You Are Invited: Parent Diversity Committee Monthly Workshop

Workshop #1:   The Origins and Legacy of Slavery, Race, and Racism
Facilitator:   Associate Professor of English, Brooklyn College, The City University of New York and Senesh Parent Martha Nadell
When:   July 15, 8:30-10:00pm
Join Via Zoom  (password: Senesh)
RSVP to :  Melissa Kushner at

Please join the first of a monthly series of workshops that will address the history and current state of race and racism in the US and globally, whiteness and white privilege, and anti-racism.   

Our first workshop will focus on the origins of race and racism, beginning in 1619, when the first ship carrying Africans arrived in Virginia, and the legacy of those origins, as it emerges in housing, health care, schooling, and other areas. We will also introduce the concept of whiteness, in preparation for our second workshop, which will focus on the vexed relationship between Jews and whiteness in the US. In all sessions, we will leave time to discuss ways of speaking to our children about these issues.

For the first workshop,  please read or listen to 1619 , the  New York Times  project about the slavery and its aftermath. Please feel free to attend the workshop even if you have not read or listened to 1619.