is going to be a challenge, but your full cooperation is what can keep us all safe and allow the club to remain open. This is big fish material! Notify the front desk if there’s anything we need to know about.

Lastly, I’m fully aware the country and, to some extent NY, is starting to move in the wrong direction metric wise. On our COVID page of the web site, we publish the current Travel Restrictions for NYS. This is the law, please follow.  At times, when we feel comfortable in a space, we tend to let our guard down. It’s human nature. Let’s stay diligent, mask up and help each other along this pot-holed road. Our trust is in you and I’m confident that by working together, YTC can be a place of release and respite. We can all use that.

Stay safe and be hopeful,

Joe Curto

Yonkers Tennis Center | 493 Sprain Road, Yonkers, NY 10710 | (914) 968-6918x0