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                                                                                                               October, 2016                                                                                     
"There is no season when such pleasant 
and sunny spots 
may be lighted on, 
and produce so pleasant an effect 
on the feelings, 
as now in October." 
                                                                        -  Nathaniel Hawthorne


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The Smoky Awards

Background and History of Smoky

Smoky was a four pound Yorkie who was found in an abandoned jungle foxhole in New Guinea in early 1944 by a soldier whose jeep had stalled in the jungle.     
The next day the Yorkie was sold for two Australian pounds ($6.44) to 20 year old Private First Class Bill Wynne. Bill and Smoky flew combat missions and went through many air raids together. She lived on rugged army tropical food including at times C and K rations, while they served 18 months straight in combat. They traveled 40,000 miles overseas.

One of the highlights of the Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue Annual Gathering is the announcement of the winners of the yearly Smoky Awards. All our rescues are special and we like to acknowledge them and their rescue stories. All rescues adopted between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016 were eligible for nomination.

Since new people have joined our great group since the last time, it might be fitting to retell the story of WHO the Smoky of the "Smoky Award" is. We turned to Bill Wynne whose heart was stolen over 60 years ago by his four pound Yorkie, Smoky - his angel in a foxhole.

When YTNR was planning its very first rescue Ball in 1999, the first thing that came to mind was creating a special award for the Yorkie Rescue of the Year. It seemed logical to name the award after Bill Wynne's world famous Yorkie rescue. After nominations came in, it quickly became clear that each story was special and touching. Each rescue is a great rescue, just as Smoky was. She started a movement, in rescue, in therapy, in obedience that showed people what a four pound dynamo could do.
Announcing the year's Smoky Awards each year at the Gathering is something we look forward to, through laughter and tears. It reminds us of why we do what we do, and how much it is so worthwhile.
We receive many nominations each year. It is never easy to narrow the field; each dog has its own story, fortunately ending happily with a new and loving forever family. Some of these little dogs are senior citizens; some have health issues requiring ongoing care; some never knew human love before; some were strays; and some came from families who loved them but could no longer care for them.   
 Yorkie Doodle Dandy by Bill Wynne the full story of this WWII hero is available in our Yorkie Angel Boutique.   

Before we continue, I would like to thank the Voting Committee: Jackie Wolfe, Jessica Frias, Jane Fero, Paula Fonseca, Karen Simone, Melanie Riezner and Stephi Jackson.  These are the people who really have the tough job of deciding who will be the "Yorkie Rescue of the Year".  So, Thank you all for the great job you have done once again. Also a big Thank you goes out to Ronnie Birdsong for the beautiful certificates and plaques.

 And the Winner's are.....

Now, May I hear the drum roll please......


My Name is SHELAGH
I had a different name at one time.  I was Lady Athena, but it was not the life of a lady.  It was a life of misery and neglect.
            I don't remember a lot when I was a puppy, but I know I was given to a woman who just wanted me to have puppies.  This woman believed it was acceptable to have my babies outside on a cement patio floor; I was scared and cold.  The next door neighbor noticed this bad behavior and, along with a friend, made a deal with the woman to take me away.  I was saved...
            But not for long, I was given to another family who again kept me outside in the yard and again I was forced to have more babies.  I was getting so depressed and sick; I thought who will love me?  Since my health was being neglected, I started to lose all my hair and my skin became black and rough as shoe leather.

  I had never been taken for a walk and my nails had painfully grown inward toward my paw pads.  It was obvious my body was riddled with infection.  This family took me to the vet and was told if they were not going to help me get better, then they should consider putting me to sleep.
Instead, they took me home and put me back in the yard where I was wishing I would just go to sleep forever.  It was then a miracle happened and my life was about to change for the better, forever. 
            Someone was visiting this family and asked to see me.  The family said "if you want her, take her".  Did I hear correctly?  Was I finally going to get out of this prison?   Yes, I was.  I was taken to a new house, given a warm bath and slept in my very own bed for the first time.  I finally was able to see a vet who would take care of me; I had an operation so I could not have any more babies and fixed my teeth that were hurting.  It is because of my foster mommy that I look so beautiful today.  She rubbed coconut oil on my black hard skin, gave me vitamins and daily baths, special medicine for my very itchy and allergic skin. 

 And although at the beginning I could only make it 5 feet, my foster mommy took me on walks every day.  Most important, I heard kind words for the very first time and slowly, this new feeling of being loved improved my health and demeanor most of all.
            Usually this would be the Happy Ending that one looks for, but this is really the beginning.  My life really began with my foster mommy and to make it even better, she adopted me and I now have a "furever" home with 3 Yorkie siblings!
            Thank you YTNR for bringing me into their family and thank you to my foster mommy who became my "Furever Mommy" who loves me to the moon and back.  I AM SAVED!

Shelagh on behalf of my wonderful mommy Eva.
(Eva Ortiz)

This year we had the honor of presenting the award in "the fur" to Shelagh and her Furever Mommy, Eva ♥



(by Judy Storkamp)

I would like to nominate our Yorkie Benji (formerly Bobee) for the 16th Annual Smoky Award. I find myself forever grateful to the Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue and our contact, Patti Kushnir, who was so instrumental in the adoption process, and is interested in his life after adoption. More than that, I would like to thank Benji, who has brought an abundance of happiness to our lives! Last year, we lost one of our beloved dogs, Lucy, who had been my constant companion. I felt such a deep sense of loss, as did our other two dogs and my husband. I am retired and am devoted to spending my spare time rescuing homeless dogs. My main focus is placing seniors or otherwise hard-to-place dogs in loving forever homes. During my searches and shares last fall, I saw Benji, an elderly, terrified Yorkie who was severely malnourished and neglected, with very sparse body hair and a limp. He was located in a California high kill shelter and I feared for his life. The posting said he was about 8 years old and that he might possibly have a broken or injured leg which was why he was limping. I immediately called the shelter several times until I finally talked to a real person. They told me that a rescue had put a hold on him, which I realized was a great thing, because I knew he would be saved. The shelter would not tell me which rescue had put a hold on Benji, so I did some digging around in the internet searches and found that it was the YTNR. I wrote an e-mail expressing my interest in saving the dog. Patti Kushnir of the YTNR called me and requested background information, references, and photos of our house and yard. After providing all requested documentation and pictures, we were thrilled when Patti said we were approved!! The first issue we had to resolve was transportation, Benji was located in California and we live in Minnesota. I had originally hoped that an organization such as Pilots and Paws could help us get Benji to us. Although we contacted many organizations, nothing really worked out, so my husband and I decided to fly to California to personally pick up Benji.
We met Patti and Benji at the airport and within hours headed back to Minnesota. The trip was hard on Benji. He didn't know us and he was very anxious. Then the plane stood for 3 hours on the tarmac during which time he was forced to stay in his carrier under the seat. I felt so bad for him. But, we finally got him home!!! We introduced Benji to our other two dogs, Winnie, a mini-poodle mix and Smudge, a mastiff. After the initial "sniff period", Benji was welcomed into our family as one of the pack.
We had learned previously that Benji was actually 10 years old and he celebrated his 11th birthday on Jan. 2, 2016. We knew that Benji was owned by a girl for his first five years, whom we met at the airport, but we did not have much information as to where he went after that. From the beginning, I realized that Benji had a wounded spirit. He was very sweet from the very beginning but was very shut down. He was very fearful about any "potty" issues. He was afraid to go potty inside the house or out and cringed every time he went potty, but he was paper trained. So I decided to just start from scratch and potty train him as if he were a puppy. Benji is an exceptional dog!!! He is very smart and is about 99% potty trained and for me, that is good enough!! Whether he gets that last 1% or not is unimportant to me. Like most dogs, Benji thrives on the praise for listening and following our lead. I believe that nobody took the time and patience to guide him in the right direction, and for that, I am glad he will never have to bear that heartbreak again! Benji has severe allergies. We had a complete allergy panel done. He is very allergic to many foods, common household products, common mold and dust, mites, and other household bacteria found in older buildings. We improved our dusting methods, have added two air filters, and Benji still remains on medication for his allergies. We periodically check to see if he notices if we cut back on the medication, and will continue to do so until the time when and if he doesn't need them. The limp Benji had was from him chewing his foot due to mites (invisible to the naked eye) from his allergies. Even with medication and all of these measures taken, he still suffers effects of his allergies, but he so much better and is relatively comfortable most of the time!! Benji is also on prescription kidney food, has cataracts, and is prone to ear infections. Through all of these challenges, Benji has remained sweet, affectionate, loving, funny, and eternally grateful!!When we first got Benji, he was very shut down. He would come out to eat meals, then would retreat to a quiet, dark room to spend time by himself. It is possible that he was used as a breeder and was kept in a cage for several years. He has nearly doubled his weight. His hair, although sparse sporadically, has filled in and looks healthy. One day, it was as if someone flipped a switch, and Benji decided that he wanted to be with us as "one of the pack". Wherever we were, that's where he wants to be. He has become my constant companion which is very endearing to me. Benji is my personal hero, as he has overcome amazing odds!!
Benji rests assured that he will never go hungry, he will never be hit, he will never be abandoned, and he will be loved and cared for the rest of his life.



My Little Alex by Angie Soule

My little Alex was a gift from God above, a true blessing and life saver when he came into my life.  I recently lost my beloved father to stroke & Parkinson's Disease, my cherished furbaby Max (an 18-year-old Lhasa Apso who I rescued as a puppy) to kidney failure and my precious 16.5-year-old disabled Yorkie Jessie Bean (who I rescued at age 14 from the shelter) to congestive heart failure.  They all died within a year of each other.  This was a loss that can't be described in words...truly devastating and life altering.  I found myself for the first time since I was 2 years old without a furbaby.  I was lost and so unhappy without the love and energy of a pup in my life.  I gave myself time to mourn my losses and knew in my heart that the universe would send the furbaby specially meant for me when the time was right.  I reached out to Paula Fonseca and she helped me find my little boy Alex.  I drove 5.5 hours to Paula's location to meet him, fell in love and drove 5.5 hours back to Burbank in the same day...this was THE best gas money I ever spent!  It was love at first sight for me...and for him too as soon as we were in the car on our journey to his new forever home.
When he was surrendered to Paula, his previous owner confessed that he was kept in a small carrier all day (8 - 9 hours) every day, let out for a few hours and then put BACK in the carrier all night.  The poor baby was basically kept in solitary confinement.  Just heartbreaking!  His fur on both hips was gone due to him being in the carrier sitting on those patches all day.  The previous mom told Paula "if you don't let him out of the carrier at some point, he will poop in his carrier."  Truly sad, of course the poor boy will poop and pee in his carrier as his little bladder can't hold it for 9 hours before being able to relieve himself.  He hardly ever barks and then looks at me in a panic when he lets a bark slip out as if he is about to be punished.  He is slowly learning that barking is not going to cause punishment nor pain any longer.  He has no idea how to play.  He has toys but doesn't know how to play with them when I try.  The first day I took him out for his walk, he didn't really know what to do.  He found a nice tuft of grass, sat down, put his head up so the sun could hit his tiny face and just enjoyed the wind blowing his fur and the warmth of the sun.  I guess he had not been outside very often during the day...again, just heart wrenching for me =( 
He was checked by Paula's vet and they said all was ok but when I got him to my vet, we found some hidden issues.  So far we have battled emergency bladder surgery (HUGE stones were blocking his bladder), severe dental infections (which we are still fighting) which required surgery and the infection had gone into his jaws, a severe respiratory illness, allergies, dietary issues, eye issues, underweight and growing his fur back.  He has deformed back knees and needs corrective surgery at some point but this could cost $15,000 to $20,000 to correct.  He is walking fine for now so I have to figure out how to get the money for the surgery.
As of today, he is the happiest boy on the planet!  He has gained weight so he is a little over 5 lbs., right where he should be according to my vet.  His health is slowly getting back to 100% and he loves his home cooked meals (I have to cook for him due to his dietary restrictions and allergies).  His fur is growing back nicely and is now just beautiful.  He is SO handsome!  He loves to be brushed and have his tummy rubbed...both which I do often.  I adore him and he adores me...we are two peas in a pod.  We do everything together.  When he comes to work with me, everyone just showers him with love.  Anywhere he goes, he brings big smiles and tail wags from everyone and every pup around.  He communicates with adorable little sneezes which he uses instead of barking.  His cutest trait is when I go to the laundry or to take out the trash, he meets me at the door EVERY time and does the happy dance while twirling around and wagging his tail.  He is always happy to see me no matter how long I am away.  He has a way of looking at me with his little brown eyes and in that moment I know that all is right with the world when we are together.  He is just a little bundle of love and I am THE luckiest fur mom in the whole world.  I thank YTNR for my precious little Alex...words cannot express how grateful I am to Paula for helping me and this little boy find each other.  Of course all of us in animal rescue world know that I didn't rescue Alex, he rescued me =)


Dugmore Rescuer of the Year  - Patricia Blackmon
A beautiful Honor
Showing my Award to all my fur babies

We are so happy to present Patricia Blackmon the "Dugmore Rescuer of the Year"  2016 award.  Patricia has been a volunteer for us for many years and thinks nothing of getting in her car in South Carolina and driving as far as she needs to to pick up and help a Yorkie in need.  Florida, Tennessee, Virginia she has volunteered hundreds of hours in caring for sick and abused  Yorkies and other small breeds that so desperately need our help.  

Thank you Patricia for all of your hours of dedication and love.

Dean Miller - The Dog Counselor  ~ Q & A 
The Dog Counselor

Dean Miller is a trainer and behavior expert highly skilled in achieving quick and effective results in communication between dogs and their owners. "It's not magic," Dean says. "It's just a matter of understanding where your dog is coming from and speaking that language."

Q: We recently moved from a house to a condo in a different city, in a dog friendly, walkable neighborhood. Because we are no longer in a house and therefore no longer have a backyard, we go on lots of walks around the neighborhood. The issue is, however, that any time we encounter other dogs, my Yorkies bark incessantly. For now, my solution is to turn around and walk the other way but I would like to know if there is a way to address this problem, and peaceably walk my dogs. Can you please offer recommendations? 
Thank you!

A:  First of all, dogs don't like change. They like routine and structure. When you move to a new home it turns their world upside down. If they used to have a yard to run freely in and now only get to exercise on a leash, that can be frustrating. Dogs need regular, off leash exercise in addition to being able to walk well on a leash. Fenced yards, tennis courts and dog parks are some options.

If a dog is always being restrained by a leash when they want to run, it can build frustration. It also inhibits their fight or flight instinct. When something potentially threatening or something they are unsure of comes toward them, the combination of frustration, pent up energy, excitement and a restrained instinct can be a recipe for an outburst.

You didn't say if they are aggressive or simply barking from excitement. If they were to reach the other dog, would they escalate into a fight? Some dogs simply sniff and make friends once they arrive. But until you're sure, don't try it.

Also, you want to be the alpha dog on your walks. You are their leader, not the other way around. Teach them how to walk politely and obey you at times when you are not out for a walk. Teach when all you are working on is the baby steps of how to walk and obey properly. Start inside your house with the leash and some treats.

If all else fails, step between your dogs and the dog they are barking at. Face your dogs, block their access and say "NO!" Don't add a bunch of words and sound. Be firm, calm and quiet between giving one word corrections. Block their access by stepping into their space. If you have to, crouch in front of them and calm them down until the other dog passes. Put your front to them and your back to the passing dog.

If none of these work, I suggest you hire me! I can help. I fly anywhere in the world to teach seminars and private lessons.

Thank you and I hope this helps!

Dean Miller

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 Thank You to the Many Wonderful and Generous 
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A day in the life of a Volunteer 

A rescue organization cannot exist without volunteers, that includes, foster families, volunteers who transport and volunteers who can fundraise by any means, such as bake sales, garage sales and any and all donations.  These volunteers are very precious to rescue organizations and sometimes we forget to Thank them so very much.   But we are so grateful to all of them who give their precious time to help these little rescued Yorkies that are in need of a home.
I thought I would tell you all about a few days in the life of a few of our volunteers.  This particular rescue involved 4 of our volunteers, including our President and Vice President of Rescue Operations.
Vivian Lee who is now Lucy (Belle) was surrendered to MaryElizabeth in Clarksville, Tennessee.  This little girl stayed several days at her house.  We also had 2 little Maltese boys surrendered to YTNR in Alabama.  We were so fortunate to have a long time volunteer, Elizabeth W. in Alabama who picked up the 2 boys and temporarily fostered them.  MaryElizabeth met our volunteer Elizabeth, in Monte Eagle, Tennessee and picked up the 2 little Maltese boys, Lucky and Vegas, and they spent the night at her house. The next day they drove to Louisville, Kentucky to meet Corrine.  Corrine then took Lucky, Vegas and Vivian Lee with her and drove to Lafayette, Indiana to meet Marilyn who took Lucky and Vegas with her up to the Chicago area and Corrine then continued home to Indiana with Vivian Lee.  Yes, it was an exhausting trip but oh so worth it especially for these 3 little rescues.
Vivian Lee now Lucy, has been adopted.  Vegas our little Maltese has been adopted and his brother Lucky is in the process of the adoption. 
So here's to a big shout out to all of our family of volunteers, 
YTNR appreciates it more then you know and it really does "take a village"
Patti Kushnir

Miss Penny Pockets

Mary-Margaret O'Brien has passed the proverbial torch to me and although I'm pretty new at this stuff I hope you will enjoy watching me grow up.   On September 25, 2016 I became 16 weeks old.   I'm loving my life and I want to share it with you.   I hope to meet you all in Nashville next year.

The Prolific Patterings of Penny Pockets

My name is Penelope Dawn Pockets but my friends call me "Penny Pockets" (and sometimes my mom calls me "Stinkweed").  I was born on June 5, 2016 and I was adopted by my forever Mom on August 12, 2016.  I weighed 1.14 pounds on that day, and on September 23rd I weighed 3.2 pounds.  I am still learning what's acceptable and what isn't, but I am trying to be good, and sometimes I even surprise my mom.

September 23, 2016: 
Went to Miss Cathleen's today and had my first "walk". Flattened myself like a flounder on the pavement, thank you. I prefer being carried as my transportation of choice. My paw pads are as soft and clean as the day I was born and I plan on keeping them that way. We went to Barnyard Chicks and I made new friends. Then I came back to a nice cool bowl of water in Mary-Margaret's favorite crystal bowl. Next, I explored and found some tasty tidbits under the hassock which the ladies promptly took away, and then I played Hide'n'Seek. Finally I got some mango coconut lotion rubbed into my tummy and my paws. The cuddles and kisses were out of this world. Ahhhh....this is living.

September 24, 2016:
Went to brunch with Mom, Cailin, Caleb and Colleen at Mama Kat's in San Marcos. I just snuggle into my carrier and nobody even knows I'm there. Before we drove home, I used the Ladies' Room on 2 paper towels (we didn't have our piddle pads with us). Mom is very VERY proud of me. I'm told I'm very "portable", even more than MMOB was (not that I'm competing or anything, but to me that is a major compliment).

September 26, 2016: 
Had a major case of the "zoomies" this morning. Whoosh...whooosh....! Mom says I was just a black blur for a while. I skootched under the couch for a rest. Then the "momster" got out the flyswatter to extend her reach so I moved further back. Then she moved the whole couch and nabbed me. Wednesday I go for my very first spa treatment at "Dirty Paws", with  Saige Hoey  . I can't wait. So excited. Mom says I can get a bow in my hair, too. Thinking maybe purple or pink. Both are good colors on me. But we'll see. 

See you next month.

Love, Penny Pockets

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"Dear Charity Administrator,
This email is to notify you that Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue Inc. has been issued a $131.15 donation from the AmazonSmile Foundation as a result of AmazonSmile program activity between April 1 and June 30, 2016. The donation was deposited to your organization's bank account on or before August 15, 2016. It may take several days for the donation to appear in the account."

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Go to, download the app, and support our rescue organization every time you walk your dog. We are listed under Yorkshire Terrier Rescue.

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Thank you so much for your support!

In Loving Memory

It is with great sadness that we have to say goodbye to one of our senior rescues. His name is NEFF, NEFFIE to his family and friends. 
Neffie came to YTNR from the Orange County Shelter in California. He was surrendered by an owner and at that time he was approximately 14 years old or so. When we rescued him the clerk said the charge was $19.75. Maybe that is what others thought of Neffie, but he was really a million dollar little boy. No trouble at all, j ust a sweet old man. He was adopted about 3 years ago by a wonderful volunteer in Oregon and he lived with a bunch of little yorkie rescues. His life was wonderful.
This is what rescues do, we give the young and old throwaways HOPE. We fulfill that hope with a good safe happy life.

Thank you to his mommy and thank you Neffie for letting us know you. Your are and were quite a guy!!!!!
RIP you precious soul!
The picture of Neff in the Yellow blanket is when we took him out of the pound.


Thank you.  We lost Harley from another collapse trachea episode
 on June 23,  we could not bring him out of it again.  
He made it to 13 years and 3 months. 


My name is Jennifer Fielder and I was referred to your agency by friends in North Carolina.
I had a Yorkie named Tank.  He was 10, almost 11 years old when he died.  He was killed in a tragic traffic accident with his dog walker which you can read about below:
Long story short, Republic Services has agreed to make a donation to a charity in his name.  I'm not sure of the amount, but would it be possible to know what the money would be used for and to acknowledge him in some way?
Here is a picture.  Thank you,
Jennifer Fielder.

"It is eerily terrifying that there is no sound when a heart breaks. Car accidents end with a bang, falling ends with a thud, even writing makes the scratching sound of pencil against paper. But the sound of a heart breaking is completely silent. Almost as though no one, not even the universe itself could create a sound for such devastation. Almost as though silence is the only way the universe could pay its respect to the sound of a heart falling apart."-  Nikita Gill, The Sound of Heartbreak

Happy Endings

Hi. Well Vegas is doing fine. Here he is cooling off in the doggy pool. He's a very smart little boy. He learned to sit in two days. He will do well in school. Thanks again. We love him already and the other two have accepted him fully. I'll send a pic after his first haircut.


Chantelle & Bella.  
She also has a Yorkie brother named Chase at home.


It was love for Mandy too!


Starsky has found his forever family!
Starsky's new family
 Judy & Fred, and his fur sister Bailey.


Totto has been adopted to a great couple.
Congratulations to Toto who now will have the adorable name of  TOBY.
  He now has a Greyhound brother.


Robson has been adopted
 This is new mom Nancy on the left and 
foster mom Rochelle on the right.


Bentley has been adopted
Congratulations, we wish you a long life of happiness and love


Daisy our little dumpling has been adopted!
We congratulate Daisy and her forever family 
Have a wonderful life.

Thank You for opening your hearts and homes for these
precious rescues and making their dreams come true!

Supermodel Athena Maria  Aphrodite  
The Goddess of Wisdom and Love..... 


The Calming Signals Most Humans Miss From Their Pets
  By Dr. Becker

"Your dog has many ways of communicating with you, and you're probably familiar with a number of them. A friendly tail wag to say hello, for instance, or a persistent pawing on your leg when it's time for a treat.
Dogs may also use calming signals, which describe a method of communication used to promote peace and stave off aggression within the pack. Dogs, remember, are pack animals, like wolves, and they display calming signals to let others know that they're friendly and to help diffuse stressful situations.
Calming signals in dogs can be quite subtle, however, so many owners may miss them altogether. Others may mistakenly punish their dogs for giving a calming signal in a case of miscommunication. Understanding this important method of  canine communication is crucial to having a close connection with your dog."  Click   here to read the whole article.



Neeko Red
Neeko's Joke  :o)

Little Eddy and his mom were digging for fishing bait in the garden. Uncovering a many-legged creature, Eddy proudly dangled it before his mom.
"No, honey, it won't do for bait," she said. "It's not an earthworm."
"It's not?" Eddy asked, his eyes wide. "What planet is it from?" ~

Wising you All a Pawsome month of October ♥


Love to all,
Neeko ♥

Thank you to the ASPCA for your support   
In reference to Grant Project:

Treatment for Special Needs Dogs, 
Made Possible by Lil BUB's Big Fund for the ASPCA
Thank You LifeLine4Paws

Every time we remember to say "thank you", 
we experience nothing less than heaven on earth. 
-- Sarah Ban Breathnach

Chris Hogan, 
Executive Vice President 
of the Hogan Family Foundation Inc, 
is the Program Director of Lifeline-4-Paws. 
She is a YTNR member and has generously supported
 our rescue efforts, contributing tens of thousands of dollars 
to over 120 of our dogs since 2007.