Join Rabbi Daniel Lapin for Live Q&A Recording Tomorrow
Dear Friend,

I am inviting you to a free “4F” conference call (this evening/tomorrow evening) on which I, your rabbi, will answer your questions on Family, Friendships, Faith, & Finance. This is the first time we are trying this way of making ancient Jewish wisdom accessible to everyone. 

DATE: Thursday, June 7
TIME/Call-in Numbers:  
  • United States Tel: (641) 715-0856.  
  • Eastern Time 9:00pm
  • Central Time 8:00pm
  • Mountain Time 7:00pm
  • Pacific Time 6:00pm
  • South Africa 3:00am Friday morning  Tel: 087 825 0127
  • Israel  4:00am Friday morning   Tel: 055 966 1011
  • India 3:30am Thursday morning  Tel: (use web link below)
  • Kenya 1:00am Friday morning  Tel: 020 7653251

(Numbers for other countries available. Contact our office for assistance.)

Alternatively, you can also dial into our 4F Conference from your computer by going to and follow the clear directions.

Whether you dial in by your phone or from your computer, the next thing is you enter the 4F Conference code  787364# and this will join you to the conference call.  

Try and have your question ready or if you just wish to listen, that is also fine. We may include some of the conference call on future Rabbi Daniel Lapin Show podcasts. We hope you can join us for this hour-long call. Space is limited to the first 1,000 people. 

Warmest wishes,
Your rabbi.
Rabbi Daniel Lapin
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