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                                                                                                                 April 2019                           
"Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it watching for us to come home each day." 
- John Grogan

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Spring Clean by MaryElizabeth Dugmore
Self-Care by Hannelie Vermeulen
Fundraiser for our little Rescues ♥
Looking for a Furever Home
Donor Recognition
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Supermodel Athena Maria
Neeko's Joke
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Spring Clean by MaryElizabeth Dugmore

Spring is upon us. All around us flowers are starting to bloom, the air smells good, and our animals are at the door, wanting to go outside and enjoy the sunshine and some new-found warmth. We are finding ourselves invigorated and ready to SPRING CLEAN.
While we are unpacking the cupboards and decluttering our lives, let's look at how to spring clean emotionally, and how to take good care of ourselves (refer to our article on self-care). I always consider it a work in progress - taking good care of myself, so I can take care of my loved ones and animals. It has seen me through 21 wonderful years of rescue with YTNR, working with a group of amazing people, and meeting new ones along the journey. I have experienced immense happiness, and at times sadness, but throughout it all, my life has been enriched.
During stressful times I stop and breathe. I purposely take several long, deep, slow breaths to find my center. I close my eyes and just breathe... I also pray, say lots of "Hail Mary's", and send those out to friends and all who need a prayer.
I love to cook and try to find healthier recipes than the ones I grew up with, or resort to for comfort food. It has allowed me to live more wholesome and chase my goal weight, as well as to inspire my family to do so too.
As part of good self-care, I sometimes get a massage, especially if I feel aches and pains that need a little help. I also exercise, work out a little every day, and swim during the summer months.
To take care of my soul, I go on trips to visit places I love, like Mammoth Lakes where I grew up. There I can sit on the dock with a fishing pole and watch the beauty of the lake, the trees, and the sky, which is the most beautiful blue. I also like to go to the beach, and sit on a blanket in the sand, watching the waves roll in and out. My other favorite place is the Yosemite Valley, where I can stand in the shadows of the great granite sculptures and wild raging waterfalls, that shower cooling mist on you at their base. It allows me to rejuvenate and gives me a good background for meditation. During tough times these memories see me through ...
My animals are also a big part of my life. I play with them daily. They always bring love into the room. I watch them bask in the sun, groom themselves, and enjoy their meals and play time. At night time they sleep on my bed, and in the morning, they are ready to wake up to the new day. They live in the moment and teach me to do so with them. We can learn so much about self-care from these wise little souls.
As the Spring time thaws out nature, energizes us and our animals, and gives us new hope, I hope your hearts are warmed by the love of those around you, and that you will indulge in good self-care and healthy living. I wish you renewed hope and happiness and thank you for the sense of belonging we've created rescue, and the support we receive from, and provide each other.
MaryElizabeth Dugmore
President and founder of YTNR

Self-Care by  Hannelie Vermeulen

Rescue and fostering are some of the most amazing experiences in life. Giving a little one a temporary home, and readying him or her for adoption, is fulfilling and gratifying, a once in a lifetime experience every single time. But it can also be emotionally and physically taxing. We bond, we love, at times we nurse back to health, and every time we struggle when it's time to let go. Yet we do it again and again, because we can help save a life, we can give love. It is sad and glorious at the same time.
While living life to the fullest, and allowing another little creature the same privilege, can be satisfying, it can also become overwhelming. Our days can become busy with chores and care taking (our foster and own animals), with running errands, and keeping busy with our regular daily tasks (because we still have jobs, families and friends too). It is easier to focus on the here and now, and on the care for others, than to take the time to evaluate our own needs. We often don't grant ourselves the same privilege of time - time to be quiet and ponder our next move, to just relax, or to reach out and ask for what we need to recharge.   We often forsake our own care.
But if we want to be effective in rescue, foster, and adoption, and in managing life in general, we owe it to ourselves to start off with good self-care - to take the time to reflect on our lives and identify our own needs, and to take steps to address it. We owe ourselves the same kindness we practice in taking care of others. Self-love rebuilds us emotionally and physically, it helps us move forward, and it recharges us. It empowers us, re-energizes us, and rejuvenates our passion to care for those we love. It allows us to rescue on ...
We are all unique in how we choose to live our lives, how we choose to treat others, and how we choose to treat and care for ourselves. Self-nurture may differ vastly from one person to another. There are no right or wrong ways. Personally, we know what we need, and what works for ourselves - we just need to put it into practice.
Dedicating a time of day to sit back and relax, personal or alone time, is a good beginning, albeit a novelty for some. In allowing ourselves this time to review our day, our own needs, and how we can be kind to ourselves, we leave the world behind for a moment. Time alone is empowering, and a way to regroup and recharge. It can happen in the quiet of one's own home, a favorite spot in one's yard, somewhere special in nature - or anywhere one feels comfortable and safe - even meditating and placing oneself emotionally in a good place, while in the midst of chaos around us.
Take time on a daily basis to de-stress in your cherished area - even if you have to "schedule" it into your daily structure. While sitting back, take deep breaths through your nose (like smelling a rose), hold it a second (to calm the body and mind down), and release by breathing out through your mouth (like blowing a candle). Consider adding a relaxing ritual, such as rubbing lotion into your arms, hands, legs and feet, or petting an animal. Stroking a cat or dog (or another animal) calms us down naturally, decreases our stress, and they love it too. You may even sing softly while doing so, it regulates the breathing, increasing the level of relaxation.
Spend time with people who support you and engulf yourself in laughter and joy. Take time to hug those you love, and engage in relaxing activities, such as doing yoga, going to the gym, walking your dog(s), enjoying a manicure, pedicure or a massage - or just allow yourself some time for stretching. Try something new, like a float therapy session. Hug yourself! Appreciate yourself!
While spending time with a loved one, or animal who adores you, listen to your favorite music, read a novel, watch a movie - or just savor the moment. If you feel energized, take a walk, go for a run, travel somewhere close by, or far away. Smile at a stranger, and smile while you're alone, appreciate yourself. On a bad day, roll up a little piece of paper, and bite down on it horizontally - this exercise uses all the muscles of a smile, and provides an instant "face-lift" and upbeat feel.
There are so many ways to relax and rebuild ourselves emotionally and physically. Do something creative, find pleasure in a hobby. Take long showers or relaxing baths. Work on a regular sleep schedule, allowing your body to get the rest it needs, which in turn charges us emotionally. Eat healthy meals to nourish yourself. Pray, meditate, say a Hail Mary, (or do it all), and keep a journal. Consider ending your evening routine with a gratitude journal, writing down three things that made you happy that day - it allows you to fall asleep thinking positive thoughts. Then cuddle up and love your doggie, your cat, your human loved ones, and yourself, as you drift soundly off to sleep.
Self-care allows us to wake up renewed, to feel refreshed, and energizes us to keep on loving and keep on giving. There will always be needs in life, always another little dog to be rescued, another family awaiting a companion animal - but there is just one you. Take care of yourself, and you will be able to keep on giving, to keep on building bridges, and a better world for all.
Rescue appreciates you - and all you do. Please treat yourself well, love yourself, and reach out when you need us. At YTNR we are family - we care about you, and about you caring for yourself! 
Let's all engage in good self-care, and spread the love ...

Fundraiser for our little Rescues ♥


Take a look at this beautiful coloring book dedicated to Smoky who was found on the WWII battlefield and came to be a very famous veteran of the War.
There are drawings done by professional artists and also by children who love to draw. Here are some of the pictures that are in the book

The price of the coloring book is $10.00 plus $2.50 shipping total $12.50. Not only do you have a beautiful coloring book that all ages will enjoy, you are helping YTNR save more little souls that need help.

Please send a check to:
1065 Lewis Road
Chapmansboro, Tennessee 37035 

or USE PAYPAL  undefined
Hope you all enjoy the book and Thank you for your support!

Looking for a Furever Home
(fostered in Rio Linda, Northern California)

Please, say Hello to Lucy! She is a beautiful silver Yorkie mix weighing about 12.5 lbs. She was a former breeding dog until she was rescued and learned what it was like to have human companionship and cuddles. Lucy is guessed to be about 8 years old. She has some medical issues that are being controlled with simple medication. Lucy likes to ride in the car with you and go for walks. She is bossy with other females, so it would be best if she were paired with male dog companions. No cats though - she doesn't care for them. If you would like a nice stay at home doggie to be your lap dog, Lucy is your gal. She is vaccinated, heartworm tested, microchipped and spayed. Please fill out an adoption application and list Lucy as your next companion @

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Supermodel Athena Maria Aphrodite 
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Neeko's Joke

One Easter afternoon Jasper, a little boy, was playing outdoors. He used his mother's broom as a horse and had a wonderful time until it was getting dark. He left the broom on the back porch. His mother was cleaning up the kitchen when she realized that her broom was missing. She asked Jasper about the broom and he told her where it was. She then asked him to please go get it.  Jasper informed his mother that he was afraid of the dark and didn't want to go out to get the broom. His mother smiled and said, 'The Lord is out there too, don't be afraid.' Jasper then opened the back door a little and said, 'Lord, since you're out there, please pass me the broom.'   ~

Wishing you All a Pawsome Easter ♥

Love and Smooches,      
                                   Neeko S. Spaulding ♥                                                   
Many Thanks to Lifeline4Paws   


Every time we remember to say "thank you", 
we experience nothing less than heaven on earth.  
~ Sarah Ban Breathnach



Chris Hogan, 
Executive Vice President 
of the Hogan Family Foundation Inc, 
is the Program Director of Lifeline-4-Paws.
 She is a YTNR member  and has generously supported 
our rescue efforts, contributing  tens of thousands of dollars 
to hundreds of our dogs since 2007.