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                                                                                                           August 2020                           
"Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all." 
~ Emily Dickinson

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Does Covid Have You Climbing the Walls? By Deborah J. Thompson
Happy Endings
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How Dare You Love by Miranda Lambert
Miranda Lambert - How Dare You Love (Music Video)
Miranda Lambert - How Dare You Love (Music Video)

Dan Dugmore plays acoustic guitar on it ♥
Does Covid Have You Climbing the Walls?
By Deborah J. Thompson - Mom of Sophie Rose, 2012 YTNR Rescue
Well, it's safe to say that we are all tired of Covid-19 and how it's pushed the "pause" button on our lives. One upside for many of us, however, has been more time with our beloved pets. In some cases, they have been thrilled to have us at home. But in others, perhaps not so much...
This is Simba, a high school friend's cat, who is literally "climbing the walls" (and the door frame)! He echoes what many of us feel. I know I can certainly relate.

Simba Morrow

Some of you know that since 2018, I've been caregiving for my father who is battling colon cancer, my mother who developed congestive heart failure right after my dad's cancer diagnosis, and my husband (Herb) who was diagnosed with Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus and had shunt surgery right after dad's diagnosis. We had to sell our home of 25 years in Atlanta and work out a schedule with our son to help care for, and get Herb to, his multiple appointments in Atlanta, while I was doing the same for my parents in Alabama.
The chemo suppressed my dad's immune system to the point that on Nov 13, 2019, he woke up in a delirium state and literally did not know who he was, where he was, or who we were. He was finally diagnosed in January with the shingles virus in his brain and eyes. For the past eight months, I've been at my parents' house so that I could provide full-time care for Dad.
Having found a new neurosurgeon for Herb at UAB, he, Sophie Rose, and I have been bunking in my childhood bedroom-fun times, I tell you! Then Covid struck, adding more challenges to an already stressful situation. But one bright spot in this difficult season has been my parent's Yorkie, Toby-affectionately known as "Killer."
He's never been a fan of trucks, especially big, loud ones-like UPS trucks. With the Covid crisis forcing us to limit our errands, we've been ordering much of what we need, which is often delivered by--you guessed it--UPS trucks! Toby can hear them top the hill and goes into full "hunt prey mode," of which you all know, Yorkies are masters.
Like most Yorkies, Toby is extremely intelligent, and usually, a very loving fellow. But give him a "target" like the crew socks he loves to chase and destroy, the neighbor who jogs regularly along "Toby's" fence-line, or the dreaded UPS delivery truck, and he transforms into a "trained" assassin. With teeth-barred and ear-piercing vocals, his 11 pounds of pure muscle become a virtual "killing machine." (And virtual is right since he never actually catches any prey, except the aforementioned socks).
Toby the "Killer" Jones

Of course, with Yorkies, they are all unique and can be quite unpredictable. Contrast "Killer" here with my friend Windy's Yorkie, Lola. When a wayward bird came down their chimney, Windy thought Lola would go "full-on Yorkie" crazed. Instead, little Lola hid out in the bathroom until Mom shooed that bird out into the world again. Lola prefers a quiet perch for herself rather than any uninvited avian!
Lola Elrod

It goes to show, with Yorkies, there is never a dull moment. They constantly keep us guessing, and entertained. And the new rules of social distancing, quarantining, and "sheltering in place" have given our beloved Yorkies more opportunities to showcase their talents.
LeeLee Vermeulen is using her time away from "school" (doggie day care) to perfect her hunting and leadership skills. She's hot on the trail of a squirrel, and leading the pack, while demonstrating proper social distancing! (It appears the CDC didn't tell Yorkies they need to social distance from squirrels).

Teddy Phillips figured he would improve his computer skills while stuck at home, but hard work deserves a long nap (and hopefully, a belly rub from Mom Perpetua).

Aayden and Aubree Clouse-Baker are riding out the pandemic on their 36' yacht, the Sublime, which coincidentally, describes their "decked out" look perfectly! 

Tiny Tinkerbell Sousa is making good use of the extra couch time.

And since sports have been cancelled, YTNR alums Kirby and Jesse Garcia 
decided to start the "Tug-of-War" channel and play the starring roles.

Meanwhile, Dash Beck says he's just "over" the whole Covid crisis.

Even though the virus may have us all climbing the walls, at least we've all had our Yorkie buddies to keep things interesting.
Thanks for all you do to support the work of Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue. Keep those Yorkies happy, and keep adopting - you are literally saving lives.
P.S. Thank you all for the incredible support you've offered at the loss of our beloved YTNR rescue, Sophie Rose. She fought a hard and brave battle. The tireless work of Mary Elizabeth, the volunteers, and her foster Mom, "Aunt" Corrine Ellison prepared her to face whatever was in her path. We are furever grateful that she shared our lives for the better part of eight years. There is no more fitting representation of the difference rescue and adoption makes than these before and after photos of our special angel-Sophie Rose Thompson.
She came to us named "Sophie," but we felt she needed a middle name. After living with us for a while, my husband Herb suggested "Rose" as her middle name. I liked it, but when I inquired as to how he arrived at that name, he simply said, "Because she's beautiful, but she has thorns." I think the "after" face showcases a bit of the "thorns" prevalent in the personality of most of our sweet and "spicy" Yorkies.

Thank you, Yorkiespicers for all the support you provide to save these special creatures. Like hummingbirds, God made them small because He knew they could be FIERCE! RIP, Sophie Rose, my fierce warrior princess. I love you "heart and soul..."

Happy Endings


Beatrice and Violet are two beautiful girls who won 

Their mommy sent this lovely message to YTNR and updated us on their progress. We thought we would pass this along for everyone to read.
Thank you Lisa for a wonderful update and for giving these precious girls a home.

"I just wanted to take a few minutes to update you on the girls. Beatrice is thriving and despite her luxating patella she doesn't limp anymore. She has finally showed us in the last few months that she can bark. She loves to eat and chase our outdoor cat. She will look away from us and stare at the wall. We think she thinks if she can't see us she is hidden. She still isn't crazy about cuddling or being carried. She will let us help her up on the sofa and plainly asks to get lifted up.
Violet is well. Her little eye still has lots of drainage but it's easy to keep clean. She recently tore her ACL back left leg but it's not slowing her down. I think she copes by being stoic. She has medicine for pain. Never a whimper from her. Now, she's the food girl. She will start barking about 4:30. We call it dog o'clock. She has gained enough confidence that she will go sleep under a chair in the dining room without B.
The crazy thing we have done is ...... they would cry when I would go upstairs to bed. We put a king size mattress in the dining room floor. They can both get on and off with no help. Our house looks silly but we don't care.

We weren't able to get the concept of potty training. We use washable panties. They rarely have a number 2 since we are on a pretty lazy routine.
They are the sweetest girls and all four of ours get along very well. We call them the sisters and the boys the brothers. I tell them everyday how lucky I am to be their mom. We are more attached than I could have ever imagined. I'm so happy to have them as a big part of our crazy animal family." ~ Lisa Stephens


Precious Lulu found her furever home ♥
The family is tickled pink to have Lulu in their family!


Thank you for opening your hearts and homes for these 
precious rescues and for making their dreams come true! 

In Loving Memory 


Thank you all for your prayers, your love, your support, and your uplifting words during this most difficult time. Sadly, we all have to face the loss - it is the price of love, I'm afraid. And as I go through the hundreds (or thousands) of photos I have of her, I am reminded of all the joy she brought to our family. And I am eternally grateful to YTNR, ME, Aunt Corrine, and this entire group for making it possible for us to share our lives with her for the better part of 8 years. She lives on in our hearts forever - I so miss her already! But she was suffering, and it would be selfish of me to keep her here in body when her little spirit was already moving on.

You always did love to go "bye-bye"...
Sophie Rose, I know JAZZ met you at the bridge. He was your brother and your biggest fan, and in our sorrow, we are comforted in the fact that he is rejoicing to see you again. Here is a photo of the day they met when Sophie Rose came to live with us:
And I also know that Neeko Spaulding was there to greet his partner in crime-they were quite a pair at the Nashville reunion a few years ago. 

As we mourn, know that we are grateful to each of you for reaching out to comfort us. We are lost without Sophie Rose and JAZZ now. I got a dog for my first birthday and for the first time in my life, I no longer have a furbaby... I don't quite know what to do with myself except cry and miss them all...

I know you understand.

Deborah and Herb Thompson


A big part of my world, with four little paws and a ribbon on her ponytail, has quietly left me behind here. And now again I say goodbye to a blessed little girl, a wonderful friend in ribbons and bows. 
They are not human but do bring out the humanity in all of us.  Such is the life of the yorkie. These little heartbeats at my feet.

The story of Chloe

It was late 2005.  My 17 year old Yorkie Rescue, Willow had passed away from terminal kidney disease, leaving me with my 15 year old Yorkie Rescue, Princess.  I received a call from a woman who had a 4 year old Yorkie that she had to surrender to rescue because she had just opened a daycare in her home.  She claimed Chloe was vicious. Never mind that Chloe had never bitten anyone, nor had she bitten another animal.  Chloe was branded as vicious and the shelter would take her and put her down.  That's why the owner called us.  I brought Chloe home and in no time I determined her only aggressive moves were to get to and lick your face.  I decided that she was labelled vicious because when she smiled, her teeth would show and it could, maybe, appear as if she were going to bite, but all she ever did was kiss you.  Over the years, Chloe was my Alpha female.  She would greet any new foster dogs, and help them adapt until they were adopted to their new furever home.  This is how I'll always remember Chloe.

A week ago, Chloe got very sick, and she was weak.  The emergency vet initiated a plan of treatment.  I requested prayers for her, and she started to improve.  I believed my prayers were answered, only to have her stop eating.  Then we saw her regular vet.  She had a different thought on what might be going on and we changed the treatment.  12 hours of improvement but it didn't last.  I was forced to make the decision that none of us here want to make.  Rest In Peace, my precious girl.  My heart is shattered, and I'm crying inconsolably.  

In despair, 
Susan Sullivan


"It is eerily terrifying that there is no sound when a heart breaks. 
Car accidents end with a bang, falling ends with a thud, even writing makes the scratching sound of pencil against paper. But the sound of a heart breaking is completely silent. Almost as though no one, not even the universe itself could create a sound for such devastation. Almost as though silence is the only way the universe could pay its respect to the sound of a heart falling apart."
                                                                               -  Nikita Gill, The Sound of Heartbreak

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We have just the creative outlet for you during this pandemic! 
A lovely Yorkie themed coloring book to put the fun back into your day. Grab your crayons, your pencils, your watercolors or markers, and expose yourself to art. Lower your stress and anxiety, and foster mindfulness. Enjoy yourself while you bring an adorable picture to life!

A few sheets from our coloring book

Make sure to get your copies to color, relax and spread some cheer, as we remain home in order to stay safe and keep those around us safe.

The price of the coloring book is $12.50, including shipping.  Please support the care of our foster Yorkies, and allow us to rescue more dogs, by buying one for yourself, and maybe a few as gifts!

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Hope you will all enjoy relaxing while filling your life with color! Our little dogs thank you for supporting their care! And so, do all of us at YTNR!

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How Quarantine Affects Your Pets
from Today's Veterinary Nurse
The stress and anxiety can be felt by our pets. Pets feel our stress as well. Dogs can register human emotions by the expressions on our faces.

Dogs are considered members of the family and reside in close contact with their owners. Because of this, dogs have developed particular skills that allow them to interact and communicate efficiently with people. Recent studies have shown that the canine brain can pick up on emotional cues contained in a person's voice, body odor, and posture, and read their faces.

In a home with an alteration in routine and increased stress levels by the human occupants, it is not surprising that veterinary hospitals are seeing an upward trend in cases of behavior issues. How does this stress manifest? What can veterinary teams recommend to pet owners to help ease the stress in their pets?

Stress Reducers for Dogs

Physical exercise is very important for dogs in alleviating stress. Veterinary teams should be discussing the proper exercise program for the specific pet with the owner prior to beginning a new regimen.

Additionally, veterinary nurses cannot forget to discuss mental exercise -  it is just as important when alleviating stress and boredom in dogs. It is important to discuss interactive toys and brain games to ensure they are cognitively engaged and entertained. This also results in less destructive behavior.

Feeding puzzles are a great resource for dogs too! Dogs are natural foragers, so making them work for their bites of kibble is a great way to work their brain. Go for a walk or play fetch-this gets the owner and the pet moving.

Recommend a "Sniffari walk" with their dog. This type of walk allows the dog to take the lead and follow their nose wherever it wants to go. The owner is with them to keep them safe, but a Sniffari allows the dog the freedom to check out new smells and allows them to choose what direction to go (keeping safety in mind).

It is extremely enriching for dogs to use their sense of smell (sniffer), and their brain is processing so much information that it makes these kinds of activities an excellent way to burn excess energy. Sniffaris also allow for the owner and the dog to decompress and reduce stress levels.

More Stress Reducers for Dogs and Cats

Soothing scents: They are not just for people, and in fact can be integrated into the pet's environment thus offering comfort. Scents such as lavender and chamomile are known for their ability to mollify stressed pets. Additionally in dogs, valerian, vanilla, and ginger have shown promise in calming anxious dogs.

Soothing sounds: Sounds also can directly impact a pet's emotional state. Outside noises can excite pets, therefore owners should work to reduce outside noise and offer calming sounds inside the house. As with the other senses, specific sounds can provide a calmer environment to stressed pets. These sounds include species specific music (set to the beat of the species' resting heart rate), soft rock, and classical music. This can help calm both the pets and their owners.

Remember it is the disrupted routine caused by COVID-19 that has been the catalyst for the behavior changes. Consistency is key-for pets and humans. Try to keep a consistent schedule for every member of the household-human, canine, feline, or avian-as consistency is essential for the pet's wellbeing.

These are but a few ideas for helping pet owners reduce the stress and anxiety in their dogs and cats during the pandemic and the resulting change in routine. Veterinary nurses play an important role in bridging communicating between veterinarians and pet owners regarding their pet's behavior and triaging the "needs to be seen" from the "needs enrichment."

Many Thanks to Lifeline4Paws   


Every time we remember to say "thank you", 
we experience nothing less than heaven on earth.  
~ Sarah Ban Breathnach



Chris Hogan, 
Executive Vice President 
of the Hogan Family Foundation Inc, 
is the Program Director of Lifeline-4-Paws.
 She is a YTNR member and has generously supported 
our rescue efforts, contributing tens of thousands of dollars 
to hundreds of our dogs since 2007.