You are Community Action

As we celebrate Community Action month, please know you help people leave poverty, you help feed Bucks County residents, you make a difference.

You helped the Bucks County community rise despite all of the challenges of the last two years. Like our clients, who rise from poverty to economic self-sufficiency, you rose to meet the challenges of 2021 and 2022. 

We have learned that there are many things we cannot control. But here, in Bucks County, you have made a difference. You are a community where everyone has the opportunity to work and thrive. 

During the last year..

You responded quickly to house the chronically homeless, and those in our community who lost housing due to floods, hurricanes, and building condemnations.


You helped deliver food to more than 70+ food pantries in our network to include schools and senior citizens centers with high concentrations of people living below the poverty line. 

You made a difference in Kate’s life, one of our recent ES Graduates, who turned her life around with your help. 

You helped Kate overcome many obstacles for herself and her family. 

You helped her with child care, car repairs and employment on her way to earning a livable wage and achieving her independence.

Today, we are asking you to help more families move out of poverty. Often derailed by unexpected expenses or lack of resources, our clients who attend Bucks County Community College drop out because they don’t have money to fix their car, can’t afford books for classes or some other roadblock, but you can help. You can help raise $15,000 for those resources that don’t involve grades but keep clients from succeeding.   

Education is one way you make it happen. Education is one way we know clients rise out of poverty. You create a connected community–working together with our partners like BCCC to provide opportunity and guidance to those who need it. You can help us create a community where everyone is safely housed, well nourished, and thriving in Bucks County. 

You can make a difference today.



Erin Lukoss

Executive Director/CEO


P.S. Your contributions in the past helped Kate and other ES graduates achieve economic independence. Donate now at to help us continue to provide opportunity for the underserved in Bucks County.  

“I love my job,” recent ES graduate Kate exclaimed.

Her goal now is to pay it forward and lift others up.

“I’ve become one of the helpers and am now a resource for those who are struggling. I did it, and I want to help others in my community thrive.”

Yes! I want to partner with BCOC to reduce poverty.
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