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                                                                                                           May 2020                           
" Faith and hope work hand in hand, however, while hope focuses on the future, faith focuses on the now. "
 ~ David Odunaiya
In This Issue
Message of love, best wishes, health and happiness from MaryElizabeth Dugmore
Pandemic isolation survival strategy from our dear members
Humble gratitude by Hannelie Vermeulen
Hello Everyone from Patti Kushnir
In Loving Memory
Fundraiser for our little Rescues ♥
Donor Recognition
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Supermodel Athena Maria
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Message of  love, best wishes, health and happiness
from MaryElizabeth Dugmore

Dear fellow Yorkie lovers and YTNR supporters,
COVID-19 changed life as we know it. Suddenly the fear of illness, of becoming a carrier and infecting others, and concern for the safety of our loved ones, our neighbors, friends, communities and the world at large, have changed our lifestyles.
We have been practicing physical distancing, self-isolation, and have been living out of the pantry and freezer, versus going to the store or the mall, in order to remain safe and keep others safe.  We're missing the companionship of friends and family, but finding new ways to connect and to stay in touch. It's been scary, lonely, sad and challenging, but also heart-warming.  We've come to see people reach out to each other, neighbors checking on each other and helping each other out.  We've seen volunteers shopping for those who are vulnerable, making masks for those in need, and so many checking in with those who are isolated and alone. We've come to see the true meaning of community. We have had contact with friends we do not often talk to, check-in's from loved ones we haven't heard from in a while. We've been more active on social media, checking in on each other, and many of us have been doing the self-care we sometimes neglect during our busy times.
We've come to be thankful for the essential workers - the farm workers who continue to plant, cultivate and harvest to feed us, the production and grocery workers who remain working in order to allow us to eat and buy other essentials, the delivery people who allow the vulnerable and so many of the rest of our community to remain at home safely, and the health care workers who work tirelessly to treat the ill and save lives.
At YTNR we've been thankful for our volunteers who continue to follow through with the care, as well as the inquiries we receive regarding animals. We've been thankful for so many of our volunteers checking on each other and checking in, and thankful for our little dogs (and cats), and fosters, who keep easing the stress by being their loving selves, and adding structure to our days.
As you may be aware from our prior newsletter, we have adjusted our intake and placement process during the pandemic to minimize potential exposure to our volunteers and prospective adoptees. However, we remain available for rescue, and our rescues for adoption. So please reach out to us, and we will assist you to the best of our ability.  In this issue, we included several stories from our animal loving community, near and far, sharing their ways of coping during these stressful times. I hope you find it inspiring, and are comforted, that we stand together as a family of animal lovers.
Please also stay safe, take care of yourselves, and remain loving, caring and compassionate, including self-compassionate. We are all in it together - and together we can do it!
With love and best wishes for health and happiness,


MaryElizabeth Dugmore
President and Founder, YTNR

Pandemic isolation survival strategy from our dear members

To keep myself busy at home, I've picked up a new hobby.  Crafting.
Stay well
                                                              Here is my Onyx.  LOL  


María Boyle


My sister took my late husband's monogrammed handkerchiefs 
and made masks for me.
Patricia Johnson


I haven't been off the farm in five weeks, but I certainly have stayed busy.  I have cooked everyday trying to use all the extra things in our pantry that I was saving for an emergency, more along the line of an ice storm or weather event. I've made bread at least once a week and mastered pizza dough.

We also got our vegetable garden started early, introduced our newly grown up chickens to free roaming the farm.

Here's a picture of Adam in his mask, 
he's working at Publix so we got him this one ASAP.

Everyone stay safe.


Rajes, an amazing woman, and avid Yorkie lover, pulled out her 1936 collectible Singer sewing machine, to make masks for family, friends, neighbors and to donate (to nursing homes and the local humane society so far). A few pictures of her machine, her project of love, and her with her lovely little Yorkie grandchild, Teddy.

For me, making the masks are another form of prayer. An outlet for my desire to be up there in the frontlines with the noble and brave souls who willingly risk their own safety and lives to heal and comfort the sick and the dying .
May all the Beings in
All the worlds be happy ♥♥
Rajes Phillips
  Pictures of my 1936 Singer Featherweight and the masks.


 In Oregon we have not had as many cases of the Covid 19 virus. However, it has turned our world upside down like most people. 

My four little doggies know something is up as Daddy is home everyday (he's a cook) and we go for more walks. At almost 70 we are considered elderly. So are my doggies! Wren is 12, Murphy is 10 and Jesse and Kirby (YTNR) will be 11 this July! We go slow and do our daily routine as much as possible. We still walk 4-5 times a day and we social distance.
It's a scary times for all of us so we do the best we can every single day. My doggies need more cuddle time for them and for me. We wouldn't have it any other way! I hope that all the friends, families and dogs of YTNR stay safe and healthy! ~  Lynn Garcia


We live on a Game Farm in South Africa.  Waking up on our farm is a mindful experience in itself. During the day time we see elephants and other wildlife stop by the watering holes and pass by our fence, and at night time we huddle to the lions' roar. We conclude each day under an open sky next to a giant Bush Fire ... and so each one of us become a storyteller and dream maker again.

We are not at risk for Covid-19 on the farm. We are not in contact with other people.  We Zoom with our children, family and friends at night, and catch up via WhatsApp. During the day we keep ourselves busy with game drives and checking on the farm, and as the day draws to an end, we watch the gorgeous sunsets self-isolating together with nature.

We do breakfast and supper on the fire, and I indulge myself in baking. I do exercises on YouTube and some Yoga for Beginners. Pieter (my husband) is always busy on the farm, checking the electric fences and boreholes, because life continues, and some things are essential.  One of our big elephants recently broke the Main Gate, so it had to be fixed (again), for safety's sake.

We feel really blessed having a farm where we can escape to during this "lockdown" period. Like we always say: Africa changes you forever, like nowhere on earth.  Once you have been there, you will never be the same.
African peacefulness

Strength in nature, not numbers .... 
(the elephants are behind the electric wire)

The lion roars tonight ....

Peaceful greetings from South Africa.


A pandemic update from me and my little girl Missy ♥
I included a couple extra photos of her looking sharp since she is a scruffy girl right now!
Even though my little Missy has not been groomed for two months and is the scruffiest Yorkie in town, I can't think of a better buddy to have during this shelter-in-place time.  She forces me go for a walk every day and still pulls at the lead while being 15 years old!  Both of us could definitely use a touch up, but just seeing her twirl in circles of joy when she anticipates a walk is so up-lifting.  I am an on-line teacher of over a hundred 7th graders, so I continue working with them through this time.  And, it's amazing how many projects, long delayed, are finally getting completed! Stay strong everyone and enjoy some quality time during this beautiful spring with your family and your best furry friend!

Warm regards,
Tyan Wyss-Lockner & Missy
Portland, Oregon


Quarantine has changed my way of living completely. My dogs, Zuri and Kiki, are happy that their parent is always home, and the cat, Abigail, (really my mom's cat) is starting to get suspicious that I got fired from my job.
Early mornings now start with a stroll through the still streets of my South African gated community, with only a few people in sight, and no cars. No commuting, no busy streets, no traffic. There is also no music, only the friendly sound of birds greeting me good morning with a chirp.
Peaceful early morning walkway

I have never experienced the autumn air as I am now able to. Outside is now used for walks, gym and yoga. It is no longer simply used as a commute to another indoor place. I salute the sun outside, and the fire in the fireplace burning inside keeping my body temperature stable.
My routine is different, I go to bed late and I wake up early. There is no more breakfast, lunch and dinner, as it has become a normality to cook and eat all day. The cat is competing with the dogs for the kitchen chair - I guess they all want to be close to the food in case I drop something on my hourly snack run.
But at least there is still some stability in this madness - since nothing bonds a family with their animals like the presence of food in a cozy room. And there's no place like home in a pandemic!
Abigail exhausted from
all the attention

                                                                   Zuri and Kiki napping until the next snack run

From my home to yours,
may peace and health be with you.



As we come to terms with the fact that our basic day-to-day activities were never a right, but a privilege, we are forced to pause... And re-evaluate what we give meaning to in life.
Have we built our houses on rock or on sand? If we built it on sand, where will we build it next? What do we give meaning to in life?
Our success? Our possessions? Our friends? Perhaps, our loved ones? Is this not all a foundation of sand? Perishable and conditional.
I say again, have we built our houses on rock or on sand? If we built it on sand, where will we build it next? What do we give meaning to in life?
He who has ears let him hear.
Labor of Love
Labor of Love

Cape Town, South Africa



Humble gratitude by Hannelie Vermeulen

COVID-19 changed our lives at home and at work, especially for those who lost their jobs or businesses, and their livelihood, temporarily or permanently, due to the pandemic. My heart goes out to all who are now employment insecure, housing insecure and/or food insecure.
As a crisis counselor in a hospital setting, I have been in the fortunate position of remaining employed. In the process, I have been humbled by the opportunity to work alongside true heroes - doctors, nurses, technicians and support staff, our social workers, counselors, care managers, our employee assistance program staff, our cleaning personnel, our food service workers, our security, as well as so many others who keep our hospital running - including our management coordinating daily care for our patients and staff.
                             Brave hearts, as painted by a coworker, Roxy Johnson
I have experienced the fear and stress amongst our patients and my coworkers. Fear of being ill, of becoming ill, and of taking the illness home to loved ones after a long day at work. I have witnessed their sorrow, their bravery, their camaraderie, and their strength. I've experienced the outpour of support from our community - many of whom are also struggling - like the restaurants who send us food, the florists who send us flowers, and the schools and local children who send us thank you notes. I've been thankful to those making or procuring masks and personal protective equipment, and those finding other ways to show their love and support.
                                                         Wall of community support
I never thought I'd live through times like this - and am so thankful mine was a life that was spared. I'm grateful for the lives of my family members being spared, and those of my friends and my neighbors, my coworkers, as well as acquaintances, and people I have never even met. I am also honored to have been witness to so much good coming from such fear and sadness, and to have been part of a supported team at work, and a loving family at home. My heart goes out to those who have lost a loved one, to those who have died in isolation, and those who face this highly stressful virus alone, or with compromised health. I can never express the gratitude I feel towards the frontline staff who stepped up and became the true heroes, and to all who did their share of social and emotional support, as well as physical distancing, to help ensure the safety of themselves and those in our communities.
As time continues, and the physical distancing wear on us, please reach out to let those around you know when you need support - and please check in with those who can gain from a little more support. Please call your local crisis line, a national crisis line, or an aging friendship line if you need additional support - and alert others around you to the availability of such support. Focus of what you can control, and see the good in yourself and in others.
Please wear your masks, for the safety of yourself, in honor of those whom we love and care about, for the safety of those around you, and the safety of the people who serve in our communities and go home to vulnerable loved ones themselves. Please stay at home if you are able to - as a way to assist in saving lives, maybe even your own, or that of a loved one. We are all important in this fight for health and happiness, no matter the size of our contribution.
                                                      Days of our lives
Now is the time to also do good self-care. Take deep breaths, meditate, and engage in safe activities you can enjoy at current. Spend some time in nature or outside if possible, ground yourself in your immediate surroundings, and eat healthy. Remain flexible and positive. Smile with your eyes, it will show above your masks. Above all, hang on to hope, do small acts of kindness, and be inclusive - because together we will weather the COVID-19 pandemic!
                                                              Watercolor by Walt Colton

Hannelie Vermeulen

Hello Everyone from Patti Kushnir
MaryElizabeth sent out Yorkie Prayer Patrol  for me and I want to thank everyone so very much for all the prayers and well wishes.

I have completed my first Chemo Treatment and the 2nd one is coming up.  The only problem I had with it was it bothered the nerves in my feet and my  knees.  So far so good..   They are going to do 3 treatments 21 days apart then surgery.

Jimmie never leaves my side, he has been such a blessing to me.  I am staying with my friend Susan actually in the same place I moved from so it is very familiar.

The doctor said that it is treatable.   God has been very good to me and I am in the middle of my 3rd miracle.  So again, thank you all for your prayers, they do  move mountains and miracles do happen, please keep me in your prayers.  Praise Jesus.

I wish everyone a beautiful day and stay safe.  This virus will also end and soon we will be able to resume our lives.

Patti and Jimmie too!

In Loving Memory

We are sad to announce that we lost one of our hospice furbabies.
Lou came to us from a shelter. He was left in a box with another little senior yorkie outside the shelter. Lou was adopted and we rescued his little partner. In time the adopter surrendered Lou to YTNR due to his poor health. Lou went to one of our wonderful fosters, Marge, and was reunited with his little partner, Paddywak, from the shelter. Under the care and love from Marge, Lou prospered and lived for another 3 years with his enlarged and sick heart. We thank Marge for such wonderful care for little Lou and we know that he was very much loved.

RIP beautiful boy, run free with a healthy body and we will see you again. 
Thank you for letting YTNR get to know and love you!!!


It is eerily terrifying that there is no sound when a heart breaks. 
Car accidents end with a bang, falling ends with a thud, even writing makes the scratching sound of pencil against paper. But the sound of a heart breaking is completely silent. Almost as though no one, not even the universe itself could create a sound for such devastation. Almost as though silence is the only way the universe could pay its respect to the sound of a heart falling apart."
                                                          -  Nikita Gill, The Sound of Heartbreak

Fundraiser for our little Rescues ♥

We have just the creative outlet for you during this pandemic! 
A lovely Yorkie themed coloring book to put the fun back into your day. Grab your crayons, your pencils, your watercolors or markers, and expose yourself to art. Lower your stress and anxiety, and foster mindfulness. Enjoy yourself while you bring an adorable picture to life!

A few sheets from our coloring book

Make sure to get your copies to color, relax and spread some cheer, as we remain home in order to stay safe and keep those around us safe.

The price of the coloring book is $12.50, including shipping.  Please support the care of our foster Yorkies, and allow us to rescue more dogs, by buying one for yourself, and maybe a few as gifts!

or click on  undefined

You can also send a check to:
1065 Lewis Road
Chapmansboro, Tennessee 37035 

Hope you will all enjoy relaxing while filling your life with color! Our little dogs thank you for supporting their care! And so, do all of us at YTNR!

Special Thanks to this month's Donors 

Thank You to the Many Wonderful & Generous April

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Louis Ruggiero in memory of his best friend Pipsqueak
Karen Roff in memory of PeeWee
Shereen Seigel for Giovanni
Pamela Stephens for Spencer
Ray Beatificato
Angela Lester
Christine Nelson in memory of Angie Simon
Christian DeGobbi
Tri State Gold Buying Services, Inc. in memory of Cujo Veazey
MaryElizabeth Dugmore in memory of Lou

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Supermodel Athena Maria Aphrodite 
The Goddess of Wisdom and Love..... 

Mother's love is bliss, is peace, it need not be acquired, it need not be deserved. If it is there, it is like a blessing; if it is not there, it is as if all the beauty had gone out of life.  ~ Erich Fromm

Many Thanks to Lifeline4Paws   


Every time we remember to say "thank you", 
we experience nothing less than heaven on earth.  
~ Sarah Ban Breathnach



Chris Hogan, 
Executive Vice President 
of the Hogan Family Foundation Inc, 
is the Program Director of Lifeline-4-Paws.
 She is a YTNR member  and has generously supported 
our rescue efforts, contributing  tens of thousands of dollars 
to hundreds of our dogs since 2007.