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                                                                                                                   October 2017                            

"Animal lovers are a special breed of humans, 
generous of spirit, 
full of empathy, 
perhaps a little prone to sentimentality, 
and with hearts as big as a cloudless sky" 

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YTNR Celebrated its 20th Anniversary ♥
The Smoky Awards
Dugmore Rescuer of the Year
Recycle ~ Yes I Can - Bottle Up
In Loving Memory
Looking for a Furever Home
Donor Recognition
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YTNR Celebrated its 20th Anniversary ♥


Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue celebrated
its 20th Annual Family and Friends Weekend of Fun 
Date: 09-07-17 to 09-10-17  
Location: Sheraton Music City Hotel, 
Nashville, Tennessee 


The Smoky Awards

Background and History of Smoky

Smoky was a four pound Yorkie who was found in an abandoned jungle foxhole in New Guinea in early 1944 by a soldier whose jeep had stalled in the jungle.     
The next day the Yorkie was sold for two Australian pounds ($6.44) to 20 year old Private First Class Bill Wynne. Bill and Smoky flew combat missions and went through many air raids together. She lived on rugged army tropical food including at times C and K rations, while they served 18 months straight in combat. They traveled 40,000 miles overseas.

One of the highlights of the Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue Annual Gathering is the announcement of the winners of the yearly Smoky Awards. All our rescues are special and we like to acknowledge them and their rescue stories. All rescues adopted between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017 were eligible for nomination.

Since new people have joined our great group since the last time, it might be fitting to retell the story of WHO the Smoky of the "Smoky Award" is. We turned to Bill Wynne whose heart was stolen over 60 years ago by his four pound Yorkie, Smoky - his angel in a foxhole.

When YTNR was planning its very first rescue Ball in 1999, the first thing that came to mind was creating a special award for the Yorkie Rescue of the Year. It seemed logical to name the award after Bill Wynne's world famous Yorkie rescue. After nominations came in, it quickly became clear that each story was special and touching. Each rescue is a great rescue, just as Smoky was. She started a movement, in rescue, in therapy, in obedience that showed people what a four pound dynamo could do. 

Announcing the year's Smoky Awards each year at the Gathering is something we look forward to, through laughter and tears. It reminds us of why we do what we do, and how much it is so worthwhile. 
We receive many nominations each year. It is never easy to narrow the field; each dog has its own story, fortunately ending happily with a new and loving forever family. Some of these little dogs are senior citizens; some have health issues requiring ongoing care; some never knew human love before; some were strays; and some came from families who loved them but could no longer care for them.    
Yorkie Doodle Dandy by Bill Wynne the full story of this WWII hero is available in our Yorkie Angel Boutique.   


Now, May I hear the drum roll please......

RODGER, one of the MAGNIFICENT  13

To Whom It May Concern
We are writing you to nominate our "Prince" Rodger for the 2017 Smoky Awards. Rodger came into our family on a cold wintry night in January. We worked with the Yorkie Rescue in becoming a foster family, as we wanted to assist in fostering a dog in need of a home. We found out the rescue organization had a yorkie, along with several of his siblings, who was in need of a home.  He was described as a 2 year old male that was most likely less than 8 pounds. On January 22nd, we met Jackie Wolf, the coordinator, along with some other families, to pick up our new fosters. It was chilly outside so we quickly took our little guy from her car and put him in our car and prepared for the ride home. When we got home, we could tell he was scared and nervous so we, along with our two daughters (13 and 11) gave him lots of hugs.
It wasn't until we finally let him down to walk on his own that we discovered something was terribly wrong. Our friend, could not walk. His front legs were normal, but both of his back legs had a condition that is called Luxating Patellas. Luxating Patella is where the knee caps are out of the joint. Our little guy was a grade four, which is the most extreme case.   We immediately called Jackie and advised her of the issue. She stated that she only knew of one dog with the problem who stayed behind in Kentucky, but was not aware of a second. She said we could give him back and she would make arrangements to get him back to Kentucky, from where he came. After my husband and I looked at each other, we said this: We know it's not your fault and do not know how something like this could happen. But what we do know is this. God gave us this little guy and put him in a family where his dad has been blessed with the hands to fix him and we have the hearts to love him. You see, my husband, is a licensed Veterinarian whose special interest is orthopedic surgery. What are the odds that we, a family who could help him, would receive Rodger by mistake? There were a lot of tears towards the end of that phone conversation, but we were ready for the task of giving Rodger a new lease on life.
Before we knew it, Rodger was scheduled for surgery a week after coming to our home. My husband went in and repaired both knees. The bone defect was so severe, that Rodger ended up undergoing a second surgery several weeks later.

Here is Prince Rodger getting acquainted with Papa Doc

He is well on his way to recovery and little by little, day by day he is beginning to come out of shell. Needless to say, Rodger is a Prince and we do nothing short of treating him like one. He has his own carrier, blanket, wardrobe and special spot on our bed, the couch, you name it!  We truly love Rodger and feel he should win the Smoky Award this year. We know that Smoky the War Dog was a war hero. Heroes are not born but made through being able to overcome various forms of adversity. The earlier part of Prince Rodger's life was met with various obstacles and he overcame them with flying colors. We know Rodger was cared for when he came into our home. We're grateful for the opportunity to bless more into his life and to give him hope for a future.

The Kimmey Family (Duane, Sophia, Nia and Jada)


This story will appear in our November Yorkie Times


This story will appear in our December Yorkie Times


Dugmore Rescuer of the Year  ~ Barbara  Buechele  

So proud to present Barbara Buechele with 
our "Dugmore's Rescuer of the Year" award. 

Barbara has been a valuable volunteer for Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue for many years. She has fostered and cared for countless numbers of our rescues and especially cared for many of our liver shunt babies which require a long term commitment nursing them back to health. Barbara has driven in cars, flown on airplanes, met in shopping malls and private homes on behalf of our dogs. 

We Thank you, Barbara for choosing us and for being such an important part of our family and for all you have done to help these special little Yorkies.

Recycle ~ Yes I Can - Bottle Up

Yes I Can - Bottle Up

Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue (YTNR) just turned 20!  We continue to strive to save and find forever homes for Yorkies in need, and occasionally help out with another breed. 
Throughout financially good and difficult times, we have always been there. Over the years, as more rescue organizations have started off around us (yeah! for the doggies being saved), and as the economy has had its ups and downs, money has become tighter.  As a group, we have rededicated ourselves to working on new ways to motivate ourselves and those around us, to save or collect money for the little dogs who need medical care and a brighter future.

Little Caroline in Oregon would like to invite other adoptees and their families, friends and neighbors around the states who recycle, to collect cans and bottles, recycle it and send the money to YTNR.  So, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Oklahoma, and Vermont - see if you could top the Oregonians.  We're starting off with a contribution of $15.90.  

After cashing in, you can support us via PayPal (button on ), use Bill Pay from your bank, or mail us a check to:

1065 Lewis Rd, Chapmansboro  TN, 37035 

Yorkies across the US will thank you - as will YTNR.

In Loving Memory ~  Honorary Smoky Award recipient, Lady ♥


I have more sad news here.  We took in Lady on July 29th from the San Francisco shelter.  She was another old and neglected Yorkie.  I have been putting off placing her on the website for adoption because she just wasn't ready .  She needed to gain weight and get stronger.
Well, Lady had a seizure this evening, it went on for quite some time.  I rushed her to the Vet. She was quiet when they took her into the back.  Then they said she began to have another seizure, apparently had a  stroke and died.    
It has not been a good year for our old dogs, we just get them too late to really help them.  I am glad she was pampered and loved at the end.  I have attached a picture of Lady  in my office just a few days ago.  

Paula L. Fonseca

"It is eerily terrifying that there is no sound when a heart breaks. Car accidents end with a bang, falling ends with a thud, even writing makes the scratching sound of pencil against paper. But the sound of a heart breaking is completely silent. Almost as though no one, not even the universe itself could create a sound for such devastation. Almost as though silence is the only way the universe could pay its respect to the sound of a heart falling apart."
                                                                              -  Nikita Gill, The Sound of Heartbreak   

Looking for a Furever Home

Hi everyone! This is sweet little Rambo. He is 8 years old and weighs about 9.5 pounds. Rambo is a little shy at first, but warms up quickly. He likes both men and women. He would be fine as an only dog, but he does get along with other dogs. Rambo likes to go for walks and also likes to play fetch. A lot of exercise will help Rambo reach a more ideal weight of 8 pounds.
Rambo does have a history of bladder stones, but recent vet visits confirm that  he does not have any more stones. He is up to date on all his shots and received a clean bill of health from our vet. He does eat a special food to support a healthy bladder.
Rambo would do best in a home where his people are home most of the time. If he is left alone for too long, he may have accidents. He would also love to have a yard where he can run and play.

If you are interested in meeting this special boy, please fill out an application online and be sure to put "Rambo in Illinois" on the form. Just click on his picture above, and he will take you to our website.


Special Thanks to this month's Donors 

Thank You to the Many Wonderful & Generous September  

General Fund

Mahoud Loghman-Adham
Karen Whinnery
Dan & Kirsten Dugmore
Kathryn C. Schuller for Layla
Julaine Owens for Layla
MaryJane Sanders
Nancy Tiller
Julie Gedro
Karen Roff in memory of PeeWee
Brian Labelle a donation from Prince Barkley Labelle
Neeko & Aida Spaulding ~  Jar Change
Lynda Mauro in memory of Baby 9-13-17
Alain Cardinal

Yorkie Angel Donors * 

Karin & Alan Nakashima*
Kathryn Schuller*
Pieter Vermeulen*
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MaryElizabeth Dugmore*
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* monthly donor

We couldn't do it without you...

The Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue Inc. is run solely on private donations and fundraising efforts made by people like you who love this Breed. We appreciate your support

We are a 501 (c) (3) organization, your donation is 100% tax deductible.

Please Help Our Fundraiser

Start your Christmas Cards shopping early and you will be helping us raise  the 
much needed funds for our precious rescues that require crucial medical care


These beautiful cards are designed by the artist that donated them to us.  
Heavy linen type stock paper.  Red envelopes included. 
Price: $10.00 for the pack of 10 plus shipping $2.00

You can support us via PayPal (button on
or mail us a check to:
1065 Lewis Rd, Chapmansboro  TN, 37035 

♥ Thank You!!! ♥

We would Love your support!

Supermodel Athena Maria Aphrodite
The Goddess of Wisdom and Love.....   
Autumn Safety Tips from ASPCA

Be Cautious of Rodenticides and Cold Weather Poisons
The use of rat and mouse poisons increase in the fall as rodents seek shelter from the cooler temperatures by attempting to move indoors. Rodenticides are highly toxic to pets and, if ingested, the results could be fatal. If you must use these products, please do so with extreme caution and put them in places inaccessible to your pets.
Many people choose fall as the time to change their car's engine coolant. Ethylene glycol-based coolants are highly toxic, so spills should be cleaned up immediately. Consider switching to propylene glycol-based coolants-though they aren't completely nontoxic, they are much less toxic than other engine coolants.

Keep School Supplies Out of Paws' Reach
Fall is back-to-school time, and those of you with young children know that means stocking up on items like glue sticks, pencils and magic markers. Although these items are considered low toxicity to pets, gastrointestinal upset and blockages can occur if ingested. Be sure your children keep their school supplies out of your pet's reach.

Steer Clear of Mushrooms
Fall and spring are mushroom seasons. While 99% of mushrooms have little or no toxicity, the 1% that are highly toxic can cause life-threatening problems in pets. Since most toxic mushrooms are difficult to distinguish from nontoxic ones, the best way to prevent pets from ingesting these poisonous plants is to keep them away from areas where any mushrooms are growing. Please visit our  Poisonous Plants page for more information. Contact your veterinarian or the  ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435 immediately if you witness your pet eating a wild mushroom.

Watch Out for Wildlife
Autumn is the season when snakes are preparing for hibernation, increasing the possibility of bites to those unlucky pets who find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. Pet parents should know what kinds of venomous snakes may be lurking in their environment-and where those snakes are most likely to be found-so pets can be kept out of those areas.

Stay  happy and healthy!
Athena Maria ♥
Neeko Red
Neeko's Joke

~ A man was driving down a country lane when he spotted the most beautiful horse he'd ever seen, standing in the middle of a field. He slammed on his brakes and stopped to have a quick look. "I must buy that horse," he said to himself and immediately went in search of the owner. Arriving at a nearby farmhouse, he knocked on the door. 
"Are you the owner of that magnificent animal in the field back there?" he asked. 
"Yes," replied the farmer. 
"Then I simply must buy him from you."
"I can't sell him," said the farmer. "He doesn't look so good."
"What do you mean? He's the most beautiful horse I've seen in my life."
"Well, OK," conceded the farmer, "If you insist. Does a thousand dollars sound reasonable to you?"
"Absolutely," said the man, and he took the horse home on a trailer.
A few days later, the farmer heard another knock on his door. It was the man with the horse. "You ripped me off!" yelled the man. "That horse is as blind as a bat!"
"I tried to warn you," answered the farmer. "I told you he doesn't look so good." ~

Love and Smooches,  
Neeko :o)                                                      

Many Thanks to Lifeline4Paws   


Every time we remember to say "thank you", 
we experience nothing less than heaven on earth.  
~ Sarah Ban Breathnach



Chris Hogan, 
Executive Vice President 
of the Hogan Family Foundation Inc, 
is the  Program Director of Lifeline-4-Paws.
 She is a YTNR member  and has generously supported 
our rescue efforts, contributing  tens of thousands of dollars 
to hundreds of our dogs since 2007.