America played an absolutely pivotal role in defeating the Nazis.  We landed the first person on the moon.  We developed countless medicines to save tens of millions of lives.  We created the first, true national park on the planet.
And yet when it comes to tackling the global threat of climate change, the Trump Administration, just a few days ago, caved to fear and ignorance, betraying our best ideals and our proud heritage of global leadership -- and withdrew the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord.

But here in Indiana, the Hoosier Environmental Council and our allies will press on -- with great drive.   We'll redouble ourselves to advance climate solutions.  

We will embrace the wonderful attitude of President John F. Kennedy who said, "Things do not happen.  Things are made to happen."
And we absolutely need you to join us in that quest to make things happen:
1.) Re-assess if you're doing all that you can in your personal life to have a low carbon footprint.
Doing so, you'll truly reduce the impact that you have on our planet. You'll save money.  You'll feel good.  And you'll inspire others.   This is a wonderful poster to remind you of all of the key things that you can do.
2.) Join our next volunteer training. Encourage a few family & friends to come along as well.
Being with kindred spirits is healing and motivating. You'll no doubt meet people who share your passion for people, animals, and the environment at our next volunteer training.  You'll come away empowered to advocate for climate solutions.
3.) Give to HEC.  We focus so much of our energies on climate solutions.
In fact, our top three initiatives focus on the three biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions: agriculture, energy, and transportation.  
In each area, we can point to victories that show that, despite the odds, we can make meaningful progress here in Indiana.
And when you give this month, any contribution that you make will be matched one for one, thanks to the Indiana-based Efroymson Family Fund.

A Concluding Thought
Whenever you feel down, think of the resilient spirit of the Civil Rights advocates, suffragettes, abolitionists, and environmentalists before us. They sacrificed. They built coalitions and bridges, they marched, they persuaded, and they advanced solutions. 

Yes, they faced a lot of setbacks -- and dangers.   But, in the end, they won -- making the lives of countless of our fellow Americans safer, more free, and more dignified.
Let us carry on their spirit, and the spirit of President Kennedy, as we strive to overcome our trials and address the climate crisis with innovation, resolution, and great determination.

Thank you for supporting HEC,

Jesse Kharbanda    
Executive Director
Hoosier Environmental Council

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